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Default Choti Bahu -4th september 2009 Written Update

Part 1

The episode begins with Amma telling Vaishali these thoughts- good and bad are coming to the mind. I said what came to my mind, the rest is upto you. Vaishali seems upset. Amma comes out to the living room and sits down, so does Vaishali. Dadi meanwhile tells Shastriji I am excited for the wedding, when Radhika was here, everything was nice and now that she is going to be our Choti Bahu, she will bring a lot of happiness, our lineage will increase, the kids will get good upbringing. Vaishali seems upset, Chacha notices.
Dev is smiling. Shastriji is ready to leave and Dadi gives him Dev's kundli and asks for Radhika's. Shastriji tells Dadi that I made a prashna kundli since we do not know her birth details. Dadi says that is fine. Shastriji and Amma leave. Amma looks at Vaishali before leaving (as though her work is done).Mrinalini asks Chachaji what did we get by staying here, Chacha says look at Vaishali's face, something happened, we have to take advantage of it.

Part 2

Birju is in Dev's room with all the presents, he teases Dev a bit and then looks at the shervani which Shastriji bought and says Radhika knows your choice well doesnt she, Dev says yes, even during vrat savirti, she chose my outfit. Birju then says you know in India when someone gifts you something, you say thanks. Dev suddenly realises what Birju is saying and runs to call Radhika, Birju teases Dev by not leaving, Dev keeps looking at him and faking angriness till Birju leaves.

Dev calls Radhika, she picks up the phone and Dev says mm.. Radhika smiles and says mm? Dev smiles and says thanks, umm dhanyawad. Radhika says why, Dev says for knowing my choice so well. Radhika says what? Dev says I am talking about the shervani, Radhika says you liked it, Dev says very much. Dev then tells Radhika say something, she says what do I say? Dev says kuch bhi kehne ko nahi hai kya? (you don't have anything to say?) Radhika smiles and says I don't know. Dev says should I say something? Radhika says kahiye na (please say). Dev says ab raha nahi jaata (I cannot wait anymore). Dev says please come soon, Radhika says its only 15 days. Dev says uff yeh 15 din bhi, kyun rakhte hain? (ufff 15 days, why do do they keep these 15 days?) Radhika breaks into a tiny laugh. Dev is happy and says you know after so long I heard you laugh, just see just like you bought my choice of clothes, I will get you something that you like a lot. Radhika is happy. Dev says tum toh kuch keh nahi rahi ho, kuch kaho na (you aren't saying anything, say something). Radhika suddenly sees the dal on the fire and says chule pe (on the stove). Dev sits straight confused and says chola, Radhika says dal is on the fire I have to go. Dev says ok we will meet at night, Radhika says night? Dev says I will come in your dreams and take you away. Radhika smiles.

Part 3

Birju and Vivek come into Dev's room, Vivek teases Dev saying you can talk while sitting on the sofa too, Dev smiles. In Vrindavan, Radhika is sitting, Devki brings clothes to fold, she discusses the bus timings of when Shastriji should come and says everything he was supposed to buy, he will buy tomorrow. Radhika says don't worry ma, everything will happen on time. Devki says just once I want to put you in your rightful house, all my tensions will go away, very few people get the opportunity to correct their wrongs. Radhika says you didn't make any mistake, we did what destiny thought out for us. Devki says I hope there is no obstacle, once you become choti bahu, there will be a lot of happiness.

It is nighttime, Dadi is giving servant instructions and then tells Vaishali about going to the jewelers, Vaishali is sitting quiet and thinking looking upset. Dadi asks Vaishali what happened, Vaishali says I am thinking of what we should have thought of earlier. Dadi says what, Vaishali says Shastriji is not Radhika's real father and tomorrow if her real parents come and if we come to know that they are from a different cast, then Dev and Radhika's kid would be called a varnasankat, he cannot be a rajpurohit. Dadi says what are you thinking all this, for me and for all of us Shastriji is Radhika's father. Dadi says Radhika ke mukh pe jo dejh hai na, woh uske sankaron ka hai, woh sirf Shastriji ne usse diye hai ( you see the brightness on her face, those are of her deeds/upbringing and that Shastriji has given her), once we have decided that Radhika will become Choti Bahu, then why think about all this? Vaishali says but why did we decide to marry Dev to Radhika only? We didn't match horoscopes during Vishaka's time and you saw the consequence and now when we want to match the horoscopes, we don't know any of her birth details, a prashna kundli is being made, then why do we want to do this wedding only? Dadi says I don't understand, why not Radhika? Vaishali says because of our mistakes, Dev has sacrificed a lot and again he has accepted our wishes without saying anything. Dadi says please say clearly, I don't understand.

Vaishali then says a few days after the first wedding, Dev told me that the girl I wanted to get married to, this is not that girl. Vishaka is not that girl, maaji. Dadi is shocked. Vaishali says there was some misunderstanding due to which we went to Shastriji's house with the proposal.
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