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Devon ke Dev...Mahadev Mahadev is the story of Lord Shiva, as a Samsarik or householder. Be a part of his journey, from a commoner to that of a man who accepts his destiny while falling in love with Sati. Starting December 18th, every night at 8 PM, only on Life OK.

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Default Devon ke Dev...Mahadev 18th February 2013 Written Update

Video UpdateDevon ke Dev...Mahadev 18th February 2013 Video Watch Online

Parvati ma says to Shiva that they could make Nahush young with their powers..

Shiva says isn't there any significance of mental growth!
Parvati ma replies, they could give him the boon of wisdom..
When the wisdom is not used when the situation is arrived, it is of no use of giving it to one.. its only when experiences the wisdom is justified, explains Shiva.
Even if she makes Nahush younthful with the powers he'd be inexperienced of the situations.
Shiva adds that Nahush's inexperience will bring out troubles in Nahush's and AS's married life!

Back at the site which was chosen by Dashanan, he starts arranging all the pooja samagri..
When asked by Nandi what he was up to he replies he was preparing for Kund -puja!
Nandi replies that he knows that. Dashanan asks then why did he even ask?
Nandi asks what was the need of doing that puja!
Dashanan says may be he has forgotten the need of conducting a puja- to make a place purify n for betterment of the future.

This is Kailash- Mahadev's abode and one needn't have to purify it as Mahadev resides there, Nandi retorts.
Dashanan now determines to let him know why there is a kund puja in vastu.
There are 10directios, and each has ist own importance.
The puja of the East direction is done for rains and air.. to get materialistic pleasures.

The pooja of the West direction is done for the balance of present and future.

The North for Contentment.
The South for protection from fault and enhancement of control .

Puja to South-East is done for keeping asuri powers at bay.

South-West puja is done for calming down anger and destrucive elements.

East- North is done puja for purity of mind.

Sky and the paatal are prayed for keeping divinity and criticallity.
After doing all this one need to start anything related to the construction of the house.
Mahadev himself is the master of all 10directions and for the construction of his house do one need to please the 10 directions!
Dashanan says that its his duty and he doesn't accpet anybodies interference.

Mahadev says that if she makes Nahush youthful before time and when he kills Hund, then he'd have an untimely death.. As everybody has the right to live till he/she is given time on the earth.

Parvati devi reasons if Hund is not killed, he'd kill Nahush and would become immortal!
And no one has the right to have that either.
She points out wasn't his boon of immorality given to Markandey was fair?
Mahadev says that it was not his personal decision of giving Markandey the boon, he had a greater purpose in the world to complete. And ist not right to change the wheel of time just for Nahush and AS.

Shiva says that it isn't right for their kids sake to play with powers.
Isn't the killing of Hund good for the world?

Mahadev asks Parvati devi not to get influenced by Nahush's parents words as he assured them that he'd personally take care of Nahush.

Ganga comes and informs im that Dashanan has said them that the shub muhurt for kund-puja has begun.
Ganga inquires abt Parvati's worry, Parvati says that they'd come soon.
Mahadev asks her to proceed but Parvati devi says that she hasn't finished yet!

Mahadev says that they can chat on the issue for years... she could say as many reasons as she can but he would never accept anything contrasting the laws of nature!
They all go to the place.

They lit the diyas to start the sacred ritual.
All are happy there but Parvati.

The Puja starts...But a strong breeze comes and blows off the diyas.
All are perplexed abt this!
Dashanan is shocked abt this... GAnesh says that his mother will again light them.

As Parvati devi lits the diyas, Ganga ma helps her... Mahadev observes Dashanan wo feels that it isn't a very good sign before the construction of the ouse.

Nandi again tries to explain Dashanan that its Kailash and there is nothing impure.
He says that if the diyas are lit then its natural that they might blow off by wind.

Nandi puts his wise words forth "Where there is sun shines in the morning and at night no one cares about the blowing off of the diyas"

He speaks about Savitri- the courageous, persistent, devoted wife.. she will be an example for all the women in the future.


NO precap!

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