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Default Bidaai - 14th September 2010 Written Update

*) Ragini & Gunni are in the Kitchen they are preparing Custard for the kids & Sakshi comes there & asks what is for the Break fast & Gunni praises Ragini & Sakshi says she is not interested in these things & she is elder Bahu & she will only order & Ragini says there is no question of any Rights as she is not the real Bahu & reminds her that 7th Phere as not taken & says she does'nt have Right & that time vasu comes & asks which rights are they talking & both Hasitate & sakshi says i was saying that she will cook & ragini was refusing .Ragini says sakshi should rest & take time to know things.But sakshi insists she will do & Vasu says let sakshi do The cooking & she gets some call & goes.Ragini tries to tell her what are the likes of everyone but sakshi cuts her & says she knows everything & Ragini leaves

*) Sakshi finished cooking & kids come there & Sit .Alekh comes there & see Khushi & is about to sit when Anmol comes & Wishes the Kids & Alekh but Alekh goes from there seeing Anmol & he is about to go when sakshi stops him & says she will go & give him the breakfast,Before Anmol could refuse her,his phone Rings & he leaves from there.Sakshi serves them Puri & some sabzi .Tammy sees Khushi's Face & she eats it & says that it is very Hot & khushi says it's OK she will Eat for Sakshi. Vasu & Indu Enter .Khushi starts Coughing & Angini Enter .Ragini runs and asks her what Happened & Tammy shows her the Sabzi & Ragini understands & asks if there was Mirchi in the Sabzi & Vasu asks how & Ragini says Sakshi did'nt listen to me & said she knew Everything & Sakshi says that if Ragini would have told her Clearly she would have understood herAngry .Ragini asks Khushi to Breath & sakshi offers WATER & Ragini refuses & Khushi is normal now.

Alekh is writing in his book about how he is Angry with Anmol & says he was not happy to see Khushi Shaving Anmol as he is Tammy ke Papa & Alekh is Khushi's Papa ,but he can't forgive her as she lied to her & sakshi enters saying completely Right.Alekh gets Angry seeing Her & starts shouting & sakshi cooly says that she knew he would be Hungry & says if Khushi had'nt lied nor he would be Angry nor she would be Sad & says he should be still strict if Khushi as to learn her lesson & Alekh says she has learnt her lesson & sakshi says kids are innocent ,they ask sorry one minute & next minute they repeat their mistakes & says mother Talks with love & fathers talk strictly & she tells Angini would have done the same if Tammy had done some mistake & says he should not talk to her still she completely learns her Lesson & Alekh says he will be little strict & be good Papa.

*)Ragini reminds Kids to get Ready as they have some dance work shop.Tammy says how can she remember inspite of so much Work .Anmol says mothers brain is like microchip & it know what the kids need @ what Time it acts like Alarm .Sakshi offers to drop them as she wanted to go & meet Tarun but Ragini cooly says Tammy ke Papa will drop Them as it comes on the way to his Office .Vasu asks Ragini-sakshi to look at the house as Vasuindu are going out for HoursLOL.Khushi thanks her & says she wants to says bye before going to school & Ragini says she will get her Ready & Khushi asks her to accompany her & they leave

*)Mamaji & Khaushi enter RH ,Anmol greets them & takes their Blessings & mamaji asks if everything is under Control.Anmol says no Alekh Bhayya is Angry & we elders can understand & withstand his Anger but Khushi is a Kid & she is not able to Take his Wramth & Mamaji says he will go & Talk .

*) Alekh is Painting & khushi comes & asks what he is painting first he happily starts Replying & then he gets Angry & shouts at her for disobeying his orders & says to go to Tammy ke Papa & says you are good together as Both are liers & Ragini is standing & Listening & is shocked.
she was about to enter the room when Mamaji stops her & khushi runs from there Crying.Mamaji signals her to go & he will talk to him.Khushi is standing & crying & Ragini explains that her dad loves her very Much & says they will be Dost again .Sakshi is watching & think as long as she is here she will make sure no one will stay DostAngry

*)Alekh throws the Painting & Mamaji explains the beautiful difference B/w a Painting & Human life.Painting can be thrown or repainted if it is Bad but not Human Lives as they are very close to our hearts & we love them & if they do any mistakes we should be able to forgive them when they are asking Sorry.Alekh asks about whom he is talking & Mamaji says Khushi.Alekh says he is being strict so that she should not repeat her mistakes & says it is very hard for him but he is trying to be very good Papa.Mamaji says we can make children understand with Love & we can win any battles with love.Alekh says but she lied ,mamaji asks if he did'nt ever lie & Alekh could'nt Answer & Mamaji says why does he forget that Khushi is sadhana's Nishani & she has Full of sadhana in her & Alekh is thinking worriedly about it

Precap :sakshi calls Vasu & tells that Kids are not at the school & the watchman said they went with someone & vasu is shoceked hearing that & sakshi has a wicked smile on her face after Hanging it up
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