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Devon ke Dev...Mahadev Mahadev is the story of Lord Shiva, as a Samsarik or householder. Be a part of his journey, from a commoner to that of a man who accepts his destiny while falling in love with Sati. Starting December 18th, every night at 8 PM, only on Life OK.

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Default Devon ke Dev...Mahadev (DKDM) 2nd January 2013 Written Update

Video Update Devon ke Dev...Mahadev 2nd January 2013 Video Watch Online

Paravti tells Shivji, he has stopped her boon from getting misused. He says your boon was needed for welfare of the World, atleast our devotees have realized true value of hard work & Dharma.

Ganesh bangs his leg on Earth, which starts shaking. The King too feels the effects. Ganesh tells the Guards, it's enough talking to them, call your king now. One guard informs the king, who is surprised at his strength. The guard informs them this child has head of an Elephant & body of Human. King realises who he is. The queen says is he our Aaradhya Mahadev & Parvati's son? King says yes & these fools have stopped him. They go running to Ganesh, apologises for the guard's mistake. Ganesh says there is no need of apologizing. King says he'll punish his guards, who too apologises from Ganesh & his Mushak friends. They too forgive. The king & queen invites him to their palace. Queen does his aarati, applys tilak of Sindur. One Mushak says Sindur is out friend's favourite. She politely offers him food. Mushaks tells him to eat, but Ganesh refuses, says he can't accept this, can't have anything not even water from them, as he is from the girl's side. Queen doesn't understand anything. Ganesh clarifies, after his sister Ashok Sundari was born, she wanted to marry your son Nahush. She is doing penanace to get him as her husband, so I Ganesh, Shivji-Parvati's son, am asking your son's hand for my sister. King Aayu tells him they don't have any problem but he should ask their son first.

At Kailash, Parvati is wondering is it right on Ganesh's part to act in this manner at this age? Shivji tells her, he is fulfilling the promise given to you, so don't worry, has gone to get Shubhata, let it come as soon as possible.

Ganesh thinks they haven't seen my sister, that's why th ey are talking in this manner. He says my sister has all the qualities of a Shivji-Parvati's daughter, will be an ideal daughter in law for your family. King Aayu says they haven't thought about Nahush's marriage yet, wants to discuss with the queen. They both discuss, saying this marriage is not possible. Queen fears Ganesh may get angry again. They come back & tell him he should meet Nahush first, then decide. Ganesh discusses with his Mushak friends, what can be the reason? They say Nahush may not be good looking. Ganesh agrees to meet Nahush.

At Kailash, Shivji is smiling seeing the way Ganesh is handling this situation, tells Paravti he not only a good son but also a good brother. He'll surely get Ashok Sundari back.

In the Garden Aayu calls Nahush. Ganesh sees a man sitting & reading something. Ganesh thinks he may be Nahush, is wondering why isn't he answering? May be he is deaf. The real Nahush comes running, he is a child. Aayu tells Ganesh, Nahush is still a child, your sister will have to wait. Ganesh is thinking how can he take ashok Sundari back to Kailash now?

Precap: How Ganesh solves the problem of age difference.

Shivji disguised as a sadhu, comes to test his devotees, who are doing penance in front of a Shivling.
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