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Default Choti Bahu - 23rd March 2010 Written Update

Choti Bahu Written Update
Part 1
The episode begins with Vish saying, Radhika this is my house and Dev is my husband. An angry Radhika screams, Vishaka! She raises her hand and is about to slap Vish when Vish says SHHHH! Vish then tells Rads to put her hand down and brings up the divorce paper issue and says it was never finalized so the house and Dev are hers. Amma is grinning and Mrin is also smirking. Vish says, I am the CB and here is the proof. She smugly throws a rolled up paper at Rads and tells her to look at it. Vivek picks up the paper while Vaishali grabs Vish's shoulder and says, you have some nerve, and slaps her. Vaishali tells Vish, don't you dare utter those words ever again, and then tells Vivek, take these forged papers and throw them at Vish's face! Vivek breaks the news that the papers are valid and the court has not accepted the divorce. Dadi and Vaishali are shocked and Rads angrily asks Vish why she's doing this. Rads says to her, you know the truth about the marriage and so do I, so why are you snatching the rights that don't belong to you? As your sister I have always helped you and taken care of you, and this is what you're giving me in return? Why are you ruining my life? (Mrin is grinning so hard that her face is going to stretch apart! I want to slap her and Vish so badly right now! Angry). Vish sarcastically replies, Radhika I have no enmity with you...I just want to make it clear to everyone that Dev and I never really got divorced. She then calls herself the legal wife of Dev (smack! Angry) Vaishali tells Vish to shut up and says, you are not the CB of this house! The only CB of this house is Radhika! Vish is smiling and rolling her eyes. Vaishali then tells Vish to leave on her own before she is thrown out, but Vish cuts Vaishali off and says she is never going to leave PB. Mrin is smirking and thinking to herself, this is a miracle! Yesterday nothing was going according to my plans and today I am achieving everything I wanted without having to lift a finger. Here Vish is eliminating Radhika and there Shantani is eliminating Dev! Vaishali again says Vish will be tossed out but Vish retorts that if anyone dares try to throw her out of PB she will go to the police. Rads is shocked and angry.

Part 2
Vish threatens Vaishali and the rest of the family that if she goes to the police, all the news about the invalid divorce and the PF kicking out their CB will spread in society like wild fire and people will spit on the PF. Vish then says, mutthi band rakho ya khol do (either keep quiet or make a fuss about me and your reputation will be ruined in society's eyes). Dadi is disgusted and walks out of the room. Vish takes this as a sign that she has won and smiles and goes upstairs. Radhika is in tears and says to herself, jaldi aajaaiye, yahan anarth ho raha hai (Dev, please come quickly, the unthinkable is happening here!). Poor Rads does not know that Dev is also facing anarth! The scene changes to Shantanu's house and we see a huge wall to wall poster of Radhika along with the other photos. Shantanu says, what are you staring at Mr. Dev Raj Purohit? These photos are of my wife. Dev is shocked and frowning. We see photos on the wall that look like Rads in with a more casual look. Dev says, what are you talking about Shantanu, what kind of joke is this? Shantanu says, this is no joke, this is my reality. I am simply a pawn caught in the sands of time...a victim of fate, and fate stole the love of my life away from me and then tortured me once again when I met Radhika ji. Dev is annoyed and tells Shantanu to stop talking in riddles and get to the point. Shantanu tearfully explains that all the photos are of his late wife Radha. He says when he first saw Radhika, she looked so much like Radha that he became restless. He goes over to one of the photos and touches it, then says, I loved my wife a lot and I still do, but destiny stole her away from me. You can never understand my pain, Mr. Dev Raj Purohit, because your true love, your wife is with you. Only he who has lost his true love and then remained thirsty in all areas of his life can understand me. Dev stops frowning and looks down in sympathy. He then walks over to Shantanu and puts his hand on Shantanu's shoulder. Shantanu says, you should go now Mr. Dev. There is a party in your honor at home and everyone is waiting for you. Thank you for hearing me out and lending a sympathetic ear. Now I request you to please leave me with my memories. Dev turns to leave. He sees a call on his cell phone and answers. It's Radhika and she's crying and asking him to come home. Dev panics and asks why she's crying. Rads tells him to come home quickly and she will explain everything. Dev tells her he's on his way. In the other room, Vish and Amma are celebrating. Amma is gleefully recounting how Vish threw the court notice at Radhika and proudly stood her ground that she is CB and she's not leaving PB. (Can I please slap these two witches hard? Angry) Amma says I am so happy I want to do aarti to you "mor poti" Dead. Vish smiles and says you should do aarti to only one person and that's Shantanu ji, because all of this is due to him. If he hadn't come at the right time and given me the court papers then...but Amma, how did he get those papers? If he was in possesion of those papers that means he knew all about what went on in this house, what is happening now, and what can happen in the future. Amma tells her to forget about how Shantanu knew all this and just celebrate her victory.

Part 3
Amma frets about what will happen when Dev comes to know about the invalid divorce. She tells Vishaka to keep Radhika away from Dev under all circumstances. Vishaka is thinking. In the living room the PF is very upset. Vaishali says, if only this were a nightmare we could simply wake up from. Birju tells her not to worry. Vaishali says that CB has been crying herself sick non-stop and tells Vivek to try the lawyer again. Vivek says he tried repeatedly but the lawyer is not answering the phone. Mrin is still smirking. Chachu needles Vivek and asks him, weren't you the one who took responsibility for the divorce papers? You filed them and got a hearing what went wrong? Vivek replies that he cannot figure out what went wrong and that's why he's trying to call the lawyer so desperately. Radhika is in her and Dev's bedroom sobbing and when Dev comes in she hugs him tightly. Dev strokes her face and frantically asks what happened. Rads replies that they made a very big mistake and they should not have brought Vish home after Goa. RaDev's conversation is interupted by Vivek's voice shouting for Dadi to open the door. RaDev run downstairs to see what's the matter and Birju tells them Dadi has locked herself in her room and isn't responding or coming out. Vaishali is crying and asking Dadi to open the door, as is Vivek. Mrin and Chachu are looking at one another and grinning. RaDev come there and Dev asks Vivek what happened. Chachu says, what's the point in asking this now Dev babu, this fire is the result of the spark named Vishaka that you yourself brought home. Dev is stunned and Chachu says, didn't CB tell you the news Dev babu? Chachu then fills Dev in on what's going on. Dev is angry and demands to know what kind of joke this is. Vivek shows him the papers and explains that the court rejected the divorce due to all the documents not being filed. Rads looks very guilty here as though she is dying to tell everyone the truth about the first marriage but she keeps quiet. Vaishali says this day was inevitable and compares Vish to a snake that is kept in the house as a pet but one day bites its master. She explains to Dev that this is exactly why everyone was warning him not to keep Vish in the house. She says, you fought with all of us to keep that girl in this house and just see...she has stabbed all of us in the back. Dev looks very upset and Vaishali pleads with him to throw Vish out this minute.

Part 4
Dev throws open the door to Vish's room and with an angry face asks her what new game she is playing. Vish gives an evil smile and sweetly says, what game Dev? Dev demands why she is trying to prove that she's his wife and she says, because that's the truth. She tells him to look closely at the papers and he immediately responds that a few pieces of paper are not going to make him believe such an out and out lie. Dev then says, if you think for one moment Vish, that you can ever take Radhika's place then you are sadly mistaken. Forget this lifetime, in none of your lifetimes will you ever, ever be called my wife! Now pick up your things and get out of here! Vish angrily retorts that she is not leaving her home (smack! Angry) and going anywhere. Amma also flashes angry eyes at Dev. Vish continues to blabber on about the court papers but Dev cuts her off and says he will never consider her his wife or let her have Radhika's rights and he is not going to tolerate her in PB for another minute. He grabs Vish's hand and drags her out of the room. Amma tells him to let go of her hand and says, how can a husband treat his wife so cruelly. Dev ignores her and drags Vish down the stairs. Amma screams, arre koi to bachao mori bitiya ko, ee kaa horo hoi ee ghar ki choti bahu ke saath (someone please save my grand daughter, just see how the CB of this house is being mistreated). (Someone please kill Amma NOW! Angry) Vish tells Dev to let go of her and he cannot stop her from leaving this house. Dev says, there is no place for you in this was my mistake that I gave you shelter here. Now I'm not going to let you ruin the sanctity of this house. Dev is about to toss her out when Vivek tells him to stop. He explains that they cannot remove Vish because he just spoke with the lawyer and the papers are valid. Dev is crushed. Vivek adds that if they try to remove Vish from the home than not only the police but also the Women's Welfare Association and the Association for Raj Purohits (something like that...I didn't catch the exact title of the organization LOL) can file a case against them. Vish smiles and says, so Dev, shall I go back to my room now? The three witches and Chachu are smiling while RaDev, Vivek, and Vaishali look digusted. Vish and Amma turn on their heels and go back up the stairs. Rads is thinking.

Part 5
RaDev are in their bedroom. Rads has her arms crossed in front of her and is pacing while Dev is on the phone with the lawyer asking why they did not receive their copy of the court notice. The lawyer seems to be speaking rudely to Dev because Dev asks, why are you speaking to me in that tone? The lawyer then hangs up the phone on Dev. Dev is shocked and tells Rads that he has known the lawyer for so many years and today the guy is acting as though he's not even their lawyer anymore, he's Vish's lawyer. Dev sits down on the sofa and sighs in frustration. Rads looks very sad and guilty. Dev says that marrying Vishaka was the biggest mistake and misfortune of his life and he's dealing with the negative repurcussions of it even today. He says, na jaane ab kitne toofanon ka samna karna padega humari rishte ko (I wonder how many storms our relationship will have to weather). Rads goes over to Dev, kneels down in front of him, and places her hand on his knee. She says, we do not have to be afraid of any storms. She takes his hand and continues: Humara rishta atoot hai ...isse koi nahin tod sakta..hume koi alag nahin karsakta (our bond is unbreakable and nobody can tear us apart or separate us). Humare pyaar ne hamesha niyati ke faisle ko chunauti di hai. Aap fikar math kariye, jeet humari hi hogi! (Our love has always challenged what appears to be destiny but really isn't. You don't worry, we will be victorious!) RaDev hug tightly and Rads gets a determined look on her face, then leaves the room. Dev sits back and closes his eyes. Rads barges into Vish's room. Vish crosses her arms and gives Rads a self-satisfied look. Amma demands to know why Rads is here. Without even looking at Amma Rads cooly replies, I am here to speak with Vishaka, not with you. Rads angrily asks Vish what she hopes to accomplish by bribing the lawyer and using the court papers against Dev. Vish circles around Radhika and says, that which is the truth Radhika. She leans close into Rads and then says, Dev is mine...not yours, mine. Rads is furious and holds up her hand and says, enough Vishaka! You can only speak about your divorce if you were ever married in the first place. Perhaps you are conveniently forgetting that Dev married me, not you! In fact Dev married me twice! Episode ends.

Precap: Rads says to Vish, I will not keep quiet any longer...the time to tell the truth has come.

Rating: 8/10. What would you rate the episode? Please comment.

Performer of the day: As much as I hate seeing Vish kanya on my screen day after day, frame after frame, today I will award this honor to Priyanka Mishra. The reasons for this are: 1.) I want to include all CB actors and actresses, not just the ones who play the protagonists and 2.) Today I saw the selfish Vishaka of last year slowly re-emerge. She did not play the victim or the psycho, but rather the self-centered brat who feels that everything should be handed to her on a silver platter. Priyanka did a good job with her dialogues and expressions today.

Comments: I somehow have a hard time believing Shantanu's story about a wife named Radha who happens to look exactly like Radhika. I think he is lying and all the photos in his home are of Radhika. There wasn't a single photo of Shantanu and "Radha" together or any wedding pictures of them. I think Shantanu is trying to win Dev's trust and sympathy so he can strike when Dev's defenses are down. On the other side he has arranged for Vish kanya to attack in order to ensure that Dev is caught in the chakrahvyu. The way he kept calling Dev "Mr. Dev Raj Purohit" tells me that he is purposely emphasizing Dev's title and power because he is trying to snatch it away! Interesting that Dev did not tell Radhika about what he and Shantanu talked about. This is probably because Radhika called him in tears and as soon as he reached home he saw what disaster had ocurred, so he had no time to tell her. I hope the CVs show Dev telling Rads about Shantanu's claims of a late wife. I want Rads to get suspicious of Shantanu and RaDev both to talk about how they must fight two enemies together: Shantanu + Vishaka = Shantaka!
I am pretty sure the first marriage truth will not come out yet. My guess is that Vish will counter-threaten Radhika and say that by revealing the truth, she is practically killing Shastriji with her own hands. Lets see what the CVs have in store for us!

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Default Re: Choti Bahu - 23rd March 2010 Written Update

thanks a lot
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Default Re: Choti Bahu - 23rd March 2010 Written Update

don't let vish win. let rad talk for her rights. and give birth to the bady. and don't let any one steel or kill the bady ok. that scean is boring. let indian love prevail. let them win let them leave the house and live alone.
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