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Default Choti Bahu - 15th April 2010 Written Update

Part 1: Amma's Posion Continues to Spread
Th episode begins with Chachu saying that if Radhika has any proof to show that she is Dev's first wife then she should bring it forward otherwise the discussion should end right here. He then says, what do you think Shastriji? Shastriji begins to walk out of the room and Chachu says, wait a minute, where do you think you're going? The drama is over so now you're fleeing? Shastriji replies, whatever happened the night of the wedding is known by one other person and that is Devakiji and I am going to bring her here. Amma and Vish panic, but then Shastriji says if Radhika is proven to be lying, you all may punish her as you see fit, but if what she is saying is true, I will punish myself severely. Shastriji tells Amma to come with him to go home, but she refuses saying that "mor poti Vishaka" is alone at PB and nobody is on her side. What if Radhika does something to hurt her? Vishaka is smiling like a hyena and Shastriji dumbly walks out of the house without insisting that Amma come with him! Confused Dadi comments that they all must wait for Devaki in order to learn the truth. Vaishali says, CB, I don't know if you are lying or telling the truth but all I know is that along with your father, you have also put all of us in a very difficult situation. Radhika looks upset and her eyes get teary. Dadi holds her head and says, Vaishali I'm not feeling well and Vaishali and Deepika take her to her room. Everyone leaves the room and Amma taunts Radhika again with the excuse that her truth admission will hurt Shastriji the most. She yells, if you have even an ounce of compassion for your father, the person who picked you up from the temple stairs and brought you home, then change your story and tell everyone you were lying. Vishaka is grinning like a sneaky cat who stole all the cream. Radhika's defenses are slowly being broken and she looks very confused about what to do. Amma continues her taunts and says how will you be able to be happy and live peacefully with Dev knowing that you have completely shattered your father?

Part 2: The Witch Conference
It's the next morning and in VR we see Shastriji walking in a zombie-like state remembering everything that Amma said at PB. People greet him as he walks but he does not respond, as his mind is only on what transpired at PB the night before. He comes to a home and knocks on the door. A woman opens the door and greets him and he inquires about when Devaki and her friend, who lives at this house, will be back from the yatra. The woman tells him that she received a call last night saying that the yatra travelers reached Haridwar and will return after visiting all the temples there. At PB, Amma brings Vish a tray of food and rudely says, I don't know what snake bit all of the family members of PB as nobody has come to have breakfast. I guess they are all anxious to know the outcome of the drama that was played last night. Vish looks worried and says what if Ma (Devaki) comes here and tells everyone the truth? She comments that sometimes it seems as though she's the orphan and Radhika is the real daughter of the house. Amma smirks and says don't worry, I know exactly how to handle your mother. For so long she has been wanting to tell the truth but I haven't let her thus far and I won't now either. I will make your mother say what I want her to say. Vish says, thank God Amma, I was beginning to lose hope. Amma says, it's Radhika's hope we have to shatter...that orphan girl was a curse upon everyone and she will stay that way for the rest of her life! She did not find any happiness in her first 7 pheras and she won't find any happiness in 14 pheras either!

Part 3: RaDev's Tender Moments, Devaki's Phonecall
Vaishali is on the phone and sees Radhika walking by. She ends her call and says, CB where are you going. Radhika replies that she's going to give Dadi aarti and prasad. Vaishali says don't disturb Dadi, she's not feeling well. Radhika says, let me go see how she's feeling now, but Vaishali stops her. She says, CB, whatever happened last night was a great shock to all of us. You said what you had to say and we heard it, but we still have so many questions which are pricking at us, especially Dadi. From the beginning Dadi has trusted you without even batting an eyelash but now...Radhika looks very sad. Vaishali says, CB please try to understand, but I cannot let you speak with Dadi until the truth is established once and for all. Radhika requests Vaishali to please give the aarti and prasad to Dadi and leaves from there. She comes into her room very upset. Dev is standing by the window (looking very handsome in jeans, a green shirt, and navy blue sweater). Radhika sits on the bed and cries and Dev goes to her and asks her what's wrong. Radhika tells him that because of her confession everyone is angry with her and she feels like she's losing all of the people in her life. She rests her head on Dev's chest and cries as Dev holds her. He wipes her tears and says, Radhika don't worry. With the new day has come new hope and you'll see, everything with be alright. Radhika comments that by telling the truth she has now become caught in a chakrahvyu. She walks over to the painting of Kanha and says, my confession has caused my father so much pain. For this reason I had kept the truth hidden for so long because I knew it would hurt him immensely. But Vishaka's ugly antics have forced me to admit the truth. Dev replies that he is very happy that Radhika told the truth because if she hadn't, their future together would be unclear. Radhika says, yes but even now we have all been plunged into darkness because nobody believes me and Chachu has even stated he will call the Dharam Saba. Dev consoles Radhika and says, Kanha has always said that we should support the truth and never give up hope on the truth and that is exactly what you have done. Radhika frets that because of her truth no harm should come to her father and the rest of the family and everything now depends on her mother. Dev is confident that Devaki will help bring forth the truth and they can then face the Dharam Saba. RaDev share a tender hug. Suddenly the phone rings and Radhika answers it. It's Devaki and she says that all of last night she couldn't sleep because she was worried about Radhika. Dev also moves near the phone and places his hand on Radhika's shoulder. Radhika begins crying and Devaki asks what's wrong. Radhika fills her in on all that's been going on. Devaki is shocked to learn that Radhika has admitted the truth about the first marriage. She says, don't worry my child, I will reach Delhi very soon. I am with you and will tell everyone what the truth is. Devaki puts the phone down but has a nervous, fearful look on her face.

Part 4: Nandu Pays Shastriji a Visit
Vish and Amma are walking in the living room and Vish tells Amma to make sure she handles Devaki. Amma says as long as Devaki doesn't speak to Shastriji first, everything will go as they've planned. Vish says in that case they don't have to worry because Babuji is in VR and Ma is coming straight to Delhi. Vish and Amma overhear Vaishali talking to RaDev and telling them that Shastriji should be informed that Devaki is returning so that he can also come to PB. Amma waddles over to Vaishali as she is picking up the phone and stops her from calling Shastriji, using the excuse that Shastriji will be further humiliated since Devaki is only going to say the same thing that she and Vish have been saying...that Dev married Vish last year, not Radhika. (Someone please slap Amma hard! Angry Where are the snakes and cows when we need them!) Chachu and Mrin are watching everything. Amma folds her hands and asks Vaishali not to humiliate Shastriji again and to just let Devaki come there and say what she has to say. Vaishali of course agrees (because the CVs have dumbed her down along with everyone else so that they can further showcase the Shastri witches! Angry)
In VR, Shastriji is sitting in the dark looking very upset. He says aloud, Devakiji, please return quickly and tell everyone the truth. The camera focuses on the Kanha idol and suddenly out of the shadows comes...Nandu! Little Nandu sits down next to Shastriji and says, Kakaji, you have not learned the truth yet? You just came back from Radhika didi's house so quickly? Shastriji says, what could I do my child, I must search for the answers to my questions. Nandu replies, Kakaji, you will not find your answers here, you will only find them at Radhika didi's house. Shastriji is surprised and asks Nandu if he knows what's going on in Delhi. Nandu replies that all he knows is that Shastriji must once again go to Radhika didi's house immediately because she needs him. Shastriji says yes, you are right. I will go first thing in the morning.

Part 5: Vishaka's Taunts
RaDev are in their room and Radhika tells Dev, I don't understand what is better: if Babuji is present when Ma tells everyone the truth, or if he's not present. Vish comes by the door and says, you should've thought about all of that before lying to everyone Radhika (RaDev please keep your bedroom door closed next time!) Vish then says, remember Radhika, when my alliance was fixed with Dev? You came to me several times and told me that you like Dev a lot. How was I to know what you really meant and that you would actually try to snatch him away from me? Dev tells Vishaka that she should be ashamed of herself for making up such lies. There are only three people in this room and all three know what the actual truth is. Vish tells Dev that he is blindly trusting Radhika but couldn't he just once try and trust what she (Vish) is saying? Dev replies, forget trusting you, I don't even want to listen to you! He walks out of the room. Vish gives Radhika a nasty look and Radhika tells her, Dev believes me and tomorrow when Ma comes here and tells everyone the truth, my whole family will also believe me. Vish says, what makes you think Ma will tell everyone the truth? Radhika replies that Devaki has always understood her pain and shown her love...the way Yashoda mata showed love to Kanha even though she wasn't his real mother. Radhika goes on to say that Devaki loves her so much that she even tried to correct the injustice that was done to her by suggesting that Radhika marry Dev for the second time so that society would recognize Radhika as Dev's wife. Vish gloats that Devaki may have arranged for the second marriage but she never told the truth about the first one. Devaki has never even raised her eyes in front of Amma, so what makes Radhika think she will admit the whole truth to the PF while Amma is present? Vish smiles her evil smile and says to Radhika, the funeral pyre for yours and Dev's marriage is already all Ma has to do is light the fire and she will do so tomorrow under Amma's orders. Radhika looks horrified and the episode ends.

Precap: Everyone is standing in the PB living room. Shastriji asks Devaki to tell the truth and Radhika places her hands on Devaki's shoulders and says, yes Ma, please tell the truth. Devaki looks worried and puts on her classic constipated expression.
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