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Default Choti Bahu - 8th March 2010 Written Update

Part 1

The episode begins with Dadi in her room calling for Radhika who is walking outside. Radhika comes in, Dadi asks her come closer but she does not.Dadi gets up and brings her in and shows her the picture of Shiv-Parvati, saying that every married woman does Gauri puja and starts their wedding life. Sometimes Bolenath(another name for shiva as he is known as the innocent one) used to give boons to the rakshasas/demons and a lot of problems used to be created due to this. That was when Parvati used to get him out of those messes, I hope you understand why I am telling you all of this. Radhika nods yes. Dadi says you have to be the epitome of strength and save your married life. Radhika looks at the picture again. Dadi says make sure no shadow comes on it.

Next morning in Shastri house, devki asks Shastriji what happened. Shastriji says what to tell and how to tell you Devkiji. What do I tell that your daughter Radhika's happy married life is about become pieces. Devki gets up surprised, she asks what happened. Shastriji recollects how he went to meet Radhika and how he found out Vishaka was there and Dev brought her himself. Devki asks how that is possible. Shastriji says yes that is possible, and happened, our Radhika's life will be ruined. Devki asks how he didn't do anything, Shastriji says I tried, even radhika wanted this but Dev did not agree. I find it in appropriate that Vishaka stays in the same house where Radhika stays with her husband.During this time Amma hears the conversation as she is coming out. Devki says I don't find it appropriate either, why didn't you get Vishaka here, atleast she would be separate from them. Shastriji says even I agreed to get her here but Vishaka didn't agree, even dev agreed with her. Amma comes out and says let it go, leave the worry, everything will be ok. Devki says how will everything be ok, she has to leave that house and come back. Amma says Lalla tried and what happened, nothing,let some time pass , everything will be ok. If not, I will go there. Amma smiles.

Part 2

Vishaka is sleeping on Radev's bed and the phone rings, she goes to pick up. It is Amma, smilingly asking how she is. Vishaka says she is fine. Amma asks that she reached that house and did not even inform her, how is everything there, what are you doing? Vishaak says I was sleeping, Amma asks sleeping? Amma says now it is time to be up, your destiny has given you a chance by bringing you where you are supposed to me. Amma says yes Amma. Amma says listen properly, whatever happens don't leave from there, don't leave Dev and don't let Dev go away from you, got it? Vishaka says yes. Vishaka outs the phone down and thinks.

Meanwhile Radhika brings aarti to Dev who is sitting on the swing, Dev asks how Vishaka is, Radhika says when I came out, she was sleeping. Radhika says I want to ask you of something, you will give it me? Dev (who has a big stubble and is wearing a dark blue shirt) says have I ever refused you, tell me what you want. Radhika sits (she looks pretty in a peach and light aquamarine saree) takes his hand in hers and says I want that we go out for a few days, somewhere far where it is just the two of us. Dev looks at her and says what are you saying, we are not in any position to go anywhere, Radhika puts her head on his shoulders and says remember when we were going to Goa, you had told me that we would have our suhaag raat where I would just be your Radhika, not a choti bahu, free of all relations. She holds his arm and his hand and then touches his chin and says take me to such a place where you are only Dev, free from all relations and bounds, the only bind should be that of marraige and those promises we took while getting married. Dev gets up, Radhika says today I want to fulfil my patni dharm (wife duties), you will take me away from here somewhere far away? Will you give me what I ask for?

Part 3

Dev looks at her and then just walks away. Radhika looks hurt. Meanwhile Vishaka is sitting down near the sofa, Dev enters in. Vishaka says you, anythin the matter? Dev says actually I came to ask you of something. Vishaka says of me, I am here because of you. Dev says permission; Vishaka says what. Dev says Radhika wants that we go away for a few days from here, it is my duty to fulfil her responsibilities but..Vishaka says but what. dev says but I am not able to fulfil that...Vishaka asks why. dev says because I gave you shelter, taking care of you has become by duty, but I want to fulfil radhika's wishes too so tell me will you give me PERMISSIOn to take Radhika away from here for a few days? Mrinalini walks by and is stunned to hear this. Dev says it is important to know what you think. Vishaka says why not, I am happy that you are keeping my sister's wishes, how can I come between you and your duties, if you both are happy, won't I be happy? Dev says thanks, Vishaka says don't shame me with thanks. Vishaka smiles as he leaves.

Dev is walking by, Mrinalini stops him and says I know what dilemma you and Radhika are going through but I am happy that you are taking Radhika away from here for a few days. Dev says how did you know. Mrinalini says i was heading to ask Vishaka if she needed anything when I heard. Dev says I had thought about it..but, Mrinalini says no if and or buts in this situation, you must take Radhika, I will take care of Vishaka. Vishaka is fully my responsibility. I want that you and Radhika spend soem time with each other, these times won't come back and don;t worry about Vishaka, I will take care of her and the family. Now will you just see my face or go tell Radhika the good news too. Dev says thanks bhabhi/sis in law.

Part 4

As Dev leaves, Mrinalini says the pleasure is all mine Dev, all mine and she smiles. In Vrindavan, Devki says she wants to talk to Shastriji about the Vishaka matter and her heart is sinking. Devki says I think I should talk to Radhika once, Amma comes there and says no need, what will you tell her- to argue and fight with her husband? Don't put ghee in the fire. Shastriji says Devki you talk. Amma tries to stop but Shastriji says talking to Radhika will help her in facing and fighting with these situations. Devki calls, Dev picks up, they greet each other. Dev says you want to speakto radhika I will call her. Devki says no I want to speak to you too, I heard you decided to keep Vishaka in your house, see I cannot ask you about this but as Radhika's mother, I can certainly request you- see Dev babu, Radhika has got her share of happiness after many difficulties, many times she has given her share of happiness to others, that is why I am very scared for her, she has faced a lot. Today when I sit here thinking that everything is ok in her married life,then suddenly Vishaka got there. Amma looks angry. Devki says please take care that noone snatches Radhika's share of happiness. Dev says I understand your worry, that is why I am taking her away from here. Devki seems happy and says you are going out, that is very happy news, I am very happy for you too. Dev says wait I will call Radhika, Devki says no worries, I will talk to her later and after talking to you, my worries have gone away.

Radhika is praying to the house idols of Radhe-Krishna saying I have asked him something Kanha and I know he is very worried, but being a wife only I can get rid of his pain, bless me kanha and be my support. Dev comes there and says says I want to answer your question radhika, this is the first time you asked me something and I took so long to answer it but what to do, I was tied in my own promise, had to take care of her but no worries now, I have to fulfil my responsibilities as a husband too. Radhika is happy. Dev says you wanted that we go from here, I will take you. Radhika smiles. Dev holds Radhika's arms and says I took you to Goa to start our married life but that never happened. Radhika looks down shyly, he lifts her chin and says now our married life will start with happiness and only place for love. Radhika smiles happily and faces the idols, so does Dev.

Shastriji is happy that Dev took this decision saying that for some time if Radhika stays away, she will have mental peace. Amma says Radhika will get peace, but what about Vishaka? That too in a place where those people don't like her at all. It is only me who is worried about her. Amma says listen to me, I am going to delhi, Shastriji and Devki are surprised, Shastriji asks why would you go? Amma says once they go out, what will Vishaka do there, bang her head against the wall? Make arrangements for me to go to Delhi, don't try to stop me. Shastriji says fine, go to Delhi and get Vishaka back. Amma smiles sinisterly.

Precap: Amma is in Radev's room with Vishaka asking why didn't you stop them? Vishaka says for the first time he asked me something, how could I refuse? father threw me out of the house, Dev gave me support. Amma is watching Vishaka speak (like she knew Vishaka was in love with him or something). Vishaka in tears says Dev is no nice Amma, that even if he asks for my life, I cannot refuse. Amma smiles.
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