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Default Balika Vadhu 26th October 2012 Written Update

Video Update Balika Vadhu 26th October 2012 Video Watch Online

At dinner, ds calls for jag, nandu too, he came. Bhairon wanted to go from there but ds stopped him. Ds asked gehena to serve jag. Jag is looking at anandi. Gehena says she made sangria ki sabzi for him only. Jag recalls his talk with shiv abt this sabzi. He thanked gehena. Nanadu is very happy. Jag is thinking that he didn't get what anandi is thinking abt him but he has to tell her that he loves her still now! Ds puts ghee on his curry. Bhairon quickly finished his dinner n went away.

Next day, bhairon asks ds what they will do for jag, for how much time he will be here. He reminds him Cm's warning. Just then shiv came n asks for anandi. Ds calls anandi. Jag stopped her and wants to talk to her. Ds again calls to come as shiv came. Anandi came down. Shiv tells her that CM's PA said that CM is coming to meet them in jetsar n is coming for a spl work. They wonder what is the imp work. Shiv tells her that they should leave now as CM can reach anytime. Jag sees them talking.

AnSh with CM in his car. He is explaining him something. Anandi proudly looks at shiv. Jag n nanadu r playing. Suddenly some balck cat commandos came n starts searching. All panicked. But the commandos informed that cm is coming so they r checking out the securities. Anandi then informed ds abt it. Ds shouts at her for informing late. All r in hurry to welcome him.

One of the commandos appreciates ds's commanding talent. At that time shekhars come. Singhs surprised. Dadu gave red roses to ds n flirts with her. All laughs. Some commandos recognized dadu and salute him. Ds looks at them.

Ira tells that Cm asked them to come here as he has some imp work with them n shiv didn't know that they r coming. AnSh came with CM.Ansh surprised to see shekhars. Jag is watching them from above. All welcomed CM. Anandi touched dadu's feet. Dadu stopped him but anandi happily asks to give her blessings. All gave except Choti maa. CM congratulates all for this couple , for their hardwork. CM says in today also in educated family remarriage is still a big issue but shekhars did that. Dadu says they r lucky to have her as DIL. Cm asks anandi how she is feeling. Anandi says she is very happy to have so opened minded family and having a 2nd chance. But she feels bad that y not every girl get this kind of family. CM smiles n says she told the reason for which he came here!

Cm says collector n sarpanch r very respectable persons in jetsar and getting married in a very private way. Ds jumps in saying she wanted a grand one and now shiv wont able to say no. CM says he didn't mean that. He says that their marriage can be a gr8 example. He proposes a samuhik vivah(group marriage) in which many of other helpless girl can get married too. All happy.

Precap-DS asked jag he is not happy in anandi's happiness? Jag replied how he can be happy when she will move on with someone else. He begged to help him last time and asks to retune anandi!!!

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