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Default Bidaai - 12th October 2010 Written Update

*)Malti was ready & going out when Kaushi stops her & asks her to wait for Vinu & Malti says she will go by Auto but Kaushi says Autowala's are very careless & Vinu comes there with handfull of Bags & he had done shopping for their unborn child & Vinu says when Malti was pregnant for Kavya his financial situation was not sooooooooooo good & now he wants to fulfill everything which he could'nt do that Time ,Malti has tears & Kaushi asks her what Happened & malti says it is tears of Joy & Malti says she will bring Tea & kaushi stops her & says she will Bring & Vinu says what happened Maltiji when you were Pregnant for Kavya you had put everyone on work & Now you are Ready to work & Malti is sad

*)Ragini is serving Breakfast for Alekh & he asks about kids & she says they are sleeping & Alekh says then he can't do shaving even Today & he says he will leave for Work & he meets Vasu & she asks where he is going & he says to temple & Vasu says you are going to temple Daily & she says she will drop him as she has some work & Ragini comes for his rescue & says what if he wants to come back home soon & asks Alekh to go in seperate Car & vasu asks if he is asking something special from god & Ragini says he is worshiping for Khushi's Happiness & sakshi comes there & asks Alekh why he did'nt says about Cycle Even she would have come with him & they could have gifted the cycle together & Alekh says No it is his hard earned Money & everyone are Shocked & ragini again helps him by saying he saved from his Pocket Money & vasu says Parents can do anything for their Kids Happiness & sakshi holds her Stomach

*)Ragini wakes up the kids & Sakshi also come there & Ragini says she has some work for 2 hours & asks Sakshi to take care of the kids & asks them not to trouble Sakshi & Tammy says she will do as she Said & she winks her Eyes.Kids are Playing & Dancing on the Bed with loud Music & they had Ruined the room & sakshi comes there & scolds them & tammy Nicely says they will clean the room before vasu comes & sakshi says OK & leaves

*)Tashi are slowly cleaning the room & Khushi is worried how will they clean the room & Tammy kisses her & says not to worry sweet sister & she cleans Khushi's Face & hands & Cleans her own Face & they hear Horn Sound & Both start sweeping the room & by mistake some water falls near Vasu's Feet who was standing near the room & is shocked to see Kids Haalat & she asks them what happened & tammy says that Sakshi asked them to clean the room as they were naughty & khushi is confused & Vasu angrily calls Sakshi & tammy says not to call her as she will punish them later & sakshi is shocked to see the Kids Like That & Vasu asks her what is this & she says room was dirty & she asked them to clean but she did'nt mean sweeping & Vasu says they are her grand daughters & she will not leave anyone to behave with them like this be it their Parents . Ragini comes there & Tammy Hugs Her & she is Crying & Ragini asks what is happening & vasu says what she did & tammy is winking at her constantly & Ragini asks Vasu to give her another chance & Vasu asks her how can she leave the kids with sakshi after what happened Yesturday & ragini takes Tashi for a Bath

*)Tammy asks Sorry to sakshi & says they were slow in cleaning & could'nt clean before Vasu came & Vasu says see the kids are still supporting her & asks her to stay away From them & sakshi tries to talk & Vasu asks her to SHUT UP. Ragini & vasu are in Vasu's room & Ragini asks Vasu to give her another chance & Vasu is astonished & asks Ragini why does she wants to give another chance & ragini says Sakshi might not have done this deliberately & Vasu asks her she was against sakshi & now why she is supporting her & she says she does'nt want to rush into any conclusion and wants to give Sakshi another chance & Vasu says Last chance & Ragini thinks she is not giving sakshi another chance but she wants to give herself one chance so that she can bring sakshi's true colours tomorrow

*)Vinu is helping Kavya in his studies & Kavya asks for a grand Birthday just as Tammy's & malti supports the Idea & after much Maska Lagaying Vinu agrees & he asks Kavya to grow up as next year he will have a brother or sister & malti is again sad.

*)Ragini is amking Breakfast & Sakshi comes there & Ragini says she making something which kids like & says kids does'nt like Lokhi & sakshi says she knows a recipe of Lokhi after eating that kids will be tasting their Fingers & Gunni says about MASTER CHEF & sakshi says she will cook great food & ragini thinks she will try to Finish her Game & vasu says OK then asks both sakshi & ragini to cook seperate Lokhi's Dish & she & kids will decide who is best ,Gunni leaves from there saying she wants to go to liberary.Vasu asks Ragini to come with her & she will drop her for some condolescen & Ragini asks Sakshi complete List about what she should do.She & vasu leave & Turn back & see sakshi who was tensed & both looked as some women on some mission

Precap : Sakshi is showing Ranvir's Photo & says that he is her father & ragini is running to the room & sakshi's had some flour (Tammy's Game) & Says his name was Ranvir & says your papa is not your papa & Ragini was standing near the door with tears in her eyes
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