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Default Balika Vadhu 22nd October 2012 Written Update

Video Update Balika Vadhu 22nd October 2012 Video Watch Online

Jagiya is fuming that anandi went away without telling him. And ds consoling him. Anandi came there. He is literally her ordering to tea for him. Shiv came ther saw ds n stands near the door and watched anandi is giving jag medicines. She is abt to go outside to take milk, jag holds her hand. Ds n shiv both r akward. Jag asks her to sit n saw shiv. Anandi tells him that he is the CS of jetsar n came here to see him. Jag didn't care n asks her to take him to bathroom. Shiv holds his hand n tells him he will take jag as anandi cant handle him.shiv left his mobile on medicine tray of jag and sent him to bathroom. He went near anandi and both went down. Jag looks them from bathroom.

At the hall, Shiv asks nandu abt their kite flying plan. Nandu rudely replied he will fly with his bhaisa n y he is coming her now so often, now bhaisa is back n bhabhisa wont marry you. Shiv stunned. Rest r too. Basant n gehena shout at him and sent him away. All apologized to shiv. Cm saw that n seems furious. All get tensed.ds says sorry to cm. shiv tries to manage the situation by saying not to scold him. Cm asks him y he is not picking her call. Shiv got he left his ph on anandi's room.

Here in anandi's room, nandu is crying that for jag only he gets scolding from all. he said what jag asked him to say n got scolding.Jag hugged him and saw shiv is standing at the door. Shiv came inside and coolly tells he came to take his ph. Jag wonders shiv heard all things or not!!

CM tells singhs that nandu is a kid but what is going on her related to jagdish is not good. She asks is he fine or not. Ds says he is better but still didn't regain his memory. Anandi came there with tea cups. Ds continues that he lost partial memory, he got divorced. Cm is upset and asks is that anandi is still like his wife here and didn't singhs tell that she is getting married to shiv. Do they getwhat will be the result. She asks shiv y he hide that. Ds tells that he is very ill and it will get worsen so they thought, cm cut it and says did doc write that he will be fine in two days.if he wont be fine soon then anandi will continue to be like that n what they will expect shiv to ask the news of all happenings.anandi is in tears. Shiv tries to say but cm stops him. Cm says they shud see how much shiv is depressed in home. Bhairon says all r thankful to shiv. Cm says its not fair with shiv. Shiv cant say anything coz he likes anandi but they care for their son. Ds says they understand. Cm says yeah shiv is not their son. If they really care for shiv then they wud have not let jag to stay in jetsar.

she says at the time of marriage date final day, jag came with nandu. She didn't say anything due to emergency. But now it wont going be tolerated. Will ds tolerate that her wud be DIL doing this for her ex like that. Ds says she understands n will solve the prob soon. Cm says better she shud do that otherwise, she will inform shiv's parents to think over this "rista" again or to delay the marriage for some more day. All stunned. Shiv n shiv left. Ansh truned back n saw each other. All tensed. Jag over heard all n felt happy that shiv didn't hear anyting. He thinks cm's waring is like good news for him n this navratri seems lucky for him.

Precap- face off promo.(no new scenes)

Cradit: khusi_*
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