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Default Bidaai - 17th August 2010 Written Update


-Vasu asks Saakshi abt the proposal , Ragi tells alekh saakshi is here come i'll make u meet her,they go to see her and on way argue abt whether to give the gift first up or no,Vasu asks Saakshi again and Saakshi remembers the situation she and Tarun are in ...and she tells Vasu I have taken a decision ..and Vasu is hopeful of it and Saakshi rmbers Tarun and his friends convo abt the whole situation and abt going with Vasu's plan

-Saakshi continues to rmber her convo with Tarun...Vasu breaks her trance and asks for her ans which Saaksi says my ans is yes I'll marry alekh and Vasu hugs her...anmol see's her doing so...It turns out that Tarun was faking it infront of Saakshi and it was his plan to get Sakshi to agree to the whole deal

-Vasu makes the announcement that she is getting alekh to Saakshi .....all from A to Z are stunned...she goes on to announce the engagement date much to evryone's surprise..Ragi wants to intervene but Anmol stops her frm doing so

-vasu gives Saakshi a haar (neckpiece ) and Saakshi makes an emotional speech .Alekh see's the haar and goes up to Saakshi and says that Sadhna's ...and u cant have it ..and takes it frm her clicking foto's ..Alekh is mad at vasu for giving Sadhna's haar to Saakshi ...Anmol tries to take pacify alekh and asks him to give the necklace to Ragi and Ragi promises to keep it safely .Angini take alekh frm there.

-Khushi trying to knock sense into Alekh abt his behaviour and Alekh tries to reason it out with her ..Angini look helpless.Tammy is worried abt saakshi saying no and ragi shuts her up ...tammy asks anmol to say sorry to saakshi on alekh's behalf ...alekh stops him frm doing so

-Press asking Saakhi questions abt alekh and she shuts them up with her hr long bhashan...vasu is maha impressed...goes to bring another piece of jewellery for saakshi

-Mamaji follows vasu and questions her and Vasu is like why bother when she is ready to be a part of the family ....Ragi also joins in and taunts Vasu in a way

Precap- ragi looking for Saakshi ...and Saaksi hugging Tarun ....she see's saakshi's dupatta and move's towards it .
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