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Default Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3rd september 2012 Written Update

Video Update Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3rd September 2012 Video Watch Online

Episode starts with Cady and Rahul doing video chat. Ram comes and sees Cady on the video chat. Ram asks about Peehu. Cady says she is fine. Ram tells Cady to give her updates to him and leaves.

Karthik comes back from the work. Natz follows him and they then see Sony TV’s new show “Hongey Juda Na Hum” promo on TV. They wish life gives another chance to Ram and Priya as well just like in that show.

Ram is getting ready and inviting everyone for the press conference. He wants to tell the world that Priya is innocent. Ram’s mother tells him, I am very happy for you, you finally got what you wanted to say. Ram says, I waited for 5 years and now finally I can tell whole world that my wife was innocent and will always be.

In Dubai, Daija asks Pooja how is Peehu now. Pooja says, I gave Khadha (some kind of medicine) and she will be fine when she wakes up. Daija is amazed knowing Pooja knows how to make Khadha. Pooja says, it feels a bit weird sitting like this and doing nothing and she can’t spend time with Peehu either. Daija says, it’s good you will get some rest. Pooja says, I don’t like to rest in daytime. Daija tells her to go to study room, pick a book and read it.

Rajat is talking with a lawyer and he says there is one confusion. Rajat asks what? He says, last contract was on Priya Sharma’s name not Pooja. Rajat is confused.

Back to Rajat’s house. Priya is in the study room, finding a book. In that she drops some papers and sees “Bade Acche Lagte Hain” book drafts by Mr. Anjaan. She wonders what those drafts doing there.

On the other side, Rajat says there must be some mistake. Lawyer says, there is no mistake. I had made these papers by myself last time. Rajat wonders why Pooja changed her identity and why she hide this from him.

Daija comes to the study room and asks Pooja if she found any book. Pooja shows “Bade Acche Lagte Hain” drafts and says yes. Pooja asks how come those drafts are here. Daija says, actually Rajat doesn’t want to share this with anyone that he is Mr. Anjaan. Pooja asks, he even hide this from me? Why? Daija says, you better ask this to him.

Break 1..

In India. Priya’s father is standing alone. Ram comes to him with whiskey and says he wants him to drink with him. Priya’s father says, I never drunk after I got married. I bought whiskey during Priya’s wedding thinking I might get a chance but I didn’t. Ram says, you have got that chance again.. I have got some news for you and I am sure you will be happier than me listening to it. Ram tells him that Priya is innocent now and I am going to declare that to whole world in press conference. Priya’s father is thankful to Ram for this. Ram says, he hasn’t done anything so don’t be thankful to him. They celebrate then.

Both families, Vikran & Neha are at press conference and everyone is excited and happy.

Aayesha goes to Ram’s mamaji and asks what happened in Dubai. Mamaji says, don’t worry about Dubai. Priya is not going to come back.

Press conference starts. Ram says, I have called you all here because it’s a big day for Kapoor’s family. He thanks his lawyer and says, I am proud to tell you all that my wife, Priya Ram Kapoor, is innocent. The court has declared Priya innocent and Sid is responsible for all this. He requests media to write whatever they write about Priya with respect. Press conference ends.

Break 2..

In Dubai. Pooja thinks about how Mr. Anjaan helped her everytime when she needed and how Rajat said he hates books. She can’t believe Rajat can write “Bade Acche Lagte Hain” book. She says she was such a fool to give his own book to him.

On the other side, Rajat is wondering why Pooja would lie to him? Why she had to change her identity?

Episode ends.

Precap: Pooja and Rajat come face to face.
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