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Default Choti Bahu - 12th March 2010 Written Update

Video Update

Choti Bahu - 12th March 2010 Video Watch online

Written Update

Part 1
The episode begins with Radhika opening the hotel room door looking shocked. She sees a huge floral bouquet with a card that says 'Sirf Tumhare Liye" (Only for you) on it sitting in the hallway and she smiles. She comments on how pretty the flowers are and Dev comes there and asks who sent the flowers. Rads frowns and says, I thought you had them placed here. Dev says no, it wasn't me. The camera maneuvering is such that we can tell that the stranger is watching RaDev from afar. Dev says perhaps the hotel people had the flowers placed there, and Rads replies, but see how the card is so informal, it says 'tum'. If it had been the hotel people it wouldn't said 'aap'. Dev says, Rads this is Malaysia, they don't know the difference between 'tum' and 'aap' in hindi. Rads says o.k. forget it, please take me sight seeing around Malaysia. Dev says o.k., let me put these flowers inside first. Mystery Man is still watching them but we do not see his face.
In the next scene, some sights of Malaysia are shown and RaDev are walking around together. Dev points to some attractions. Rads smiles and stops to look at a baby in a stroller of some couple walking on the road. We are shown some local colors of dancing dragon shows and RaDev are watching the performance and clapping and smiling. Rads looks around and sees some couples holding hands and embracing one another. She smiles shyly and looks at Dev. She sees that he looks a little distracted and lost so she takes his hand. Dev tells her, Rads, we have come to a foreign land and forgotten our sanskriti (upbringing...basically he's refusing to hold her hand in public Angry Geez Dev, holding her and kissing her in public wasn't a problem in Goa or anywhere else were even holding her hand in Vrindavan so what's wrong now?) Rads says, I am here with my husband and I'm going to hold his hand and stand by him. That is the vow I took in my seven sacred marriage steps with the holy fire as witness. So then how can this go against my sanskriti? Dev smiles and then puts his arm around Rads' shoulders and they continue walking and looking at various sights. There's a lovely song playing in the background (sorry I don't know the name but it sounds like Sonu Nigam singing). Rads looks just breath takingly beautiful with her open hair and sweet smile. Dev spots a buliding with the name Sayora on it and tells Rads, that place looks nice, lets go there and have something to eat. RaDev go inside and the place seems to be some sort of club. There is dance music playing and disco lights and people are dancing. There is an Indian DJ. too. A waiter welcomes RaDev and Dev asks for a table for two in English. Rads looks around and smiles and the waiter pulls her chair for her and seats her. Suddenly Mystery Man appears in the dim light of the dance floor, twirling his mouth organ in his hand. We still do not see his face. The man walks right past RaDev. Dev seems to look at him for a moment but then continues talking to Rads (we do not hear the conversation as there is mysterious music playing in the scene). The man sits at a table behind RaDev's in such a way that his back is to them. Rads turns slightly and looks at him (they are shoulder to shoulder)but then looks back at Dev and smiles and continues talking. The man gets up and moves to a different table where he can see RaDev but they cannot see him. We are shown only his eyes. He stops a waiter and takes a drink off the waiter's tray. Mystery Man begins watching Rads intensely. He furrows his brows and looks very upset when he sees Dev holding and kind of rubbing Rads' hand and talking to her. We are only shown the stranger's eyes and they are flashing with anger. While Dev is holding Rads hand with his hand, she kisses his hand. The stranger sees this and cracks his wine glass in his hand. Suddenly RaDev hear the glass breaking and see the frowning stranger. We are also shown his full face and he is new entry Hiten Tejwani, as the articles mentioned. (Hiten is looking very handsome...good competition for Dev LOL). RaDev just stare at the angry man and look concerned. They look at one another questioningly and the stranger slams his bloody hand down on his table. Everyone else in the club is also watching. Rads lets go of Dev's hand and goes up to the stranger. She asks him if he's alright. She tells Dev to give her his handkerchief as there is so much blood and the cut is deep. Dev tells the man not to squeeze his hand so tightly because more blood will gush out, but he man is not listening, he is just staring at Rads as she wraps his hand with the hanky. Rads comments that the blood has stopped but the wound appears deep. She asks if there is a pharmacy nearby. The stranger doesn't reply, so Dev tells him, if you are in a lot of pain we can take you to the hospital. The man just looks down at his hand and then gets up and goes from there. Dev says, what a strange man...anyway, forget it. Lets go. Rads nods and smiles. They go back and sit at their table. The DJ announces in English that all couples are invited to partake in a dance competition and can dance to the song of their choice. The winning couple will get a special prize. The DJ begins calling couples by their table numbers and calls for table 5 first (RaDev's table is #2). The couple called does some dance to a fast club number. RaDev watch and smile.

Part 2
More couples are called to the dance floor and various Western music is played. One couple comes up to RaDev and tells them it's their turn to dance. Dev explains this to Rads and she looks a little embarrassed but smiles. Dev tells the couple in English, no we cannot dance (maybe you can't dance honey, but she sure can! LOL) Rads tells him, c'mon lets go dance. Dev is shocked and says, Rads what are you saying? Will you be able to dance? Rads says, if I am with you I am able to do anything, let's go. Dev smiles and takes Rads by the hand out onto the dance floor. Everyone is clapping. RaDev dance to "Radha kaise Na Jale". Rads does very animated expressions and dances beautifully. Dev also steps in and does his part well. Avina are performing very nicely here, although the song looks a bit out place in a Malaysian night club! LOL The rest of the scene is RaDev's/Avina's performance. (Those extras acting as club goers are so lucky they get to watch Avina dancing up close!) Everybody is clapping for RaDev.

Part 3
We are shown Amma and Vish coming down the stairs at PB. Amma is telling Vish that she should not sit in her room all day, she should go out and about. She says this is such a big house and Vish should move about freely and talk with all the family members. Amma says, why are you sitting cooped up in the room acting as if you're being punished? Vish begins to reply, it's not a matter of being punished but...suddenly a group of sadhus (holy men) wearing orange robles and Rudraksh beads appear at the door and say Radhe Radhe choti bahu. They mistake Vish for CB and Amma goes up to them and says Radhe Radhe. She does not correct them. One of them addresses Vish and says how are you choti bahu? Vish stares at him and he says, perhaps you do not recognize me as it has been more than a year since you saw me last. I was present at your wedding, but shortly afterwards I left for tirth yatra and have just returned. Amma is grinning like a baboon. The sadhu gives Vish some maha prasadam (food offered first to the Lord and sanctified and then distributed to devotees). Vish does not take the bowl of food she looks uncomfortable and turns her gaze away from the sadhu. Amma tells her to to accept the prasad because it is meant only for her. Vish then smiles and accepts it. She is about to put the prasad piece in her mouth when suddenly a hand reaches out and stops her. It is Dadi and she looks furious! She tells Vish, this prasad is not for you. Amma and the group of sadhus look on in disbelief. Vaishali, Vivek, Mrin etc. come into the room and Vaishali yells at Vish, how dare you touch this maha prasad! This is meant only for CB, not for you! Vish's eyes get teary and Mrin raises her eyebrows (LOL...Mrin is wearing earrings that say HOT on the them ROFL). The sadhu apologizes to Dadi and says, I thought this girl was Vishaka Shastri, your CB. Dadi says yes she is Vishaka, but not the CB of this home. Vaishali adds that not only is this girl not our CB, she is not even worthy of standing in this house. It is due to the sins of our previous lifetimes that we now have to face this bad karma of having her here. The sadhu questions why Vish didn't say she wasn't the CB and just accepted the prasad and Vaishali says, such disception and lies and taking advantage of people's trust in her are her specialty so of course she wouldn't tell you she's not the CB. Vaishali turns to Vish and says, remember this Vishaka, you are not the CB of this house. You are simply an unfortunate girl who has temporarily been given shelter by the owner of this house. Vish is sobbing. Vaishali then explains to the sadhu that Dev married Vish by some horrible mistake and they all are paying for that mistake even today. Vish runs up the stairs and Amma waddles after her. Dadi apologizes to the sadhus for all they had to witness and hear and the spokesperson of the group says it's o.k., even the Sun and Moon have to deal with the negative planets Rahu and Ketu. Dadi asks Birju to take the tray of prasad and the sadhus say Radhe Radhe and leave.

Part 4
RaDev are shown on what looks like a new day. She is wearing a pretty deep pink and green saree and he's dressed in a dark blue shirt and wearing sun glasses. RaDev are shown visiting more sights and as Dev is explaining some structure they are looking at, Rads playfully runs and hides from him. Meanwhile Mystery Man is watching them and taking photos of only Rads. Dev finds Rads and they smile and walk off togther. Mystery Man goes back to his car and looks at his bandaged hand. He then pulls out the hanky that Rads has wrapped on him at the club. He whips out his cell phone and dials Mrin. Mrin says, so did you find her? He replies, yes, and I understand now why you said I should see her face just once. Mrin says I have a specific reason...and he interupts her and exclaims, I am the one who now has a live...after seeing her! Episode ends on Mystery Man's evil grin.

Precap: We are shown RaDev in bridal attire. Dev leans close to Rads and then pulls off her tika, nose ring, and bangles. Finally he removes her dupatta. The song 'Bahon Ke Darmiyan" from the film Khamoshi is playing.
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