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Devon ke Dev...Mahadev Mahadev is the story of Lord Shiva, as a Samsarik or householder. Be a part of his journey, from a commoner to that of a man who accepts his destiny while falling in love with Sati. Starting December 18th, every night at 8 PM, only on Life OK.

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Default Devon ke Dev...Mahadev 1st November 2012 Written Update

Video Update Devon ke Dev...Mahadev 1st November 2012 Video Watch Online

The episode begins with Narayan transforming back into his orignal form.Mahadev along with Bramha Dev and Narad Muni arrive.Narad Muni apologises for guiding Bhasmasur to doing something so stupid.Mahadev said that he had only told him the path to his betterment,but Bhasmasur used it wrongly.When people ask him for things they only do it for thier own selfish reasons,not trying to see beyond thier own needs.When someone uses what they get wrongly for themselfs,in such a way as to give problems to others thier end is destined.He and Narayan will in thier diffrent forms bring about thier end.

Meanwhile Vajrag has taken a leaf out of Dakshas bookLOL(emotional attyachar + fake suicide threat) and blackmails Changu,Mangu and Thingu into supporting him.

At Kailash Parvati is sadly preparing food.Nandi tells the Ganas she is missing her son and hence is trying to keep herself occupied.Parvati calls out for Kartikeya and realizes he isnt there,as Mahadev looks at her sadly.

At King Malaydhawahas Palace,Kartikeya tells him that Tripad will definately attack them,they need to be prepared.Malayadhwaja appoints Kartikeya as their Senapati with the objective of protecting all of them.He asks him if they can call him Murugan.Kartiekya asks what does it mean-he replies it means the one who protects us.Hence Kartikeya is addressed as Murugan.Meenakshi requests Kartikeya to let her join him.Kartikeya agrees and says that his parents taught him the importance of woman power/Shakti and how it is essential.He hands a sword to Meenakshi.

Meanwhile Vishnu and Bramhadev are disussing everything that is happening and ask Narad Muni to call upon Mahadev as he is urgently needed in the crisis.

Mahadev escorts Parvati to Kalpatru,and tells her that the shade of the tree may provide her some comfort. Parvati says perhaps that isnt enough. Narad Muni appears and apologetically tells Parvati that Mahadev is needed urgently. Parvati says its okey and asks Mahadev to go.After Narad Muni leaves Mahadev expresses his happiness that Parvati choose the world betterment over her personal grief-Maybe that is why she is known as Jagatmata.Parvati says that thier grief is personal and the world is greater than that and he needs to go.Mahadev looks proudly at Parvati before he leaves.After he leaves Parvati sits below Kalpatru.

Vajrang makes a plan to attack Mahadev.Changu Mangu and Thingu refuse,they have another plan-to get lakhs of Shiv Bhakts into Tripur and give them as sacrifice.That way they will still be doing an Adharm without giving up thier Shiv Bhakti,hence Mahadev will still be thier protector.Vajrang is pleased.

Meanwhile Narayan asks Mahadev what is happening-on one side they are doing an adharm and yet they will be doing Shiva Bhakti-how what will Mahadev do?.Mahadev is angry as to how someone can do such a thing?-even if it is in the name of Shiva Bhakti.Everyone has a right to worship Parmatma in thier own way,but not at the cost of causing harm to another.He says he will never forgive anyone doing such a thing.


Parvati creates a child below Kapatru and instills life in it,a beautiful daughter is created. Parvati happily hugs the child and names her Ashok Sundari.

Cradit: shruti.nil
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