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Default Bidaai - 31st August 2010 Written Update

Sakshi changes the topic & says that she will wear Ragini's other set & Tashi come there & ask them to come down .Khushi feels bad seeing Sakshi in that dress which had selected for Ragini & she once again imagines her in that dress .Sakshi asks Khushi how she is looking in the dress ,Khushi does'nt answer & tammy says she is shy & Sakshi is looking very beautiful & sakshi shows that the set she is wearing today.Kids Take sakshi down

*) Khaushi comes & aks Ragini to come down & asks about Anmol,Ragini says he is out on some work & while they were going they stop near Tashi's room & Khushi is crying & telling Gunni about the dress & how she wanted to give it to Masi maa & wanted to see her dance in that dress,but because of Tammy she had to give it to Nayi mamma & Asks Gunni not to tell anyone.Ragini wanted to run near her but Khaushi stops her & tells her what happened is good for Khushi & tammy & it is best for Sakshi-Khushi & Tammy-Ragini's relation,Ragini says no matter what happens Khushi is her daughter & just because she loves Khushi that doe'nt mean she love Tammy less

*) Ragini goes near Khushi & hugs her.In the hall Everyone were Ready .Ragini asks about Alekh to vasu & she says he is getting ready ( Alekh broke all the record in getting ready) & Tammy introduces Kavya as the king of all parties & Kavya comes in the centre & reads the paper which Tammy had written & Kavya was struggling to read Tammy writing as his hindi is not so good ,the scene was sooooo cute & Chote ustaad participants come & perform to 2 songs ,1st one was soni de nakre sone lagte(Partner) & the other was Tenu Leke Main Jaavanga (salaam E Ishq) ,During the songs Both Ragini & Sakshi were completely Tensed & Gunni ,Malti danced for the 2nd song & others enjoyed.

*) Ragini silentely goes & Calls Anmol & he says that the address was fake one & he saw the person in the CCTV & is going to meet him & sweet Ragini asks Him to "Please Take care " & Anmol had that cute smile on his face & says he will & says he will try to come before the Sangeet is over

*)Malti & co ask Ragini to dance & vasu says she does'nt have any objection ,But Ragini first refuses but when Tammy & next Khushi asks her "Please dance for me " ,Ragini gives In & Ragini,sakshi dances for the song Dola re,Dola re & Both dance intensely (but Ragini was better than sakshi,but Sakshi tried really hardSmile) & the episode ends when Sakshi & ragini stops the dance

Precap : Anmol is in the sangeet with Ajay (who had Black eye) & Neacklace & Vasu asks whats this all about & ragini says she will explain
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