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Default Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 8th October 2012 Written Update

Video Update Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 8th October 2012 Video Watch Online

Episode starts with Priyaís parents, Natz, Aayesha, mamaji, kids coming out of the party and Shipra saying, we didnít even think that all this drama can happen on poorís kid birthday. Aayesha says, sick.. I never seen such thing before.. who would give party on time when they are getting divorced.. I think Vikram and Neha have lost it. Aayesha continues, I donít get why Ram even made friends with such Ďdramaí people. Mamaji then jokes saying itís good he didnít got married. Aayesha then tells driver to take out the car. Shipra asks her husband if he would go with her.. Aayesha will drop home in car. But her husband refuses saying he will go with Natz. Aayesha taunts Natz.. same old car .. I forgot only couple of clothes would be selling in a month by you, and that too because of Ramís name.

Aayesha goes on, I wonder how you would be managing everything in that small money and now there are two Ďwild cardí entries (referring to Priya and Pihu). And Pihu just talks about food everytime.. God knows how much she would be eating. Aayesha says to Natz, poor you. Natz then asks Aayesha, so are you done now? What you are calling an old car is my own car.. I bought it with my own money unlike you who lives on her husbandís money. I am independent and I contribute in my family. And you know what? I actually pity you. How can you look yourself in a mirror? I mean, self-respect.. self-pride is absolutely zero. read full updates with pictures only at . Because whatever you have is all from Ramís money. what do you own? Nothing. I and my husband.. both earn and run our house. And as long as itís about other people.. they are not others.. they are family members. When you come, we will give you food as well.. youíre most welcome. And you know whatís sad? That you didnít learn anything from this family. Aayesha is irritated and now asks Khush to sit in car. Khush asks her, can I stay with Natz bua for today please? Natz says, of course Khush. And then she says to Aayesha.. how sad.. your own son is not coming with youÖ very sad. Aayesha now gets angry and asks Shipra, will you come? Shipra also changes her mind now and says, I will go with them. Aayesha gets mad and her and mamaji leave.

After they leave, Priya comes there. Her dad says, I was waiting for you only. Priya says, I was thinking to talk with Neha, but I couldnít ask anything. Priya then asks Natz if she can drop her to Nehaís house in their way. Natz says, okay. and they leave.

Inside the party hall, Rahul sends his younger brother sister outside. Vikram tries to explain to Rahul, but Rahul says, donít touch me. He asks, how could you do this to us? Today itís my birthday and was this your gift? I find out that my parents are getting divorced in front of all my friends and family.. you know what? All my friends used to think I had perfect life.. perfect house.. perfect family and you two shattered everything in seconds. I feel like such a fool.. I was taking pictures to save them in memories. He throws away his phone/camera and says.. I am ashamed of calling you my parents. I donít even want to see your faces. He starts walking, but Vikram stops him and asks him.. listen to us at least.. is that what we taught you?

Rahul says, no you taught me more than that.. like never lie.. never hide anything from own family.. be open. Do you remember that you only told me that with father youíre my best friend as well? I remember all that very well, but seems like you two forgot all that. Vikram says, I know youíre angry, but everything is not so simple.. there are some situations in life when you donít know whatís right and whatís wrong. I and Neha were going to talk with you.. we didnt want this to come out like this. Look you always listened to me right? So letís sit down and discuss together. Rahul says, fine. I am not going anywhere.. let handle this your way. So tell me.. who was that guy? and whatís your relationship with him? Vikram says, we will talk about everything but for now please calm down. Rahul says, no.. I want to talk about it now only. Neha says to him, please listen to your dad.. we will explain to all 3 of you (their kids) together. Rahul says, which family? The one that you two broke in seconds? Explain all this to Riddhi and bhai (Vikranís other kids) .. I want to know now only.. what that guy has to do with our family. And until you donít tell me truth .. I wonít listen to you two either. Rahul leaves from there.

Neha tells Vikram.. let him go. Let him calm down. Vikram says, what happened.. I thought will explain them and all this. He then tells Neha to go to kids as they would need her and he will go meet Ram. Vikram leaves.

Ram is going back to his house. On the other side, Priya is going in car as well. Both are thinking how Vikram-Neha took care of their relationship. How they brought Ram and Priya closer. Both are sad as Vikram and Neha are getting separated. Both say, they taught us how to love and now they are getting separated?

Break 1..

Rahul has came to Cady now. Cady hugs him. She says, everything will be me.

Peehu and Khush are playing with toys.

Ram is talking with his lawyers and asks them, whats status? When am I getting my daughterís custody? Lawyers say, we studied whole case and until 5 years.. a mother gets daughterís custody and your daughter is not 5 years old yet. and the court will support mother only. Ram says, why am I paying you so much? I donít want to hear all this.. I want result. Do whatever you want.. I want my daughter.

Aayesha comes there and says, I have an idea to bring Peehu to this house. She says, you know whatís between Rajat and Priya.. we can use that for our advantage. Ram says to her, leave from here. Aayesha says, I am just trying to help you out. Ram says, if you really want to help me, then do what I said to you. Go and decorate Peehuís room.. donít cross your limits. And after today.. donít even think about Priya and Rajat like this. I know both very well and there is nothing between them. Donít you ever cross your limits in front of me? Leave from here. Aayesha leaves and Vikram enters.

Break 2..

Ram sends lawyers out. Vikram says, I am here at your house to drink with my friend. No question.. nothing. Will you give drink to me? Both are quiet and drinking now.

At Priyaís house. Everyone is playing with Peehu and Khush. They drink milk. Khush says, I want to hear a story, but Peehu says I want to hear lauri. Shipra tells story to Khush and Sudhir sings a lauri to Peehu. Natz is very happy seeing both happy like this.

Neha returns to her home. She goes to her two other kids. They ask her who was that guy in party? Neha says, itís very late now.. I and your dad will talk to you all in morning.. but for now please sleep. She then hugs both and says, I know you two are very confused right now and must be worried as well. But I donít want you to worry.. I just want to tell you.. no matter what happens.. both papa and mumma love you a lot.

Vikram says to Ram, it takes more to end something than to start something. Everything finishes one day.. in just one moment. Ram says, it happens with all of us. and you know.. who hurts you most? THe ones that are closest to you. And when they break your faith.. you get very angry. Vikram says, I know why are you doing all this. You still love Priya a lot right?

Episode ends.

Precap: Ram tells to Vikram, is there anything left to listen from her? She took me for granted for 5 years. And when this feeling of granted comes in any relationship.. that relationship starts breaking down.
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