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Default Bidaai 8th October Written Update

Vasu with sevants was preparing for the Hawan when Inderjeet comes and praises about her work. Vasu tells him that Pandit ji is not here yet. Inderjeet tells her that he called him and he is on his way.
Sadhna comes down in the hall and Vasu asks where is Alekh. Sadhna says that he got up early today and got ready all by himself. Vasu is very happy.
Ranvir and Ragini join them. Ranvir asks Sadhna where is Alekh. Alekh from stairs calls him and says that he is there. Everyone is happy to see him.
Pooja starts - Pandit ji asks for the eldest son and daughter in law to come forwards. Vasu says that she doesn't think that Alekh can handle all this. Inderjeet agrees and asks what to do then. Naveen and Avni gets up to come forward but at the same time Alekh holds Sadhna's hand and tell pandit ji that he is the eldest son. Everyone is very happy again. Naveen and Avni sit, Vasu and Inderjeet moves away and Alekh and Sadhna sit in there place. Pooja goes on and Alekh thinks that this pooja will end all the bad deeds. He sees Choti maa's face in the fire.
After the Pooja Alekh goes to Inder and Vasu and takes there "Ashirwad", then he thanks Inder (thank you papa). Inder gets very emotional and hugs Alekh.
In Sharma House - Malti's mom is stitching Malti's blouse and talking to her but Malti is engrossed in her thoughts. Her mom calls her and Malti says that she was thinking about Venu, how hard he is working and all. Her mom says that this is true that he is working very hard to his kid and wife. She says that Malti should keep his husband and money in her hand because Sharma ji will think only about his daughters.
Mami ji hears all this and tells her to stop telling Malti wrong things. She gives Malti the milk and leaves. Malti gets scared and tells her mom that she again made a big mistake.


Ranvir comes in Vasu's room. Vasu asks him why didn't he sleep. Ranvir says that he wants to talk to her. He says that he is very happy that everything is al right now except one thing. Vasu asks him what is that. He says that he wants Vasu to promise him that she will not refuse. Vasu promises.
Ranvir says that he wants Dadi Bua to come and stay with them.
Vasu and Inder gets shocked.
Vasu asks Ranvir how he knows her. Ranvir says that he went to meet her in the ashram.
Again Vasu and Inder are shocked. Vasu gets a little angry and asks Ranvir why he went to visit Dadi bua without telling her and if inder accompanied him. Ranvir says no and tells her that since Dadi bua helped them find out the truth about Choti Maa and since she is the eldest she should come and stay with them instead of staying ina ashram.
Vasu refuses and Ranvir asks her why. He tells Vasu that she promised and he will feel very bad if she doesn't keep her promise. finally Vasu agrees with him but she points it out that she is not happy with Dadi Bua staying with them. Sadhna heard this conversation.


Ranvir thanks and hug her and then leave. Vasu feels very sad and Inder consoles her. Vasu says that he knows very well how she is.
In Ranvir's room- Ragini asks Ranvir why he is so happy. He says he'll tell when Sadhna Bhabi comes. Sadhna comes and Ranvir tells them that Vasu has Agreed to let Dadi Bua stay with them. Ragini is happy but Sadhna is not. Ranvir asks her what happened. She says that she heard there conversation in Vasu's room and since Vasu is not happy with ht edecision there has to be a reason behind it. She says that since Vasu is not happy then there should be another way to help Dadi Bua. She suggests to help Dadi Bua by getting them another home with all the facilities. Ranvir says that she doesn't need help but she needs a family's love which she will get in this house. He says that he thinks that he should bring her home the very next day. Avni heard there conversation.
Next Morning- Ranvir comes in the hall looking very tensed. Inder asks him why he is home alone. Ranvir says that after completing and important work i went to the hospital to get dadi bua but she was already discharged. I also went to ashram but she wasn't there either. Vasu (thinking) thank God that she won't be coming home. Ranvir says that maybe she hasn't forgotten the past mistakes we made. Just then Dadi Bua calls Ranvir from behind. Ranvir gets happy to see Dadi Bua with Ragini and Sadhna. Vasu comes close to Inder.

Dadi Bua getting angry and asking Inder does Vasu feels even a little bit happy by me coming here? Inder doesn't reply and she asks the same question from Ranvir.
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