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Devon ke Dev...Mahadev Mahadev is the story of Lord Shiva, as a Samsarik or householder. Be a part of his journey, from a commoner to that of a man who accepts his destiny while falling in love with Sati. Starting December 18th, every night at 8 PM, only on Life OK.

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Default Devon ke Dev...Mahadev 27th March 2014 Written Update

Video Update Devon ke Dev...Mahadev 27th March 2014 Video Watch Online

At Kailash Mahadev tells Ganesh, Kalbheet’s parents are responsible for not allowing to reach your Shubhata till him. He is scared of the World around him. Feels secure being in his room only. He will go to help him. Ganesh wants to come along too. Mahadev agrees.
Kalbheet’s parents are shown fighting, are dissatisfied with the World. Unable to bear the fight he closes his ears. His father asks him to come out of as it’s time for his Yagyopavita is approaching soon. His mother suggests to announce it tomorrow itself, then Kalbheet will have to come out of his room. But Kalbheet refuses to fall for it says, he will stop eating, if he is forced to come out.
Sarpanch comes there with some villgers, threatens Raj purohit about not performing his son’s Yagyopavit, asks him to come to the king for that. Ra purohit says it’s their family matter, they will solve it themselves. Sarpanch says seeing your son, not agreeing for Yagyopavit even their children may follow him, they may not go to the aashram to study. The next generation may be illiterate. They ate dragging him forcibaly. Ganesh & Mahadev in disguise reach there. Ganesh trys to stop them, says he’ll help in solving this problem. He introduces himself as Natesh & Mahadev as Nat Bhairav, his guru, when asked by the sarpanch, who reluctantly agrees to wait for a day for Kalbheet to come out of his room. Mahadev says there seems to be a conspiracy in him forcing Raj purohit. Confident sarpanch says Kalbheet will not come out tomorrow & Raj purohit should be ready to meet the king.
They all leave. Raj purohit & his wife fights with Nat Bhairav & Natesh for interfearing in their matter. Natesh say they can atleast try. Nat Bhairav says if they are un successful, they may leave from the same door, they have come in.
They enter Kalbheet’s room. He is praying in front of a Shiv-ling. Seeing them, he gets scared. Hides behind a seat. Natesh trys to convince him. Nat Bhairav says his parents have gone out, they have allowed them to rest here, if he too allows them, they will stay here for some time. If not, they will leave. Nat Bhairav turns around to leave. Natesh inturpts, says he is quiet means he agrees. Mahadev sits on the same place, Kalbheet is hiding. Nat Bhairav asks a riddle to Natesh, who says he is the most intelligent in this World. Their convo gets Kalbheet interested. He answers the riddle. Nat Bhairav says you may become a very learned person when you grow up. I know many riddles, would you like to hear them? Kalbheet nods, comes out.

Precap: Raj Purohit suggests, to catch the thief, in the middle of the garden, they should spread Shiv-nirmalya. While crossing them the thief will loose his powers & will be caught. Pushpadanta falls on the Shiv-nirmalya, asks Mahadev to help him.
Kalbheet’s mother gives Modak to Natesh for her son hoping for him to come out.
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