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Default Choti Bahu - 4th February 2010 Written Update

The song playing is Ae chaand teri
Ae chaand teri chandni ki kasam,Mere paas bhi ek chaand hai,Tujhme to phir bhi daag hai -2,Mera chaand to bedaag hai,Teri dooriyon ki kasam,
mera chaand mere paas hai,Ae chaand teri .
Radhika is so happy, as she feels good. She asks Dev, How do I look. He looks at her and says there is one thing missing…….she is so surprise. They show the sindhoor box. She is about to take the box and he says no no. he hold her face and is about to kiss her. ( which they will not show. But that is it. Very close.) My god the wordings playing. Kiranon se bhari subaha ho, taaro se bhari shaam - 2Maujo mein tera chehraa, phoolon mein tera naam - 2Mere mehboob sanam, tu mera ehsaas haiAe chaand teri chandni ki kasam
He comes close and touches his forehead to hers. This way he uts the tikka on her fore head. He says now you look perfect. He says come with me. I will show you how beautiful you look. He takes her hand and walks towards the water. The song is still playing. They come and stand near the water, he points with his hand towards the reflection and sasy look. OMG so beautiful the scene is with their reflection and the moon. Radhika looks in his face and smiles. They look very happy. Radhika turns and says we should go now and will be waiting at home. Dev holds her hand and says, with so much difficulty we have got these moments, at least let me spend some time with my wife. Radhika says you do not want to go home. What to do, the moon is not allowing me to go. When the sees his reflection in the water, Moon feels that there is some one more beautiful then moon. What a RaDEv look. Radhika smiles and says, no the moon is thinking wish I would have got someone like Radhika has, who loves her so much. The thing is Dev says, is he jealous of you or me? Radhika says no one. He is just giving us blessings. As it is,today, because of this moon we have got this night. Due to the moon eclipse, the eclipse of our life has gone. I have been cured. Today I am very happy because we can start our married life, which we had dreamed off. Today all our dreams are going to be fulfilled. Dev says, I am happy too but for different reason. Today, my Radhika is fine and happy. All the pains and hurt she went through has been cured. All her pains have gone for ever. Very nice song is playing. Ga, ma re, What a beautiful love scene. They both are looking in to each other's eyes and their head are coming closer and Radhika says remaining love at home. He says why, here also we two are alone. Radhika says no, someone is looking. Dev says who, Radhika says the one who was not allowing you to go. They smile and Radhika says let us go. Dev makes a face and says as you command but before that we need to walk around first.

Part 2

PB, Vivek is asking Mrinalini, do you ever get tired. She looks in a questioning way. He says the way you talk in a angry way, how you spoke to every one down and the way you spoke to Shastiji in the woods. She says give me a break, what did I say? It was nothing wrong what I said. Vivek says we do know what is rite and what is wrong. We both know it very well. But it would be better if you were to take out all the ill feelings you have for Radhika from you heart. She is the soul of this home. Mrinalini soul, in fact pure soul and me a sinful soul. She is Bahu and I am also a bahu, but everyone treats us so differently. If any husband would have, would have been very angry the way I am treated, but not you. But what you are doing, you telling me not to worry. But it is not your fault, it is just your brain has become handicap as you are sitting on the wheel chair. Vivek laughs and says, this is the differences between you and Choti Bahu. She makes her husband relaise his strengths where as you make her husband feel bad about being a handicap. He starts to walk away. She goes not stops him and says then what should I do MR Vivek Purohit? He takes her hand away from his and says, then understand very well, tomorrow you will behave well for the party. Be happy in her happiness. You will support and be good with Radhika other wise….. Mrinalini says otherwise what? He says I may be handicap but I am not helpless. If you do not need this home then this home does not need you too. He turns and says, Please understand, we may be living in one room today, but tomorrow our ways may part. Mrinalini is shocked. Vivek leaves the room. This scene was so good. Vivek looks so strong even being on the wheel chair. He shows Mrinalini that he knows what is going on.

Part 3
The song playing is:
Re Re Sa, Re Re Sa, Ni Sa Ni
Ghunji Si Hai Sari Fiza Jaise Bajti Ho Shehnaiyaan
Leherati Hai Mehki Hawa Gungunati Hain Tanhaiyaan
Sab Gaate Hain Sab Hi Madhosh Hain
Hum Tum Kyun Khamosh Hain
Saaz - E- Dil Chedo Na
Chup Ho Kyun Gaavon Na
Aao Na.. Ao Na... Aao Na... Aao Na...

Tan Man Mein Kyun Aise Behti Huyi
Thandi Si Ik Aag Hai
Saason Mein Hai Kaisi Yeh Ragini
Dhadkan Mein Kya Raag Hai

( very apporite song on their feelings.)

They show Radev walking hand and hand in the woods. They are looking in each other's eyes. Her bangles gets tangled in his kurta. She removes it. She feels shy and folds her hands Then, Dev has his arm round Radhika and is pulling her closer to him. She looks in his eyes, they show lamp lit with fire. They walk around and they reach a temple. They do the prayers. It is idol of Hunama.

They show PB. All are waiting and the door opens.
RaDEv standing and the door. They show Radev loking so good. Radhika has her head down. Dadi says Vaishali do their arti. All are very happy. Radhika looks so beautiful. As they are to enter, Mrinalini says stop. All look surprise. She says since Dev and Radhika have come, I need to welcome them Dadi says sure. She comes and does the arti. They come in and take everyone's blessings. Dadi says let us go in. Dev says Dadi why all this decorations. Dadi says we have kept a party for Choti bahu as she has healed completely. Radev are happy and look at each other. Special guests are coming. Dev says who? Vivek says you will come to know in the evening. There are lot of guests coming and lot of surprises. Rite Briju. Briju says yes. Lot of them, Vaishali says ok all other stuff later. Now I have to fill joli ( pallaw opened to take blesings) of Choti bahu. She has brought a ray on light to this home. I am sure very soon a bal gopal is going to play in this home. Radev look. All have smiles.She takes her and makes her sit on the sofa. Radhika opens her pallav and Viashali is putting wheat in it. While this is happening, Radhika is looking at Dev and he also is looking at her. Very nice music. When it is done. Vaishali says, put this in a potli (bag ) and tie it in south direction. Then Vaishali says badi Bahu you will not do it? Mrinalini says why not. She comes and does and gives funny smile to Radhika. She tells her to get up. Some of the wheat falls on her toe with the toe ring.. As she had overflowed them. She says my god this is bad luck. RaDev look worried. Dadi says Badi Bahu, if you do not know, you should not say anything. This is not bad luck but good luck. The wheat has fallen on her ring toe finger. This is a sign that Choti bahu will give us a child soon. RaDev look. Mrinalini says really. Radhika congrats. Vaishali says, ok Briju and Deepika, let us finish all the work. There is so much to do. Radhika says Maji, let me tie this potli and then I will take care of all the work. Vaishali Ok.

Radhika comes to their room and Dev is rite behind her. He closes the door and comes and gives her tight hug from behind. She says be careful, what id it falls. He says it is Ok. Who knows that may be good luck and we may have twins. OMG, RaDEv addicts, all of you are going to go crazy with this scene. Radhika says let me tie. Dev says Ok. They show Radhika putting the wheat in a red cloth. She ties it ad is going in the south direction. Which is cupboard and Dev runs and opens the door. She keeps it and he closes the door and comes to her. He holds her shoulder and says, now no more work now. She says no. As they are going to hug. Maid comes. She says Dev, they want the keys of the car. He says, I will go and find them and give them. He leaves. The maid keeps the tea and says, Bhabhiji someone kept calling for you but they did not give their name. She leaves and Radhika calls the hotel and asks for Vishaka, they say who, she says Radhika. They ring the room, no one picks the room phone. They tell, she must be sleeping, shall we send someone and wake her up. Radhika says not let her rest.

Part 4

Dev comes in. He comes to Radhika and she says I have to go. He says why? Radhika says I had told maji that, it is getting late. I will come and take care of all the work. Dev says so who will take care of me. Radhika says you will take of yourself. Dev makes a face. She says I will go and finish work and come back fast. He says Ok and sits on the sofa and says no one has any value for me. No body cares for me. She smiles and is going out and her pallav is being pulled. She says please levea, I am getting late. Dev is smiling. Vaishali calls Choti Bahu. Rahika says please leave my pallav. They show Dev looking surprise and sees her pallav struck on the sofa. He smiles.He comes in front and says what have I done. She turns and sees her pallav is caught on he sofa. She starts to go and he pulls the pallav and says this time it is me. She pulls and says I will go fast and come back fast. OMG what a love scene. All f you are going to enjoy it so much.

They show she has come down and is telling the cooks to make different types of sweets. She says in something do not put garlic and onion as some guests are from mutt. Briju is helping too. He is telling them about curds. She is waiting for Briju, Briju says do you need anything Bhabhiji. She says no I want to thank you. He says why, you do not need to thank me. I would have become a far off person. She says I am so grateful to you, and you saved me by telling a lie. He says, I did not say a lie, but I just hid little truth. He says can I not do so much for my Bhabhiji. Humana had burnt Lanka for Sita. Just watch how much I can do for you when time comes. They both have such a loving relation and they both look at each other. Briju walks away and Radhika has tears in her eyes.
They show Dadi calling Radhika and asking if she will allow Dev to come close to her. Adhika looks at dev who is in white night suti. He tells her trough actions, I do not know what they are saying. Dadi says why are you looking at him. Radhika says what. Deepika says, we are saying if dev does not you wedding night gift, will you allow him to come close to you. Radhika blushes and goes away. Dadi says oh she is shy. Dadi says to dev you need to understand that you need to give her good gifer. He feels shy and says Oh someone is calling me and walks away.
They show Radhika carrying some stuff and talking to the maid. Vaishali says you are not ready yet. Radhika says I will finish this and go. Vaishali says nothing doing, I will take care, you go and get ready.
Dev is fixing his hair. Radhika walks in and sees him, she starts to go. Dev says stop, where are you going. She says you are getting ready, I will come back later. He says so what If I am getting ready you can too, we are husband and wife. Ok, do you think if this stole looks good or not. She says no the stole does not look good and takes it out. He pulls her and hugs her, she says leave me. He says why, all your work is over and no one is going to call you. She says you go out, I will get ready. Dev says why? Radhika I have to get ready.Dev says I took your suggestions, so you should take my suggestions too for getting ready. She says nothing doing, she takes him and tells him to wait outside the door. She says wait for me here. He looks sad, she looks and then she comes and says listen, she takes his arm and kisses him on cheek and runs inside. Dev looks in wonderment.

Pre cap
Archana and manva dancing.
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