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Default Choti Bahu - 18th March 2010 Written Update

The episodes begins Rads looking the chandelier and suddenly hiten comes and saves Dev by pulling him towards 'Dev looks at the chandelier shockingly hiten got up and gives hand to Dev asking are you fine?Dev also got up and say Thanks to hiten Rads goes and hugs dev tightly srying dev consoles her by saying don't cry see im alright now plz don't cry but srads crying and then she turns to hiten and says I don't how to say thanks to you ..but hiten interrupts and says plz don't say thanks ..but rads says by saving his life you made a great to me 'hiten says don't think like that''.think a friend has helped another friend dev smilies listening to this'hiten adds you have also helpped me one day now I have helped you 'and there is a proverb "a person in need person in deed "and smilies 'hiten and dev shakes hands and hugs each other smilingly'.

In next scene they show Mrinalini tallking with chacha ji and arjun '.im a waiting for a good news to her which will make this house to death house looking at her cell phone chachaji adds what bahu sometimes you it is agood news and again you say bad news ..plz don't confuse me and tell me what is the news?Mrinu says news will be arriving soon and adds 'ok I cant wait I will call and get the news and she calls to hiten 'there they showhiten and Radev are sitting in the restaurant haviing coffee ..hiten attends the call and says plz don't disturb me im a with my friends who were from India and I will talk to you later but mrinu interrupts and asks listenfriends from india are you with Dev and Radhika nut hiten says 'listen I know what I want to do I will do what I wish and which is right to me'ok and hangs the phone''hiten says to dev business call 'and tehre mrinu gets angry on hitens behaivour but chachaji laughs at her and says if you got any news go and celebrate it'Mrinalini leaves from there angrili'.

There dev asks hiten from how long are you staying in Malaysia'hiten replies from I came to know myself'but rads asks him you said na you were staying in hotel as you acccidently came to our room

Hiten replies actually I was not staying in hotel I came there to meet mmy busineess associate 'dev says

Ohhh we thought that you were also a tourist like us'.hiten says ya we are also tourists and we are all travelling only..hearing this dev says your speech is like living rhyme'.and adds what are you doing .. hiten replies Love ..Radev looks surprisingly on hearing this and dev says interesting full time or part time smilingly '.hiten also says you are doing a good joke dev replies smilingly you only started first but hiten refuses no no im telling the truth iam I love I live in the hearts of well wishers'rads adds smilingly and for your friendds you will give up your life too which I have seen it now I don't have words to thank you '.hiten interrupts again you are saying thanks ..ok if you want to thank me hen listen to my request ' stay in my house untill you were in Malaysia my house near by you come to my home as my gusests'

But dev refuses and says no no we cant acept your requests as already we are tahnkful to you and we have come to malaysia for HM so we would perefer to stay in hotel'listening to him hiten says I wont force to but I wish you come and stay and he takes his hanky from his pocket to wipe his mouth and does notice arads photo falls from his pocket dev notices this and says to him something has fallen from your pocket and hiten looks down and he sees rads photo on the floor dev get up and says I will take it out '.but suddenly hiten bent down and takes the photo hiding it from dev 'dev notices this and asks why what happened you don't want me see that photo'.hiten says yes I don't want you to to see this photo coz in this photo photo has the truth of my life and lokks the photo ..and he says he has to leave now and shakes hand with dev but dev asks we have talked but not even we don't know our names ..and he says well im Dev raj apurohit and she is my wife Radhika ..hiten says I know hername 'Radev looks surprisinglyand dev asksa how hiten says I have heared so many times you were calling her by her name radhika' but never heard she calling you and dev asks his name he says im Shantanu'Rads smilingly says good name and tells the meaning of that name(plz guys sorry I don't understand what she said) hiten smilies on this and says leave it dev asks about his surname he says 'I don't trust in using surnames for me my name is everything shantanu'.dev says ok will meet again hiten says will be meeting often and greets them and leaves from there ...

Part 2

In PB Dadi vishali and vivek were sitting in Hall AMMA was doin the Jaap 'Birju gives medicine to Dadi and they see Vish coming down from stairs ..Vish comes and sits on the sofa seeing this Dadi and all try to leave from there but vish stops them saying plz listen to me 'dadi turns and says what you want me to listen and why ..waht you are going to tell us'when know you that we are intersted in seein your face then why should we listen to you 'Vish gets tears in her eyes and says ya I know but everything can be changed i wnt to say that I have changed mysellf now.. im not the one who left the nouse I have totally changesd now '.hearing this Vaishali says ohh you have changed now ok if you have really changed then why don't you listen to us..why don't you go away from here why don't you go to Vrinadavan '.Vish replies with teary eyes I did not wish to come here your son Dev brought me here '. hearing this all turn their face 'Amma says seeing this she is saying right and goes near to them and syas you are behaving very bad to my GD but don't you think why your son has brought her here what have happened till now who knows whose fault dev ya Vish'and sys a proverb which is means if you find dault on your own you ignore them but find faults on the others saying this she leaves from there taking vish with her daadi and vaishali gets shocked on this'.

Next day rads was coming drying her wet hair she seees dev sleeping she calls him listen but dev did not wake he was still sleeping'Rads slowly goes near to him and places a small kiss on h is foreheard 'dev wakes up suddenly 'seeing this rads asks are you awake already 'dev replies ya I was awake iwas waiting for your kiss untill you kiss me I wont wake I was acting as iwas sleeping and waiting for your kiss rads blushes on hearing this and says 'ok come on now get ready we have to go out '.Dev says what we have come hear for HM you cansee all the Newly weddded couples will be in their rooms only ..but rads says we will go out are so many plces which we have not yet seen ' I have seen all the places in photos we will go out now 'listening to this de gets up from the bed and says ya now I have to get ready coz I have to listen to you'you say and I cant listen to you it wont happen I will get ready soon and goes ' rads plz go and get reaady soon ..listening ti this dev come bach hug her in back and says I wont be late ans untill we wont go from here how we will come back'asking this he try to kiss her on her ear but rads smiling moves from her and says go get ready soon'.

Part 3

Radhika was again in the same yellow saree and dev is in white blazer which they were wearing in the first day of the HM Hiten sees Dev and radhika going out from the hotel ' Radev were enjoying seeing some of the places' hiten also follows them in his car'. Radev were sittting in the hotel talking with eachother smilingly 'hiten stares at them in angry look .. a waiter some and get order dev orders for two juices' and the waiter leaves from there he was passing by hiten '.and hiten stops him and says something showing Dev and h gives some money to him ' hiten again stares at Rads who was smiling and looking so beautifull'.the waiter somes with jjuices nd serves one to Rads first and he gaves a looks to dev who was seeing Rads and suddenly the waiter pours the juice over Devs jeans and asks sorry as he had done it by mistakely 'dev says its ok and asks where is the washroom the waiter says where it is'.dev goes to the washoom and hiten follows him and when dev enters the washroom hiten locks the door outside smiling himself

Part 4

Hiten oes whaere rads was sitting and sys what a pleasant surprise '.Rads asks you here 'and hiten says what a coincidence I came here for my work'and saw you here ..i think fate wants to me to enter in your life '.and headds more this a was a nicce place come woth you I will show you the place but radssays I was waiting for him if he somes ..but hiten says ya saw him near the washroom and it is on the way come sayinng this he takes rads with him rads goes with himm '.hiten goes to the another place of restaurant rads was seeing ans he searches dev there hiten says come sit here would hyou have to take some drinks sittng in sofa 'rads says no till dev comes and hiten saks 'ok and asks how was Malaysia rads say ya it nice if husbands support is there everything will be nice hearing this hiten says if annybody would have told to me like this I would have sid there are doing this to keep away from their family but I know about you 'you like your fammily very much rads asks how do you know 'hiten adds I know youlike to cook food and serve your family right?you like green colour and in jewels you like only only anklets lrds listens this surprisingly and smilingly how did you know all these my likes and didlikes?hiten replies her 'ya something like I know magic '.suddenly Dev comes there and calls Radhika and gives a frowning lookseeing him rads goes near to him holding his arms she says to him you know just now he said about me he knows well about my likes and dislikes he said he knows magic '.

Dev looks at hiten and then turns to Rads and asks why did you come here she says Shantabu told me this was a slent place and most famous of this restaurant'dev again asks you could have waited till I come back Rads reply shantanu said he saw you here and I thought I will get you here '.Dev looks surprisingly but I did not come here I went to the way of washroom and the dpoor was jammed so I could not come soon '.hearing this hiten replies I think I have seen someone else as washroom is here also '.Dev says anyways Radhika we have to leave from here..hiten stops them and asks what was your plan today dev nothing have planned yet ..hiten requests them to come home in the evening but dev refuses no no I cant and hiten just now you said no programme the why not dev replies him no no it ould be difficult for me as I was have another programme in my mind which I as about to do'hiten says I requests you again I want you to become guests in my home'.Dev days in angry tone plz I don't to refuse you again and again ..we are HM couples her ewe would like to spend time for eachother 'hiten again asks smilingly you can spare few minutes for friend'dev sys we just came to know eachother when we become friends we will think about this and syas thanks for helping me and I want to leave now and they leave from there 'hiten turns his head and says not today but oneday I will bring you to my home' your way to new life is my home Radhika'saying this he smilies


Radev saying about the Stranger have entered in to their life and trying to create problems they will fight together to save their love '
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