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Devon ke Dev...Mahadev Mahadev is the story of Lord Shiva, as a Samsarik or householder. Be a part of his journey, from a commoner to that of a man who accepts his destiny while falling in love with Sati. Starting December 18th, every night at 8 PM, only on Life OK.

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Default Devon ke Dev...Mahadev 20th August 2012 Written Update

Video Update Devon ke Dev...Mahadev 20th August 2012 Video Watch Online

Mahadev and Parvati reach the beautiful woods of 'Daruk van'

"The atmosphere and the air in Daruk vans is intoxicated with 'Love'
Spring is the only season this place sees. " these words from her mother Prasuti echoed in her ears and it was true, every word she said.

Parvati finds the different colored and scented flowers very attractive so much so that she goes near them and niharofies them..

On one of those flowers, sits a butterfly and when she tries to touch it, it flies away..
Where on the other hand Mahadev is engrossed in her..
Parvati says "Look at these flowers lord, they are so beautiful."

Shiva says nearing her "I don't find anything as beautiful as you dear. "
Parvati kinda teases saying that his Love for her has surpassed his love for the nature?Wink

Then Shiva goes near her and holds close to him.
But Parvati reminds him where they were by calling "Dear Lord?"LOL

At that moment Shiva steps back and makes his distance from her.

But, but... Paravti never wanted this!LOL (acting like typical women)
poutingly she utters " You'd always remain Bolenath, wont you? "

She excuses herself leaving him to indulge in the beauty of that place.

Shiva then spots a free corner and after a while we see a seat filledwith petals of flowers and a bed (sage - hindi wala) is adorned with lots of flowers and lilles...

Parvati dressed in simple off-white and pattu brown outfit and minimal jewellery with a basket of fruits she walks with measured steps towards him.

After sharing an eye lock Shiva takes the basket off her hands and keeps it else where.
Then he makes her sit on the seat decorated with flowers and sits near her.
Puts his hand on hers.. he then takes off the mangteek off her head..

His hands now gently make their way to her ears creasing her cheeks.. making blush ever more.
Taking off her fancy earrings and snakes his hands around her neck removing her chain.
Tugging her hair behind her ears.. where Parvati readily submits her hands in his to unburden her hands off those bangles. And set lose her of the arm band (Bajubandh).

Engrossed in each other they sat in the green grove.

Shiva then replaces all those jewelry items with the handmade ones which consisted little flowers filled with sweet perfume.

She leans on her husband.. Shiva then holds her face by her chin makes her face him.. as he tries to hold her face, she runs blushing all the way.

Standing amid of picturesque greenery ; taking each breath heavily

He comes near her and puts his hand on shoulder making her feel intoxicated...

Then he makes her face him and they share a content embrace.. with Parvati at last finding her rightful place in Shiv's life.
Finding unmeasurable love in each others eyes.. they retire to bed .

They now have each other in their arms... after so much of struggle, pain that they endured, they have got what they really deserved... The happiness, the love, that peace that stability at last!

She surrenders herself to her lord... feeling the bliss of his presence so near to her.
All of a sudden Parvati hears a short wail and gets up making Shiv startled.

He asks her the reason of her sudden act.

She informs him that she heard someone wale and asks him if she can go and investigate the issue. (Looked more of a badla that Parvati roopy Sati takes .. as she too had a similar experience!)Confused
Shiv permits her to go ahead

Shiva says after she leaves "Go ahead Parvati and see for yourself, the van (garden) you feel is filled with love is in reality is devoid of love."

As the devas walk in an open land.. suddenly a huge ball of fire falls at a distance, scaring them to hell.
It is the senapti of patalok... he scares the devas even more by threatening them..
Giving a wicked laugh he blows toxic, pollute air on them due to which the devas run away.

They go to the refuge of rishi Dhadhich who was in a meditation..
The panicked devas seek the rishi help from the asura.

Rishi Dhadhih opens his eyes.

At the van:

Devi Parvati observes a group of ladies, who probably where rishi patni's (wives of rishis) sobbing and filling up their mud pots with water from a near by pond.

The ladies go their respective husbands and wash their husbands feet with the water they brought and do their arti.
Parvati devi is skeptical of the rishi patni's behavior as to why where they prying their husbands!

One of the rishi says "Due to your devotion divine power is generated in me. Not only in Darukvan, we will be worshiped all over very soon. "

One of the sevaks inform them that Mata Parvati and Mahadev have come to Darukvan.

They all get freaked out hearing this.. and strictly retort saying that "we are the lords of this van but not Mahadev."

another rishi says "How could SHiva come here without our permission"

Paravti is shocked to hear this.

They leave the place in order to find some answers from Shiva.

Then Parvati devi goes to those poor ladies ;on their inquire she introduces herself as the wife of Mahadev.
They all feel blessed to meet her and welcome Mahadev n her to Daruk van.

Those bunch of ignorant rishis asks Mahadev "without the permission of the devts of this van nobody is allowed."

Shiv asks who are the devtas of the van.
They all reply that they are the devtas of the place..
" You all? then plz do tell me who gave you the status of being a devta! "Shiva asks (with the expression.. yeh sab bachpan main lagta hai devta- devta khelehonge and they have taken it really serious!)LOL

They narrate their sob story how there husbands turned into ignorant and arrogant rishis.. they had to pray them.
And they misinterprited their pati bhakti and become self proclaimed gods

But in their heart they only worshiped Mahadev.
Mahadev explains that they have misinterpreted their wives love n devotion.

"Our wives love our very much and their devotion towards us shows their love" says one of the rishis
They inquire abt devi Paravti and also self declare that since devi Parvati isn't there with him , she doesn't love himLOL

Precap:Rishi Dhadhich's face off with the asura dhumrlochan .
And how SHiva would break the pride of those rishis.

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