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Default Bidaai - 3rd August 2010 Written Update

Video Update

Bidaai - 3rd August 2010 Video Watch Online

Written Update

-Ragi isnt able to sleep and see's Tammy all cuddled up to Anmol, she covers them with the quilt and moves out ,Anmol see's this

-Ragi goes to check on Khushi and Alekh and see's khushi sitting on the Sofa , asks her abt it and khushi tells her that Alekh has occupied the entire bed , so Ragi says come with me i'll put u to bed ,and she sings her fav song for her ......

-Tammy gets up and doesnt see ragi there and goes to see her and when she sees her sleeping with khushi she is kinda pissed

-Indu asks angini to go nd meet the client and his wife coming in all the way frm US , Anmol tries to avoid the situation but is helpless as always

-Ragi deciding which saree to wear ,Gunni comes nd teases her , Ragi is kinda embarassed ,Anmol happily watching the entire scene, Ragi tells gunni dont u have to go to college and gunni says i though u nd chahu will drop me on the way but guess u guys want some time alone and ragi pinches her hard cause she see's Anmol and leaves frm there while Gunni and Anmol share a sweet moment (they have amazin chemistry )

-Missed a bit here .....Mrs dewan and ragi holding a convo and then the men arrive and Mr dewan discloses how imp his wife is for him and that he never goes newhere without her .....Mrs dewan says i bet anmol is like that as well ,got his wife even for a day visit

-Mrs Dewan cont making Ragi feel a little awkward with her lec on marriage nd love ....and she tells ragi she is very lucky to have a husband like anmol , Anmol buts in and says i am lucky to have her , cudnt have found ne one better

-Mrs dewan says Made for each other couple ......The roses for the ladies arrive Mrs dewan reads her card with the flowers and then asks ragi to read hers , she does and is quite touched

-Mrs dewan to capture the memory gets a pic clicked with angini ....

-Angini take Mr and Mrs Dewan's leave despite the bad weather ...and on the way their car breaks down

-Anmol asks Ragi to call home and she does and tells Indu abt it and Indu gets her to speak to the kids , she talks to khushi but when tammy gets the fone ..the signal gets lost and she cant speak to her and tammy thinks she cut the fone .

Precap : Angini magic ...........

thats it then .....hit the like button if u like ma work ........Apoorva sweet man luv his scenes with gunni ........
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