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Default Bidaai - 14th October 2010 Written Update

It begins with the SLAP! (gosh how much i love this part ROFL Vasu says "Bringing you in this house was my biggest mistake EVER!" (at it girl, it's time you realised Clap) sakshi says "mummy j ii was just trying to..." vasu says "QUIET! Don't you dare utter another word. I've seen how much you care about the children. First you threatened the children, then you slapped tammy and now by telling her this truth you broke her heart!" Sakshi is in tears (GAME OVERWink) "Are you a human or a monster? Don't you have any sense? What was the need to tell kids that there is lauki in the dish? Just so she can starve all day? And you also mentioned that khushi sacrificed because of tammy. You wanted to hurt her didn't you? I couldn't even imagine the venom you possess against these kids. Today your true colours are out! I am regretting the day i ignored AnGini. They warned me, but what was i to do? I had blind faith in you. I should've stopped you the day you locked khushi in the storeroom, but i gave you a chance and you took advantage of that! What didn't you do with these kids? GET OUT!" sakshi leaves the room. Ragini is in tears. Khushi says "I am sure CM is lying. Anmol is your papa!" tammy asks ragini about anmol being her real father and not Ranvir. Ragini has no answer to her questions. Tammy continuously asks her the same questions. Ragini says "Tamanna, it's true that Ranvir was your real father! I wanted to tell you the truth, but i don't know how should I explain to you" Tammy runs off, ragini follows her. Vasu is shocked. Tammy locks herself in a room. Ragini is trying to get her to open the door but tammy yells "you leave from here! Please! You all are liars." Vasu comes there, ragini says "mummy ji what do i do? I wanted to tell tammy the truth but when she had the capability to understand all this, but everything is happening wrong! What do i do?" vasu says "this is all happening because of sakshi, she did this one purpose!" Ragini hugs vasu and cries her heart out!

Malti is on the stool trying to set thinks on the wardrobe, when vinu cals out to her, malti was about to fall but vinu grabbed her in time. Malti says "what are you doing so early?" Vinu says "So i see you do all these silly things." Malti says "ma wanted kavya's old clothes so..." vinu says "she probably needs them for our 2nd child, but you...what was the need for you to do all this? Come down this instant! I'll hire a maid for you, i don't care if i lose my job but i won't let you do this." Malti says "what are you saying? Why would you lose your job? You just got promoted right?" vinu says "so what? They are asking me to go to abroad for a year, i tried to explain but they weren't willing to listen, so i decided to resign!" malti says "why did you do this?" vinu says "you are pregnant so why would i leave you alone? The job doesn't matter. My wife and my child matters to me the most." Malti feels dizzy; vinu thinks "this is the only way i can get the truth out of your mouth!"

Ragini is in her room crying, vasu sees Ragini and has a flashback when she was about to tell tammy the truth about ranvir. Vasu sits besides ragini and gives her water to drink, but she is unable to. "What do i do mummy ji? My child had got such a big shock! I thought to tell tammy the truth when she was a bit older, but i never thought that this day was to come soon. My child's happy life got shattered in one moment! The one whom she trusted have become liars for her. The person she took as her father, is not even her father. She was never tired of calling me, she loved me, idolised me. How will she bare that her mother lied to her? How will i explain that it was for her own good. This lie was a burden on my heart, but now my child isn't willing to listen to me." Vasu says '"should i say something, last time when i was going to tell tammy the truth and you stopped me, I wasn't happy at all. Today I realised you were right all along. It's very hard for a kid to take such bitter truth." Ragini says "mummy ji when tammy ke papa will come how I will explain all this to him? How will tammy behave with him?" vasu says "it's my entire fault. I never realised i brought a problem in this house and not a DIL. She took the peace of this house as soon as she arrived. Now I am regretting it, if something happens to tammy..." ragini says "nothing will happen to tammy, i won't let anything happen to her."

Tammy is packing her bags, khushi is asking tammy to open the door as she wants to speak to her. Tammy opens the door for khushi. Khushi is asking why tammy is packing her bags. Tammy says "I just want to leave.Shocked Here you can have my teddy." (this is something a 16-17 yrs old kid would say..not a 7 yr old kid!) Khushi says 'just wait! khushi takes her bags out and begins to pack her clothes. Tammy says "what are you doing?" khushi says "I am coming with you!" tammy says "but why?" khushi says "I love you! I can't live without you" tammy says I have my reasons, i don't have a father but you do." Khushi says "but i don't have a mother, but you do who loves you alot. If you can leave your mother then so can i." Ragini comes to the room and sees the packed bags. "What are you girls doing?" TaShi hug ragini.

Anmol is leaving for home the manager asks the reason for him leaving so early today. Anmol says "i have to as my daughter is doing her play today. So I have to go! I am really eager to get home." (he'll be heartbroken...gosh he loves his daughter so much...and tammy is really hating him right now Cry) Ragini says "how can you think of leaving me?" tammy says "you say lying is bad then why did you lie to me?" ragini says "it wasn't the other lie, that lie was true in some way. It's not easy for kids to understand this. Your papa and i thought we'd tell you when you got a bit older. When your father died, you were very little, your father thought that he won't live so he thought about he chose your father..." Tammy says "enough i don't want to listen to any justifications. You are a liar, he is a liar. Don't call him my papa!" anmol is shocked to hear this and so is Ragini.

Anmol says "tammy? What happened beta?" tammy yells at him "don't call me beta! I know everything! You are not my father!" ragini sees anmol and is shocked. Anmol goes over to tammy and says "I don't know who said all this to you, but i know that I am your papa. Just like aalekh is khushi's papa. I am your father from the moment i saw you, (gosh this dialogue made me cry CryCryCryCry) because I felt you're every pain, celebrated ever joy with you. I loved you deeply. What more does a father want?" Tammy is crying. "You know I am proud to be your papa. After losing everything in my life I was nothing, but you came in my life. I felt as if i was alive again. I am alive only seeing you happy." Tammy says "you are a liar, everyone lied to me you aren't my father therefore i am leaving this house." Everyone is shocked at this act by tammy.ShockedShockedShockedShocked(I am telling you these words don't come out from a 7 yrs old!)

Precap: anmol says "you don't need to leave the house tammy. I will leave the house." Ragini is shocked!
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