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Default Choti Bahu - 30th December 2009 Written Update

Choti Bahu 30th December 2009

Video Update:Choti Bahu - 30th December 2009 Video Update

Part I

Vivek says how today RaDev have proved their love true and its was a test of their faith and they have come victorious. Vivek tells Vaishali she should be proud of her choti bahu and vaishali stays mum. Mrinu walks away frustrated and everyone else seems happy.

Dev hugs Shashtriji who tells him how happy and proud he is of him. Dev then hugs a crying Birju and tells them that now all Radhika's illness and pains will be gone as he has the red thread now. Shashtriji tells him to go home asap as everyone is worried about him. He offers to drop Shashtriji home but he refuses and tells Dev to get home asap. Dev and Birju leave.

Vishakha is walking alone in the night and thinks that now the last bus to Delhi will be gone too and she can't stay in Vrindavan all night. SHe thinks of getting a lift from a car. Dev is sitting in the car and looks at the thread and thinks that God had given him his love already but now any bad shadow that was on their love will also be removed. Vish on the other hand sees Dev's car from afar and is running to stop it.

Part II

Vish is running to Stop the car but Amma suddenly comes and pulls her to the side of hte road. Dev's car passes by and Vish yells at Amma. She says she could have gone in that car to Delhi. Amma says she is not going anywhere and she is coming with her instead as she has something planned for her. Amma drags Vish with her.

In PB Dadi is decorating the whole place. CHcha taunts Dadi and Dadi says Dev has got a new life today and they will celebrate even more than they did when he was born. Vaishali brings trays of money and clothes that Dev is going to give away and Mrinu eyes Chacha to look at just how much they are giving away.

Radhika is in her room looking at Dev's picture lovingly. She says that today he has proven his extent of love for her as no husband would have taken such a difficult oath for his wife. She takes some new clothes and says today when he comes he will see her as his bride and not as a patient. She dresses up in hte outfit (it covers her whole body basically but she looks nice). She takes out jewels and says today they won't bother her as she can see him in them.

Amma drags vish to someone's house and Vish is scared. She refuses to go and Amma yells at her saying she will get rid of this child and not roam around Virindavan like this as if her parents find out they'll kill themselves and she too will have no other option but to commit suicide. An old lady some out and Amma tells her this is my granddaughter and we want to get rid of her pregnancy. Vish is crying and scared and refuses but Amma drags her in.

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Default Re: Choti Bahu - 30th December 2009 Written Update

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