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Devon ke Dev...Mahadev Mahadev is the story of Lord Shiva, as a Samsarik or householder. Be a part of his journey, from a commoner to that of a man who accepts his destiny while falling in love with Sati. Starting December 18th, every night at 8 PM, only on Life OK.

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Default Devon ke Dev...Mahadev 17th September 2012 Written Update

Video Update Devon ke Dev...Mahadev 17th September 2012 Video Watch Online

Vijaya n Jaya question Parvati that, wont she eat her meal in the absence of Shiva? To which she replies that she herself hhas requested Mahadev to have his food in her absence.
On the other hand at Kailash, Nandi hands over a bowl of food to Mahadev. Where Mahadev eats it all alone
Mahadev and Parvati experience the pain of separation... feeling the dearth of each others Love.
Recollecting all those fond memories that they have spent with each other. The seasons pass by but they are still apart!
Sleep wouldn't grace Parvati's eyes...

'Man re tu kitna bebas hai'

A melodious song plays at the back as Shiv n Parvati recall their moments.
(Reminded me of 'Lambi Judai' from the movie 'Hero' had almost the same cords!)

Jaya n Vijaya are back (I find them very annoying.. btw why didn't they grow old??Shocked)
They wake up Parvati and inform her that some Jyotish (Astrologer) has come.

Menavati asks the Jyotishacharya about the future of her family!
And we have the first look at the astrologer... any guess??

It has got to be our Mahadev... patni ke bagayer rehbhe sakte hai woh!

The Astrologer says "Problems! But there are solutions for them!"

Menavati says that its a good sign for any astrologer to not only inform them about a potential trouble but also to get a solution with it!

To which he says that if at all he has to tell the future of a particular person, he not only can foretell by studying their palm but just by seeing their face he can catch their issues.

OMGGG tears in my eyes-Wa!!! such awesome expression Mohit-wa has put! Gosh! givin competition to our real Shiv-waTongue Deva no offensesWink

As Parvati enters the hall she sees the astrologer and at one glance she knows the real identity of him... at the same time she is surprised n shocked to see her husband there.
Where as Shiva is kinds overwhelmed to see his wife again.
Shiva here looks like Lover deprived soul..
Yeh lo tapak pade dono Vimla-Shimla I mean Jaya- Vijaya... these both ask how would be their future like. (aur kaisi hogee...)

Mena asks them to wait until the astrologer has foretold Parvati's future.
Parvati is supper hot now.. angry at her husband's act!
She tells her mother that she wouldn't want to know her future from some stranger.

Menavati says "Yeh koi pahunche huee jyotish hai"

hah Indeed indeed he is!

Parvati doesn't listen to her mother's words... instead she shouts at Shiva saying that why is he in this disguise!

Swarg lok:

Takk is managing the show without his head...

Changu Mangu n Tingu take their father's head to swarg llok where it gets fixed all by itself... just after which takki does a
'Takky- Takki -Neck Exercise'LOL
Takki reminds Shukracharya that he is wrong... as his sons have more love for their father than Shiva.

Shukracharya on the other hand makes Changu, Mangu n Tingu feel guilty of their act.

Back to the Himalaya:

Mena questions what did she mean by 'Disguise'
Parvati covers it saying that this jyotish might be some dhongi(fake) baba! and that it is not safe to trust someone like him.
But Mena has full confidence that this is an authentic baba.

Mena request him to foretell her daughter's future.

He says "She is married, but why is she far from her husband? Pain... suffering and her mind isn't listening to her!"
Parvati denies that she is feelin the pain of separation from her husband and says that she is very happy with her parents.

The astrologer says "I didn't mean you, but your lord- your husband's pain! He is feeling that emptiness in his life without you"
Parvati replies that her lord doesn't feel human emotions.. and se also adds that he must have been enjoying this lonely moments.

The astrologer asks, how could she tell that?

Parvati replies, "By the smile that is adorned on his lips"

Mena pokes in and asks "Sir, my daughter has been living a very simple n hermit life, is there a yog that she gets to live in a palace?"

Parvati n Shiva are taken aback by this quest of Mena.

Parvati is shocked to learn that why on the earth did that thought occurred to her mother?

Siva asks Parvati to come forth so that he could read her palmWink

Mena like a strict mother gestures her daughter to go to the astrologer.
The astrologer says "She would live a very luxuries palace and which is going to be the topic of discussion in all the three worlds. Filled with love and with content married life will she live."

Menavati is supper happy to hear this... and offers him the deal to give away anything he asked for.
The astrologer replies n requests "For a Brahman there nuthin as precious as food,... can I get a cup of Kheer please"

Parvati like a typical wife bashes her husband "This is so not done.. so much of time has been passed and you dnt care to take me from her"

Takki's son ask him to order them whatever he wishes for. Takki orders to build a Tripur from where they can rule the whole of the universe@!

He also announces that thses three worlds will be called as Asura's swarg, DHarti n Patal lok.


Shiva says that he has gone there just to take her back to Kailash.
But Parvati never listens she claims that Shiva has come down to her just for fun sake.
Parvati is again in her bashing mood n all opcharickta (rules n regulations)



Shiva officially goes to Himavan's palace to take his wife along with him to Kaialsh.
Shiv n Parvati are gonna have some private moments together AT LAST!

The time has come when Shiv n Parvati become parents.. one man who is gonna be most happiest person on the birth of Shiv-PArvati's son is INDRA!LOL

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