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Default Bidaai - 20th September 2010 Written Update

Saakshi came and says she went to mandir and offers her presaad but Khushi asks where Alekh is as she knows that he came to meet her, she felt it. Saakshi says no he can't because he isn't at home, Khushi went.

Malti (notfeeling well) eating and Kavya says: mom, it's not good to eat so much when ur not feeling well. He also says why she doesn't go to the doctor. She says she will go once his dad will make time for her. Kavya: can't u go by urself, u can walk, talk and eat. Malti: shut up, and she gave him something to eat.

Khushi still looking for Alekh but his at mamaji's home. Mamaji was reading a story for Kavya and Kavya asks that why parents keep their children away from themselves. Alekh also asks the same. Mamaji: if it's better for the kids then it's a good thing. So what did u learned from this story.

Alekh: pyaar ka naam kurbani hai.

Breakfast was ready and Guddi told Ragi that Alekh isn't home. Ragi thinks: he must be gone to bapuji but why he went alone. Just then the phone went and mamaji informs her that Alekh came there and his on his way home now. Mamaji: I'm little bit worried about him, he didn't said anything but is everything ok now between Khushi and Alekh.

Ragi: he went to meer her but I don't know if they met each other or not. Saakshi vomits and when she came out of the room, she closes the door and called the doctor. Doctor says it's natural.

Ragi went to Khushi and they hug. Khushi asks for Alekh (Alekh standing at the door). I know papa came to me, but why mama said he didn't came to meet me. Masi ma I miss papa very much, I wanna see him. Ragi took Alekh's pic and says ur papa also misses u very much. He loves u very much and he can't live without u. Alekh cries and thinks about what Saakshi said that his love is spoiling Khushi. Alekh cries: I won't come to meet u, I want u to be smart, intelligent. I don't wanna ruin ur life, I want u to be normal, that's why I'll not come near u and he went from there.

Tammy came to see how Khushi is feeling now, Ragi was also there. She told them that Alekh is in his room and he doesn't wanna meet Khushi, Just then Saakshi came and says looks like Khushi's dad is angry on Khushi. Ragi: u don't worry beta, I'll talk to ur dad and she went. Saakshi: Tammy, why u came here, u will also get infection, just take a bath now and don't come to her again. Saakshi: khushi come with me now, in my room as ur dad won't come to meet u. Khushi: he will come I know.

Malti and Vinu had a sweet argument, why malti didn't went to doctor. Malti: I was waiting 4 u, but u came so late. Vinu: oki, we'll go tomorrow.

Ragi came to Alekh and asks why he didn't went to his room.

Alekh: I was thinking about Khushi.

Ragi: u must be feeling good now, meeting bapuji right.

Alekh: he know everything, about good and bad.

Ragi: come, let's go and meet Khushi. (Khushi and Saakshi st the door) Alekh didn't wanted to go. Ragi: I promised her, that u will meet her.

Alekh: and I promised myself, I won't meet her ever again. Ragi turns and say Khushi at the door, she brought her to him and says: jeejaji, how can u say that, she's ur friend right.

Alekh: this will be the best for her and he went. Saakshi smiles and says: u already gave her so much sorrow, can I now take her to my room. Or should I call Vasu? She took Khushi with her.

Precap: Saakshi at the hospital. Malti: ur pregnant? I already knew ur not as u seem to be. I will call Ragi and tell her eeverything, Saakshi shocked.
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