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Devon ke Dev...Mahadev Mahadev is the story of Lord Shiva, as a Samsarik or householder. Be a part of his journey, from a commoner to that of a man who accepts his destiny while falling in love with Sati. Starting December 18th, every night at 8 PM, only on Life OK.

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Default Devon ke Dev...Mahadev (DKDM) 1st January 2013 Written Update

Video Update Devon ke Dev...Mahadev (DKDM) 1st January 2013 Video Wtch Online

Parvati appears, looks at Shivji, tells Daruka, she has insulted the boon given by her, have started troubling Humans as will as Asuras, wanted to rull over the World, have insulted my Swami Mahadev. Daruka apologises says she only wanted welfare of Asuras. Paravti asks her to apologise to Mahadev, he only will guide her. Daruka asks Shivji to forgive her. He says working hard gives us food which fulfills our hunger but the aim of our life is not fulfilling hunger but is for progress of soul which can be done by worship, music. So your thinking of those who doesn't work hard are lazy is wrong. Even you have done tough penanace of Paravti , was it your lazyness? Overcoming self, concentrating on our Aaradhya is needed for soul's progress, surrendering to one's aaradhya is not easy.

Ganesh reaches a forest, sees Ashok Sundari doing penanace under a tree. His Mushak friends asks him why did he stop seeing this tapaswini. He says we are here searching for her only. Mushak asks him how can he be so confident? Ganesh answers he is his mother father's Ansh. One Ansh will recognize other Ansh. He goes near Ashok Sundari, removes dry leaves fallen on her cloth. Calls her, but says it won't be good to break her penanace. But how long to wait for her? According to his mata, penanace is done to achieve something, if he can get for her then her penanace can get over. Naradji appears, tells him not to worry, she is doing penanace to get King Aayu's son Nahush as her Husband. Ganesh decides to get Nahush for her.

Shivji tells Supriya the merchant, even he is at fault. Dharma, arth, kaam, moksh are 4 important aspect of life. Concentrating on Dharma is not accepted to even God, it can creat imbalance. That's why in case of any problem Human starts depending on God, doesn't put any effort. But God helps them who helps themselves. He tells Daruka, accepting her mistake is an courageous act, then asking for forgiveness becomes only a formality, so without hesitation ask Paravti to forgive you.

Here Ganesh reaches Nahush's state, tells the gurds at the entrance he wants to meet Nahush. They stop him. Ganesh tells them he wants to meet prince Nahush. Mushak tells the guards to talk with respect . Guards insult him. Ganesh tells them , he is not feeling bad. They are not aware of his reality , it's obvious for them to stop him, even he was a guard once, had behaved rudely, had to loose his head for his mistake. He is here with the proposal of his sister for Nahush. They ridicule him saying, here kings come with the proposal. They ask him to go. Mushak warns them not to stop him, if he gets angry then they will be beheaed. They attack him, he stops them. He again politely asks them to let him in. Says he has promised his mother, will get his sister back to Kailash, speaks his favourite line, "main ek bar vachan de diya so de diya".

Paravti tells Daruka, as per Swami once you've realized your mistake, then there is no need of asking forgiveness. Shivji says this place is created by Paravti's boon, even he'll reside here as a jyotirling, will be known as "Nageshwar Jyotirling". He'll guide those who are distracted from the right path in their life. Will guide them for

Supriya's Shivling turns into Jyotirling with Shivji's blessings. Here he is worshipped with Paravti as Nageshwar & Nageshwar. Even Lord Krishna used to perform Rudrabhishek here. Those who visit here find immence peace.

Precap: Ganesh is inside the palace, is received well by king & queen. Ganesh says he is here with proposal of his sister for their son Nahush. King says they don't have any problem but Nahush should be ready for it. Ganesh is wondering about King's words.

At Kailsh, Paravti asks Shivji is it right for Ganesh to act like this as per his age? Shivji tells her he has gone to get Shubhata, so let him do what he is doing.
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