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omgkant12175 06-24-2013 11:21 PM

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 24th June 2013 Written Update
Video Update

The episode starts with Natasha asking Ram to choose between Priya and her. Ram says his decision is final and he choose Priya. Ram says how dare you ask me this? Priya always supported you. Natasha says you proved to be on her side. Ram says because she is right and I will support her. Ram says how can you say that. Natasha says Priya dont love me because you loved me and she was insecure about. She must have felt you will forget her. She says Priya came in between us. Natasha says she dont need him and tells him to go to his wife. Ram comes out and sees Neha there. Neha says she is proud of him and says accidently she heard everything. She says you did a right decision by choosing Priya. Today Natasha is depressed, she will not understand now but later she will realise her mistake. Neha then tell Ram to take care of Priya.

Scene shifts to Rahul and Cady:

Cady is walking on the road and Rahul is after her. Pedestrains watches this and thinks he is eve teasing the girl. They hit him but Cady saves Rahul and says he is her friend. Rahul says he felt the feeling that she likes him but why you are ignoring me. Cady says Priya is stressed out, I can’t give her stress. Rahul says I realised life is just too short and says her sorry for lieing to her. He asks for forgiveness but Cady says she cant do it. Cady leaves. Rahul feels disappointed. Cady comes back and hugs him. Cady says she realised that she loved him but I can’t lie Priya and Neha ma’am. Rahul says they will not let them know about them. Rahul thinks to have a icecream. Just then Rahul gets a call from Neha and she asks him to come home fast. Rahul says he is not with Cady and she is not good. Neha says she likes Cady but doesn’t want them to cross the limit. Cady tells him it is wrong to lie. Rahul says it will be alright with time. They relish the icecream.

Scene shifts to Sharma house:

Pihu asks Priya to have soup or else she will call her nani. Priya says she will drink it anyway. Pihu then tells her ant and elephant story. Pihu make her laugh with her jokes. Priya asks from where she learnt this. She replies she learnt this from her friends. Priya says its ok and chota baby is laughing inside. Pihu says Papa want you to laugh. Priya smiles. Ram comes and says are you both doing a tooth paste ad. Pihu says we are practising to smile. Ram says we have to just think about you, then papa and mama smiles. Ram asks Priya shall we go home. Priya says ok.

Ram, Priya and Pihu in the car while Ram is driving the car. Ram plays the song main na bhulunga main na bhulungi…… in the recoder. Priya says she is feeling head ache and dont want to listen anymore. Ram closes the recorder. Vikram calls him. Ram asks him to cancel the meeting as he have to go with Priya. Priya tells him not to cancel his meeting and she will go either with Neha or Soumya. Ram agrees.

Scene shifts to Natasha and Ayesha:

Ayesha brings flowers for her. Natasha thanks her and says whatever bhai did, she dont believe it. Ayesha says she knew it. Natasha says now she realised who supports in crisis. Ayesha says Ram told whatever he has in his heart but Priya plays games. She provokes Natasha against Priya. Ayesha says Priya is clever to convince everyone. Natasha says Priya waits for the right time and use her trump card and finishes the game of the opponent. She says now I will defeat her in her own game. Ayesha says she is with her.

Scene shifts to Neha:

Neha shouts at her kids for messing up with kitchen. She finds a lipstick mark on the cup and starts investigating. Rahul says it is his lipstick. Vikram gets shocked. Rahul says he uses lipstick sometimes. Neha is shocked too. Rahul says he will be acting in a play as Juliet. Rahul then tells her about the lipstick shade and leaves. Neha and Vikram are left shocked.

Scene shifts to Ayesha:

Ayesha is talking to her friends. They asks whether Khush is participating in singing competition. Khush says yes, but Ayesha says no. Khush can’t sing. Her friends leave.

Khush calls Pihu and they have a lovely talk. Khush tells her about the competition and says his mother said no. Khush says he will give her the form so that she can participate.

Scene shifts to Kapoor Mansion:

Natasha tells Rishabh and Soumya about Ram choosing Priya over her. Rishabh says he is with her. Natasha asks him not to be with Ram as he showed his loyalty towards his wife Priya. It is like a hindi film. Rishabh says he will take her side. Soumya says we are one family and are on the same side. You should have make Natasha understand. Natasha says I dont want to hear your Bappa’s mahanta story. Rishabh also tells Soumya to clear her loyalty. Soumya says I am also part of the family naa. He says if you are not on Natasha’s side then it means you are not on our side. The episode ends on Natasha wicked face.

Priya sees the form and asks Pihu, when did you start singing. Pihu says she wants to participate abut how as her tooth have broken. Ram says to sing a song teeth is not required.

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