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Default Choti Bahu - 29th December 2009 Written Update

Choti Bahu 29th December 2009

Video Update:Choti Bahu - 29th December 2009 Video Update

Good Morning Cbians
The episode starts with Vaishali abusing Radhika. She says you knew where Dev is going. She says you knew it that goofa is full of snakes. It is so dangerous. You knew it. That is why you came down in this state to lit the diya and that is why your hands shook and the diya feel. Radhika's says I am telling the truth, I did not know anything. Dadi says Vaishali you are simply blaming choti bah, she did not know anything about it. Do not take out your anger on her. Radhika has tears in her eyes. The trio clowns are so happy. Vaishali says Radhika is to be blamed, because of her well being Dev has gone there. For all the things that are happening today.She said today Dev has put his life in danger for her .They all brought her(Radhika) as a wife (sangini) thinking that she will become savitri who will save her husbands life and will save Dev's life but instead she has put his life in danger and has become danger for his life (kaal). OMG Vaishali is sooooo. Dadi says Vaishali stopped it and stop talking nonsense. We need to worry about his well being and need to pray for him. Vaishali tells Radhika if anything happens to Dev, I am teeling you…ha.. Radhika turns her face towards the idols of Radha and Kanha and prays Kaha please take my life but nothing should happen to my husband.

Part 2

At Thakshak Goofa, they show Dev is standing and all the snakes are going over him. He is standing calmly and is folding his hands to Nagraj and praying. All snakes go away and he walks towards the idol of Nagraj and folds his hands and prays that Thakshak Raj I have come with one wish and that is please cure my wife and take away all her pains. He than sits on a stones and prays to Lord Shiva. Saing a shiva mantra. Over there in PB they show Radhika sitting on the floor and praying and to Kanha. Vaishali saying always my son has to suffer because of her. Dadima says stop on Vaishali. If you want to think, think about Dev. Instead you should ask for grace of God for your son. Dadima tells Deepika to take Choti Bahu to her room. Radhika says no Dadima, I am going to sit near by Kanha and pray for his safe return. I am not going to more from here. They show Radhika praying and there Dev saying all the mantras. Outside Briju and Shastriji praying. Shastriji saying god please safe Dev, if anything happened to Dev how will I face my daughter. There they show Devki praying at her homw and Amma comes and says good Devki, you are praying for Rdahika who is not your blood but what about your own. Devki says no I am praying for Dev as he has gone to maut ki goofa doe the well being of Radhika. Amma looks on. Over there in the goofa, they show Dev praying Jai Thakshak, all the snakes running here and there and aroud him. Amma says I knew this will happened. She is very unlucky and will bring bad luck to PB. Devki says please let us pray for her. Amma says you pray, I have other worries and walks away. Devki looks on.

Part 3

Vishaka telling Purab to break the lock and open the door for her. She says I need to go and Vikram is waiting for me Delhi. Purab breaks the door. Vishaka says thanks, he says I opened it for myself. Vishaka says I need to go. Purab do you know where Vikram is and where you will stay? She says, I will try to find him and meantime I will stay at PB. Purab looks shock. She leaves.

At PB Radhika is praying and saying Kanha if I am true bakhta, and if there is power in my Bakhti please keep my laja, please keep my honor, please nothing should happen to him, please bring him back safe. Dadi and Vivek are also praying. There mrinalini goes to vaishali and says Mummyji what is happening now, when Vishaka was here nothing would go wrong and even you wanted her to come back. Hope Vishaka comes back, Vaishali says yes you are rite. I really think Vishaka comes back, it is very important, especially for my son Dev. Mrinalini has a wicked smile. ( I really both these ladies) They show Radhika folding her hands and praying. They show Dev praying and the snakes. They keeping moving the scenes from goofa to PB. Vaishali and the trio clowns doing nothing while Radhika, Dadi and Vivek praying. In the goofa, snakes are going over Dev's body, one snake is round his neck and other is looking in his face as if to bite. All of sudden a very bright light comes. Over in PB, they show Radhika is praying Kanha you have to protect my husband, you have to. They show her in lot of pain. As she is praying over there, all the snakes go off Dev's body one by one. He has his eyes close and doing the mantras. It is such a scene of faith between Radev and in their kanha. Dev opens his eyes ad sees no snakes aroung him. He walk towards Nagraj idol and sees the red thread, a sanke is guarding it as it is next to the mani. As Dev is about to take the thread, the snake comes forward. Dev closes his eyes fold his hands and says Thakshak Raj, I have not come for the mani, but come for that pavitra red thread, for my dear wife, I want to tie it round her arm, so she becomes aright. I love her a lot. Even if my death comes I am ready. He closes his eyes and goes forward to pick the thread. It comes I his hand. Govind Gopal is playing. Dev thanks the nagraj and starts to walk out of the goofa. What a beautiful scene. True love does win

Part 4

Dev folds his hands to nagraaj and comes out.
Outside the goofa, the moon is shining. The priest is standing and all of sudden his face lites up. He sees dev coming out. Dev is walking out with so much glow on his face, his walk. Vishnu mantra is playing. Dev comes and Thanks the priest for blessing him to complete his oath. Priest replies that it is all because of your faith and believe you were able to complete your oath successfully. Dev say, I could do fat least this much for my wife, even if my life goes it is not enough. Priest says lot of great and strong people have not been able to complete this type of oath but you were able to do it due to your strong faith and focus. Your oath had been fulfilled completely. You will see te change in your wife from today onwards itself. There they show gaytrai mantra playing in PB and Radhika is praying and looking at the diya. She stands up and picks up the diya and starts to fill it with oil. The wicked Mirnalini goes to Vaihslai and says another apshagun. When Vishaka was here nothing went worngg and now….. She says we should get her back. Vaishali the dumb headed says you are rite. Vishaka should come back, she will be good for Dev also. My god these wicked dumb headed women… Mrinalini has a wicked smile. Vaishali says Radhika you want to do another apshagun. Vaishali starts to walk towards Radhika to stop her and at the same time Dadima comes and stops Vaishali hand. Mirnalini is angry. Radhika lits the Diya and it glows so brightly. Mangalam Vishnu is playing. Radhika says it looks Kanha as if my prayers have been answered. . A new mantra is playing. She folds her hands and prays. All just look on. Outside the goofa, the Priest is telling Dev today with the blessings of Thakshak Raj, yours and your wife new life is starting. His blessings will be always be on both of you. You both will have a blissful and fruitful life. On full lunar eclipse you and your wife need to come here together and take the blessings together and she will be cured completely. After full lunar eciipse you two can start your married life. Please understand, Dev says OK takes blessings and starts to walk off.( anyone after which day, I did not get it. Please correct me.)

Part 5

Dev is coming out. They show Briju waiting. His eyes lit up when he sees Dev walking out. He says babuji, Dev has come out. Shastriji says Dev, you have come back. They wipe their tears. Briju calls PB and tells Dadima that Dev has come out of maut ki goofa fine, after successfully finishing his oath. Dadima thanks god and tells Briju to bring him home soon. He says Ok. Over there Viashali with trio looking on is cursing Radhika and tellling her what is the use if lighting the diya. Apshagun is already done. Vivek tells his mom that nothing is going to happen to Dev. She says I do not care, I want my son safely back. They show Radhika is praying, Dadima comes and says till now, whom you were cursing due to her devotion and prays our son has come back safely from maut ki goofa. Radhiks bursts into smile. By god the faces to the trio clowns. They were shocked. While others were happy. Dadima says her bakhti has so much power that our son is returning safely. They show Kanha idols. My choti bahu is not less than savatri. Vivek says dadima you are rite. Vivek says yes our Choti bahu is one in thousand. She has forgotton all her pains and has been praying for Dev. In real sense she is his Ardhangini. Dev's Ardhangini. The trio and Vaishali look on with anger. Radhiks is happy.


They show Dev and Briju traveling in the car and Vishaka on the road looking to

MY thoughts.

Radev love becomes stronger. It is a slap on the faces to the clowns as Dev comes back from maut ki goofa.
My concern with Vishaka tomorrow as she is planing on coming to PB tomorrow and what if she stops Dev's car.
Another concern is what is this about full lunar eclipse? Tha they cannot start their married life till than?
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