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Default Choti Bahu - 16th April 2010 Written Update

Part 1

The episode begins Rads doing morning pooja she lights diyas and keep one diya near the plate where a red colour dupatta was kept she prays to god as truth is going to be out today bcoz of the truth no harm to be happened to my family she prays closing her eyes and sitting down she was deeply pray but suddenly fire catches the duppatta comes there and see the fire he screams and rushes to rads he puts off the fire ..chachaji and vaishali comes there and vaishali says thank God nothing big was happenend but chachaji interrupst and says everything bad is going to happen now 'the day has started with good who knows what will happen next ...he yells at rads saying i know you are very tensed today thats why all this happening '' you were waiting for your mom but you still dont know what will she say ????whom will she support her own daughter or the adopted one? So till your mom arrives here you go and take rest as who knows you will stay here or not ? so go take rest dev gets angry hearing this and he was about to say something '..rads stops him saying anything now then radev leaves from there..vish sees all this smilingly

Part 2

Chachaji calls birju and says to call everybody for BF if nobody agrees to do BF then you i will start to do the BF there vaishali comes chachaji asks to do BF but she refuses saying she is not feeling hungry but chachaji says plz have your BF as anything will happened after devki arrives may she will reveal something becoz of that you don't have time to have get to take meal .....vaishali tell him to to think positive but he says how i will be positive as today mornig a bad thing happened in pooja ghar which was sign to what big is going to happen next ..Birju stares at Chachaji hearing this...chachaji yells at him what are you looking at me go and serve the BF..Vaishali was waiting for Devki to come

There in Radev;s room Rads was very tensed Dev console her not to worry as everything will be fine after your mom comes but Rads says i have to go and wait for mom outside near door i have to meet her first coz Vishaka was thinking mom wont support me .. outside the radevs room Visha nd Amma were hearing Radev;s conversation ...Vish tells to Amma waht to do now Amma says don't worry i will plan something ....Rads comes outside the room Amma stops her and says you always worry about the good things but what a bad was happen today by you.... the duppaata was burnt becoz of you .go and change the duppatta... ..Rads leaves from there silently.....Vish tells to Amma you go and get mom first i will handle Rads here.....

Rads was moving to hall she saw the store room door was open she goes and see inside it she sees everything was on the floor she collects them to put it on ..visha was hiding behind the door she slowly comes out and locks the door from outside ..Rads turns and see someone closing the door outside hse rushes to the door but it was locked outside and she was caught inside.

Part 3

Amma was waiting outside the PB ...Devki arrives there ...Deviki comes and get blessings from Amma without saying single word she moves towards but Amma stops her asking how was your journey

I want to talk to you Devki replies what you want to talk to me ..i have heard everything from Rads

Amma says i know you have heared from rads now listen to me also and she drags devki to the other side of PB in the garden ....Devki says now i don't want ear anything from you becoz you only Rads is going thru under so much difficulties don't you see her pain how much she is having in her life becoz of you why don't you let her to have peaceful life ....

Inside the store romm Rads was shouting for help but nobody listens to her... Amma tries to brain wash Devki she says you don't worry about your own daughter you always think about Rads only devki screams at her Vish was dead for me I have only one daughter thats Radhika ..i will think about her happiness only have proved Rads as lyer but i wil go and tell all the truth i will tell Rads was not telling lie but you and vish are the liers .....

Amma replies to Devki you are talking about the truth do you really what was truth ..why Vish came hear and what was she doing...devki asks what happend tell me with lower tone...Aama adds i know you still lov vishaka you have given birth to her she is your own daughter have to know about Vishaka 's truth also...she continues you know what happened with vishaka after Rads marriage ...why did not let her to go anywhere ...why i brought her back from Purabs house ..i took care of herself you know why i did all these coz vish was pregnant ..and the father of that child was Dev.....Devki gets shocked hearing this ...

There Dev was searching for Rads here and there he goes and asks to birju and birju says he don't know he will see where she see is ...there dev sees visha was smilingly siittin having her coffee het gets suspicious on vish

Part 4

There amma to devki says when vish left to Mumbai she was pregnant with dev's child and she returned back to tell this news to all she came to know about Rads and dev Marriage was fixed and she kept silent for the sake of Rads only '..she didn't want to ruin Rads happiness ...vish was so happy for rads marriage she did all the things for her sister nobody saw her inner sadness which she was going through you are her mom you also did not realize her pain.....but now bcoz of Rads here Vish lost her baby also she was so unlucky...the only person who supported vish was Dev ''.he stood up for her to go against his family he brought her back in to the Pb again coz he knows vish lost the waaris of Purohit Family thats why he did all this ..Dev was ready to have vish with him for all the life but Rads did not like this and she created differences between them and becoz of her dev and vish were not together then devki asks about One night stand ..Amma clears her her are also a mother you understand this better about how will u feel if you lose ure baby Vish asked for one night to dev coz she loves him vry much and she wants a baby from him which she lost ..she did not want to come in between Dev and rads but she asked for one night so that she can get a baby which will become her support for her entire life..whats wrong in this tell me???? If you keep quiet then only she will get love of the dev

Part 5

There in Pb dev was searching for Rads suddenly he hears knocking sound rads was shouting from the store room he goes there and open the door rads hugs him cryingly dev asks who did this i know vish only have done this ...come lets go...there Amma says to devki listen one thing to me after a person dies he will asked what he did good deeds wont get mukthi then if you snatch the happiness of your own daughter and give it to the adopted daughter think about Vishaka 's happiness only you behave like good mom so do what i say ...go get inside all are waiting for you and tell everyone what i said to you ...they goes inside ..
There in Pb Mrinu comes to chachaji and wishes him ..chachaji says to Mrinu becoz of habbit of getting up late in the morning missed the most important thing a apshagun happend due to CB in in Pooja ghar today morning all are fearing becoz of this all are waiting for Deviki to come ..Mrinu laughs hearing this and the they hear the convo of Radev and Vish...vish comes goes near rads and tells i want to talk to you rads refuses to talk and says i was just waiting for mom to come after that i wont need anything to talk to you ..radev leaves from there....Mrinu says to chachaji hearing this is very interesting which is going to happen lets see what devki tells and what will happen then....Chachaji replies to this ..Anything may happen but we will be the winner as if Rads was telling truth then we will punish her for hiding the truth till now if she was lying then we will throw her away for telling lie and and tell her we need Choti bahu not Jhoothi bahu...mrinu tells you are right Chachaji this was the right time to take revenge from rads so the countdown begins....radev were going outside the Pb ..vish stops them but rads does not listen to her.... there they see devki was entering with Amma ...Rads goes and hugs her mom and ask her to tell the truth....

Rads request devki to tell the truth ...Deviki folding her hands was about to say ..whatever radhika was telling is............
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