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Default Balika Vadhu 12th December 2012 Written Update

Video UpdateBalika Vadhu [Shiv-Aanandi Vivah Special} 12th December 2012 Video Watch Online 720p *HD*

Scene 1:
Location: Marriage venue and jaitsar haveli
After the VARMALA ceremony is complete, while the pandit prepares for the next ritual, the CM takes a round of the entire venue. Jagiya watching the live telecast of the mass marriage has tears in his eyes seeing anandi getting married.

Meanwhile amidst the jovial atmosphere, mahi says that now shiv getting married, has cleared his line to settle down with a nice girl, he says he’s not doing it for himself but to keep anandi company. sumitra retaliates jokingly that sanchi is there for that and he doesnt have to sacrifice himself for that. The pandit then announces BYAHI PHERE ritual. Megha gets a village lady to explain it to them and the viewers. Sumitra and gehna from the bride side and ira from the groom’s side come forward for this ritual. when the pandit calls for another lady from the groom’s side, meenu hesitates and instead sends sanchi. But the pandit says only daughter in laws can take part. Both dadaji and shiv then coax her to leave the fear of her participating as a bad luck aside and help ira with this ritual. Along with the other mother- in- laws, they too perform this ceremony. after that the ladies from both sides engage in a mini tug of war in which sumitra and gehna succeed in getting ira to their side. Dadaji too credits the win to the good food available in the villages that urban people like them miss out on.

Scene 2:
Location: Marriage venue
The pandit then announces the kanyadaan, which mohan in his jovial way preguesses. When the prents for the bride are called forward, all look at khajan. But he refuses saying that he’s no longer in the capacity to do so. And that her true parents are now sumitra and bhairo. They then proceed forward to do anandi’s kanyadaan. Mohana and megha again in their playful attitude ask each other about the meaning of the circles around fire that they took. She says she remembers them partially. They look for a pandit to explain it to them once again.

scene 3:
Location: Jaitar haveli
Jagiya looking at the function on tv, remembers how he had married anandi when they were kids and had been fighting with each other. He comments that she had been different and unique then too, it was just his problem that he didnt realise and when he did, it was too late. The screen freezes on his sad face.

Underlying Message: When a relation breaks, only memories of it remain behind to reminiesce. The tears hence give vent to the inexplicable pain that the heart bears.

Precap: Shiv and anandi complete the other rituals of the marriage, like PHERE and SINDOOR. Both dadisa and sumitra are overwhelmed with emotions. The pandit pronounces them husband and wife.
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