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Default Bidaai - 5th October 2010 Written Update

)Episode starts with sakshi crying in the Rain & Banging the door.Khushi wakes up sneezing & Vasu who was just Passing by asked them who sneezed & Tammy says it was Khushi & Vasu says oh my god hope the Fever does'nt Relapse again & Goes to sakshi's Room to bring the medicines & she searches the drawer where Sakshi had kept the medicine & closes it & she finds the medicine in another drawer & she stops & again opens the drawer which had the report & she pills the water while opening & the report became wet & Vasu opens & sees the sonography pictures & for the first time she is shocked & says that means sakshi is pregnant & says she will talk to her in the morning.

*)In the morning Anmol wakes up Sneezing & Ragini says this only happens when he did'nt listen to her like a child & Anmol remembers the dance & Ragini calls him & he says yes he still acts Childish & he says he is Hopeless Case & Ragini says she did'nt say that & she says she will bring some tea & Anmol says she takes good care of him & she turns & says he also & changes the topic by saying she will wake up Tashi & leaves & Anmol sneezes again

*)Alekh wakes up & Remembers that sakshi is in balcony & runs & opens the door & finds Sakshi was fainted on the ground & he tries waking her up but in vain & he calls Ragini & she comes there & asks him what happened & he says that he locked her here as she was coming in my room & disturbing me & Ragini thinks why was sakshi in Alekh's room & she says he did wrong & asks him to call Tammy ke papa .Anmol helps sakshi lay down & ragini wipes her face & sakshi wakes up & sees Angini & Alekh in the room & Ragini even kept the thermometer in her mouth & sakshi is thinking if her child is alright .Ragini asks Anmol & Alekh to go out & Vasu comes there with the report & asks what everyone doing here & Ragini asks Vasu to help her in giving medicine & Vasu feeds her some cyrup & sakshi lies saying she went out to the balcony as she was not feeling well inside & it suddenly started raining & the door locked by itself & she drenched in the Rain all night .Alekh says no she is lying & he had locked her there & Vasu tells she will call the doctor but sakshi says no she is alright & she is afraid of doctors from her childhood

*)Vasu aks Alekh-Anmol to leave from there & Anmol escorts Alekh out & Vasu locks the doors & Ragini says she will help sakshi change her Sari & Vasu says OK.Ragini & sakshi come there & vasu asks sakshi why is she refusing to show to the doctor,is she afraid that her truth will be out about her pregnancy.Both sakshi & Ragini are shocked .Vasu shows the sonography report & says one thing is for sure Alekh is not the father & asks her who is the father & sakshi
sees the report & sees that her name is vanished by Water (very magical only two names were vanished) & she laughs & says this is Malti's Report & says malti chose to tell her the truth instead of Ragini & Ragini asks her but why is she hiding the truth & Sakshi says probably she does'nt want another child & wants to concentrate on Kavya & another child means more money will be spent & she reminds them the day Malti had come & lied about her Pregnancy & she says if they don't believe her then they can come with her & talk to Malti & Surprisingly Ragini says she believes her & says she will go & clear it with Malti & leaves from there

*)Malti was trying some high healed Sandle & was not able to walk properly & Kavya asks her why is she struggling & malti in her trademark style explains to him as Vinu as got promotion she will have to travel foriegn countries thats why she is trying & Kavya asks her cell & says it must be on the bed .Sakshi sends Vasu from there saying she needs to rest & is trying Malti's cell which she had forgotten in the Kitchen & she tries House number & sharmaji picks it up but she does'nt
Answer & naniji was there & asks him who had called & he says it must be wrong number & kavya comes there & says it must be his Video games repair guy who called.

*) Sakshi is still trying & thinks if Malti as changed her mind & is giving her in & she thinks no it can't happen & Alekh comes there & asks her how is she & she says she is alright & he says she should take rest & she was trying to send him away & he says he will go only when she will Take rest & sakshi sits on the bed & says Happy & Alekh asks Sorry for what he did & she says it's alright & Alekh leaves.sakshi again tries the house number & kavya picks up the phone & sees Tashi & ragini & asks Ragini bua Aap yaha & sakshi is fully tensed if malti gives her in

Precap: Ragini & malti in kitchen & ragini says she knows the truth sakshi told her & Malti thinks Sakshi told her about the Acccident & was trying to come up with some Reason
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