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Devon ke Dev...Mahadev Mahadev is the story of Lord Shiva, as a Samsarik or householder. Be a part of his journey, from a commoner to that of a man who accepts his destiny while falling in love with Sati. Starting December 18th, every night at 8 PM, only on Life OK.

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Default Devon ke Dev...Mahadev (DKDM) 9th July 2012 Video Watch Online

Video Update Devon ke Dev...Mahadev 9th July 2012 Video Watch Online

Shiva is pained to see Parvathi in this state and apologies for being late in the rescue mission.

"I promise you that i'll accept you and will guide you through -Parvathi's tapsya(penance) is Shiv's tapsya " Mahadev confesses holding Parvathi's petite hands in his strong one's (ahh music to our earsDay Dreaming)
Then he lifts an unconscious Parvathi and safely rests her on a seat ...hold that was not the end at all!! he had a nice LONG.. glance at her, as he starts to leave Nardji and Nandi appear (smart folks...they very well knew when to make an entryWink)
Naradji is very happy to hear such thoughts from Mahadev;where as Nandi is super excited on knowing that Mahadev himself is gonna be the Master- the Guru of Mata Parvathi's.

Shiva informs that its true that he is going to do all this.

Narad Rishi expresses his doubt -since a husband is the first Guru of any women is this concept gonna be applicable to their case too?
Shivji surprises us all by saying " I too am waiting for that moment,but unfortunately that moment is too far and this moment i want you to know that fact that I have taken this responsibility of becoming a guru to Parvathi for that very purpose - help the world grow in a better way. "

He further adds "She still is left with a few impurities which are causing hindrance in Parvathi's way in her of realization as Adi Shakti- in such times only a guru by his sadhna and tapsya can make Parvathi realize her true self as Adi shakti. This is the end part of Patvathi's tapsay where she will be freed from all pains .If at all she is not shown the right path there is a fear in her deviating from the path and she might never over come this impediment which can be fatal for this world. "

Naradji humbly says that" when Mahadev is the guru one need not fear "

Shiva utters "I know that, but she herself has to realize her true self ."
When asked if he is gonna meet Parvathi and go..Shiva says that he is always there with her and its not the right time he also caution them that no body should every tell her about he making Parvathi his Shishya and also he leaves her a mesg that the solution to any individual's problems lies within them

Mahadev disappears and Naradji wisely puts "A new chapter of knowledge is gonna begun."


Daddy Tarkasur bashes his changu manguLOL (as said by Srushti) for failing him.
Shukracharya is ultra riled up cause of TK's behavior and comments all this wouldn't have happened if he had listened to him.
All of a sudden (TK turns colors faster than a chameleon ) TK realizes that his guru is right and he promises Shukracharya that he would do as he says.
they both go by the idea of attacking swargalok and befriending Vritasur.

Parvathi is surprised to learn that Mahadev was there sometime ago..Naradji enlightens her by informing her that Mahadev had to be there to protect his
Adi shakti...Naradji narrates her the whole heroic action packed sequence which took place after she has fainted.

"Till now I have only heard about the greatness of Mahadev ,but today I hae experienced it..he is the savior of everyone " Himvan says.

Parvathi is sad about the fact that even NAradji didnt stop Shiva and Shiva didn't even care to meet her.

Naradji then explains to her that Mahadev's acts are unexplainable n mystic...but he is waiting for her to finish her tapasya..he has also given a remedy for completing her tapasya..
Parvathi desperately asks "what is it!?!"

Naradji replies "before disappearing he said that human an find the solution to his problems by going deep inside oneself- meaning all the answers for a human's problems is he himself. "

No sonner he says this Parvathi closes her eyes and is reminded of the event when Shiva makes Sati do a meditation exercise..and Parvathi instantly realizes that she has finish the Panchagni sadhna that she left incomplete in her previous birth.

Himvan encourages her to go forth.

Parvathi feels encouraged by the support and blessing bestowed upon her by her parents.

She informs that she would stay at the amarnath caves till she finds Mahadev .

Underneath a big tree:

Shiva is seated facing all his disciples (rishis) n gana pryta along with Nandi.
" what exactly does Shiksha mean?" Rishi Dhadhich seeks

Shiva replies " to be enlightened of the completeness of one's innerself called ''Shiksha' entire knowledge (both spiritual and worldly) lies within a human, it stays unclear because of the ignorance.Shiksha helps only to remove that cover..the question now is how is that cover removed.. "
Rishi Kashyap questions how is that gonna happen?

Shiva- Gyaneshwara replies " When fire from a stone is sparked by creating friction between two stones- likewise a guru is the one who creates friction in a shishy. Guru never creates a Shishy but molds him. Now that time is near when, I am going to make Parvathi realize of her Adi Shakti form. "

Naradji appears to inform that the time has indeed come ,even Mata Parvathi has left for amarnath caves for taoasya with a determination that she would only come out of the cave after her union with Mahadev.

Mahadev objects on that saying "Probably Parvathi as always has taekn an impulsive decision there are still few more impurities of a human in her,which can only be tacked by test "

"taht means you being her guru are gonna take test of her ?" Rishi Dhadhich inquires

"no Rishi Dhadhich, the new Shishya (student) Parvathi would be tested by my old shishy i.e; you all" says Shiva.

PArvathi now wearing a serine smile on her face advances towards the cave..all the Rishi secretly keep a watch on her.

"Mata Parvathi's test!!" sighs Rishi Dhadhich

Rishi Brigu questions "how will this be possible?"

" But rishi Brigu this is the order from Shiva himself"Rishi Kashyap says
"We will have to take her test!" Rishi Dhadhich replies.

" But rishi Kashyap, If mata Parvathi gets angered by this act? History has it,anybody interfering in between their personal life had to face Shiva's wrath ..for eg Kamdev.." Rishi Brigu.

"the task that Mahadev gave us is also for the betterment of this world- Its the biggest fortune for all of us.And i bow to Mata Parvathi cause of whom we are getting sucha great opportunity,and hope we finish the work assigned to us "Rishi Dhadhich clears

He also clears that Shiva n Pavathi had no hand in KAmdev's fateful was Devraj Indr whose selfishness,insecurity was the sole cause for that terrible event.

At Swarglok

Dev Raj ndr number 3 LOL is all drunk n is enjoying the dance of the nymphs(apsaras) super engrossed in all that - so much that he doesnt realize that devguru has arrived.. Dev guru is greeted by everyone but him..
Seeing this disrespectful act of his Devguru brihaspati is disgusted with Indra...
Brihaspati tries to knock some sens of responsibility but in vain

In turn Indr shuns him of being a devguru..
As Parvathi makes her way to Amarnath caves she hears a painful cry.


Parvathi is shocked to see a little boy's leg being eaten up by a crocodile ...when she asks the crocodile to leave the child..the crocodile justifies that" if i show kindness towards everyone i'll die...if you replace yourelf with this child i wll leave him"..Parvathi sits in the place of the child ...and prays to Mahadev saying that "you have made this animal and its nature and to satisfy its hunger if i have to give away my life -i'll do just that. "
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Default Re: Devon ke Dev...Mahadev (DKDM) 9th July 2012 Video Watch Online

Thank You Very Very Much
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