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Default Amrit Manthan 8th November 2012 Written Update

Video Update Amrit Manthan 8th November 2012 Video Watch Online

1st scene..Shivangi asking Nimrit about her money.she tells her it will take a little time more ... Amrit comes and says this will happen whenyou side with wrong person.join the right team and you will get double the amount..shivangi acts pleased with her offer but later refuse to side with her..Nimrit is relieved and Thanks shivangi but she is adamant to get her money soon..

2nd scene..Nimrit gets a call from her M-I-L as its Karwa chaut.Nimrit accepts to keep the fast for Agam .her M-I-L brought her sargi early morning ..Nimrit so beautifully dressed in a saree ... jewelleries and gajra in her hair takes her blessing..Agam too comes downstairs and asks his mom why she is here so early..she says its KC and has come to give Nimrit sargi..he is happy and gives a lovely look at Nats/Nimrit all dressed in saree..his mom says as Nats has no M-I-L so i brought her sargi also...Shivangi comes downstairs and not so happy to do the KC fast..she says that this fast wife keeps for their husband..agam tells her yes and i'm your husband..His mom finally managed everything telling Agam she cant keep it as she has loss memory and dont accept you as husband by heart..Agam agrees to keep fast for Nimrit..sunitaji makes both eat the sargi .. Agam.Nimrit take her blessing..she blessed them and asked God to always keep them happy..

3rd scene..Amrit challenging Nimrit that Agam will break her fast first..Nimrit tells her a fake marriage and a fake wife..lets see...Rajmata brings Amrit sargi..they are back to their plotting against Nimrit and yug not agreeing to break Nimrit fast.poor guy has not forgotten his hand injury yet and knows she will find a way to not let him break her fast..

4th scene..Nimrit cooking in kitchen as she wants to prepare all agam's fav food ..same for Agam ...he comes with a bag full of vegetables..Nimrit asks him why he brought all this.he says he will prepare all Nimrit's fav food today..later Nimrit helping Agam to prepare the food starting showing him how to cut onions..nice scene of Agni..

5th scene..Tej sees shivangi helping Rajmata guards with a pistol... he is shocked and gets more doubts on her may be helping the terrorist..whether she is one or an undercover agent for a good cause..time will tell..

6th scene..Nimrit all dressed in a beautiful red saree helping shivangi at the dressing table..Nimrit tells Tej if Amrit had not done this game with her today she would have looked same as shivangi..Tej angrily tells her no way because the innocence you have will never reflect in her had no secret like her..shivangi is angry hearing Tej..Rajmata..Amrit comes in with jewelleries etc for Nimrit..shivangi goes from there and Tej asks Nimrit not to listen to them..Nimrit pacify him saying i'm no more that innocent Nimrit and knows how to give tit for tat now..both sisters sit down at the dressing table doing their shringaar..about to apply the sindoor and Amrit gives a happy smile but Nimrit put it back on the table..finally its Amrit who gets the allergy as she has sprayed perfume which she is allergic to..natural jasmin..coughing Rajmata brings a glas of water and Amrit just drinks it..Nimrit makes her aware of what she has done break her fast herself..Amrit is angry and Nimrit tells both how she got hint Rajmata will do something against her esp when she saw the color of the sindoor.last she applies the sindoor which her M-I-L brought for her.she tells Rajmata you have not done anything good in your life only two times..first on wedding day bringing me and Agam together and today breaking a fake wife fast..Nimrit tells Amrit Agam was always my husband and will be mine forever..

7th scene..Agam.shivangi..Nimrit..Yug outside the palace for the ritual..Yug trying to be smart that he will break Nimrit fast as Agam is here and she wont be able to do anything..Nimrit looks at the moon through the chanee and at Agam who is standing a bit far with shivangi..Next she does his artee ..ends on Yug taking the glass of water to break nimrit fast..she gives him an angry look..

Yug God spare you from Nimrit and cant wait to see how Agam breaks Nimrit fast...
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