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Devon ke Dev...Mahadev Mahadev is the story of Lord Shiva, as a Samsarik or householder. Be a part of his journey, from a commoner to that of a man who accepts his destiny while falling in love with Sati. Starting December 18th, every night at 8 PM, only on Life OK.

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Default Devon ke Dev...Mahadev 22nd November 2012 Written Update

Video Update Devon ke Dev...Mahadev 22nd November 2012 Video Watch Online

The episode begins with AS(Ashokasundari) asking Mahadev about what Kartikeya said-that she being Mahadev and Parvatis daughter will be naturally inclined towards doing Tapachrya.She asks Mahadev,if she is his daughter cant she ask for something equivalent to doing Tapachrya-through which she can achive her objective of spreading the word of Karma and Dharma?.Mahadev says ofcourse he can give her that-but it wont be the same.Upamanya had asked for the same thing,but instead of giving him gyaan he helped him get a guru instead.True knowlege and the truth can only be achived through Tapasya.AS asks Mahadev that if Parvati did Tapasya to get him,does she have to do the same for Nahush?-isnt there an alternative?.Mahadev tells her there is,but if she does Tapasya to get something,the happiness on reciving it is much greater.

At Swargalok Indradev as usual is lazing around when a girl comes towards him.He addresses her as Devsena,and she joins her hands and asks him why did he call her.He asks her if she remembers what he had done for her?-she says yes he had saved her from Asur's and she is grateful towards him.He asks her if she knows Kartikeya.She says yes and excitedly begins to praise Kartikeya,of how he is so brave etc and how at one point of time he was even being considered for the throne of swarga.Indradev tells her that she has to go and Break his Tapasya(aka Tapasya Bhang Karo Andolan-what Indradev is famous forWink).Devsena says she cant do that,but Indradev forces her saying you better remember that i saved your life.

At Kailash Parvati approached AS who is removing all her jewelry tells her that she will be going to do Tapasya as now she has understood its importance. Parvati is heartbroken but decides to talk to Mahadev.

Mahadev and AS both are in deep Tapasya,Parvati is worried for AS.

Meanwhile Kartikeya is doing his Tapasaya when Devsena appears and stares at him in awe,but then remebers what Indra told her.Kartikeya is distrurbed by a girl crying.Its Devsena who is (fake) crying,a conserned Kartikeya asks her what ius wrong.She narrates her sob story(im confused is this supposed to be her story as per DKDM purana or is she making it upErmm)-she is an apsara,who was kidnapped by the Asurs and taken to Patal lok,post the samudra manthan when she was set free by Bali,Indradev refused to take her back and asked her to do dyaan to purify herself,but the Asurs constantly disturb her.

Kartikeya offers her his place and tells her to do all the Dhyaan she wants to do,no one will disturb her.Devsena thanks him as Kartikeya like a true blue hero says no problem-Devsena in short is Day DreamingROFL.

At Kailash Parvati is worried for AS and thinks of disturbing her to make her eat something,but then decides against it.

Days past and Parvati's concerns increase.She is upset as AS refuses to listen to her and repeats her fathers words as Mahadev himself brushes her off.

Meanwhile Maina arrives.Parvati is happy to see her mother.Maina has brough payals for her grand daughter as Parvati gets sad.Maina inquires what is wrong as Parvati shows AS in Dyaan as Maina is stunned.

Kartikeya is doing his practise with his sword,as Devsena is doing the Dhyaan of the other variety,i.e staring at him moony eyedDay DreamingROFL.But then reminds herself of what Indradev told her.Then Kartikeya is going practise with his bow and arrow,he shoots it in the air sending a shower of flowers on Devsena.Devsena is in dreamland till Indradev is seen glowering in front of her.
AS in a Sadhavis attire seeks Parvatis permission before leaving.

Credit: shruti.nil
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