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Default Choti Bahu - 20th April 2010 Written Update

All ask Devki to speak the truth!!
Devki comes in and Vishakakha and all others keep asking her to tell the truth, but Devki is quite. Amma keeps shouting at her by saying that your orphan daughter is trying to ruin the life of ur real daughter. Shastri Ji asks her to show today that there's no difference between ours and someone's else, he explains to her that no matter how harsh the truth is, but in the long time it's the truth that gives you peace. Devki remembers Amma's words asking her not to tell the truth or else she will be ruining Vishakaha's lifeOuch.

Shastri Ji's health deteriorates
Devki at last speaks up, and before she can say the entire truth, Shastri Ji starts shaking and he falls to the ground. All are shocked, and Amma drags Devki out. She scares her that she hadn't even spoken the truth yet and yet he's in this state, what will happen when the truth comes out??? Devki is scared and she says she never wants any harm on him.

Shastri Ji demands for the truth!
Doctor comes and checks him, he asks them to take him to the hospital as he needs to be kept under an observation. Shastri Ji speaks up even though his conditions is very worse and says he won't go anywhere, today as he just wants to hear the truth, and then his soul will be at rest. Devki starts crying. But Shastri Ji get's up now, he looks all well and asks for the truth and says this is your husband's order as well.

Devki tells the truth!!
The pressure get's to Devki but she speaks the truthShocked and says only Radhika is Dev's first wife! Radhika starts crying, as Amma and others stand shocked!! Shastri Ji falls again now, and Amma keeps saying this is a lie! But Devki is not scared of her anymore, and tells everyone that you and Vishakaha are lying! I can't lie to my husband as he has always lived with principles. Devki asks for forgiveness for hiding the truth from everyone for soo long, she then tells everyone how the brides were exchanged but then she kept quite as Amma and Vishakaha kept doing injustice to her daughter Radhika, she kept living as a Sindoor Bin Suhagan lifeClap.

Devki says she doesn't care about Vishakaha as she always has left PB again and again and now she should go and find support somewhere else.

Shastri Ji is Mad!
Devki goes to Shastri Ji, who's not responding at all, she asks for forgiveness from him. At last he get's up as if he was hearing everything silentlyLOL. He has an angry face and starts to walk away. Mrinalini calls him and asks him to stop, as he can't leave like this, you better say something now! He says I have nothing to speak now, chacha ji too throws his support behind Mrinalini and asks Shastri Ji to take some action!!

Dev literally drags Vishakha out of the house while she is on the floor!! OMG the best scene ever!!LOL
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