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Default Dil Se Diya Vachan [Episode 45] - 24th December 2010 Written Update

Episode begins with Prem driving home ...his car passes Nandini's which is going the other way but they dont see each other (Nandini looks disappointed )...
Next scene is where Prapti and her boyfriend are kissing in the car outside the Rajadhyaksha house ,the kiss was pretty long and kinda ewww lol ... Kalyani watches them from the window and soon the guy leaves...they did not show the guys face ,perhaps thats another secret :s...Kalyani rushes out to confront Prapti and asks for the guy's phone number ...Prapti behaves rudely and refuses to give his number...she says she's told her already that her decision aint gonna change and that she loves the guy and will marry only him...Kalyani yells out loud and asks for his number again but Prapti yells back to say that she loves the guy and knows him really well and that she didnt meet him at some traffic signalAngry ...and leaves Kalyani worried ...

Next scene is where Pallavi is stressing and talking to Govind about Kalyani's request to bring Nandini home today itself and Nandini delaying the visit ...Govind says that he couldn't say much coz its Nandini's first b'day after marriage and says Prem must have planned so much for it Embarrassed...Pallavi says that she fears that Kalyani might reveal Nandini's past to her family ,then Nandu will never forgive them for keeping it a secret ...She says that she feels that they shud tell Nandini all about it so Govind asks how can we tell her anything ...Pallavi says she doesnt know how but says that one of us two shud take the responsibilty of letting Nandini know...She fears of how Nandini will feel when she comes to know that she was raped at Krishna's wedding and just then Nandini walks in happily and hears it all...she is stunned !
Pallavi continues that its such a painful thought for any girl to have gone through such a torturing experience .... and says Nandu was lucky to have not remembered anything ...Nandini is shocked and the rape thing echoes in her head... she keeps walking backwards in disbelief when Pallavi mentions the baby and how it died right after birth...Nandini is super shocked and hits the side table behind her ...Govind and Pallavi turn to see a distraught Nandini...they run to pacify her and say that they were gonna tell her all about it and Pallavi says it wasn't easy to share such a nasty secret ....Nandini pushes them away and says how cud u hide such a huge secret from me and cries...the shocking expression wasn't very convincing though...Govind asks her to forget the nightmare but Nandini screams that such a past can't be forgotten ...Pallavi tries to calm Nandu but she yells at her and asks why she kept such a grave secret form her ...Pallavi reasons that they didnt want her to know such a disgusting fact but Nandini asks why they hid it all from her and her family (in laws)...then she gets flashes of Dr.K 's strange behaviour and tells G and P that Kalyani knows about it and was trying to hide it from the family... She is heartbroken and says that how cud u hide something so big..She cries and says how can she face her family now and Prem who loves her so much ...She says they have cheated her in laws and asks why they got her married after knowing such a fact .... And asks who was it who raped her ..Pallavi and Govind are shocked and speechless ...She questions them about the person who ruined her life and they say they dont know and she screams jhoot !!! she says they must know and are hiding it again from her ...Pallavi says that if she had known the person ,she would have killed him or burnt him alive but Nandini isnt convinced ...Govind tries to pacify her but she pushes him away and says not to touch her and yells at P and G ...She says that u both did this to me knowingly coz she was a burden for them ...She accuses them of cheating her and says that since she was impure now they wanted to clean their house of all impurities so they sent her off to the in laws...she yells that she can never forgive them for this and runs out of the house saying the same...Aayi and Sumati are at the entrance steps when Nandini runs out crying ....Govind tries to stop her but before that Aayi stops him ,he asks Aayi to leave him but Aayi holds on tight and asks what the matter is while Nandini runs out of sight...Govind somehow frees himself of Aayi's strong grip and tries to follow Nandini but to no avail...Pallavi starts crying when Govind returns without Nandini and Aayi is confused about the scene and asks Pallavi what had happened but she says nothing and just cries...

Govind calls Kalyani on the landline..the maid answers the call and passes it over to Kalyani but K says she is in a hurry and can't talk but Govind asks her to not hang up and listen to what he has to say....He tells her that Nandini has overheard his and Pallavi's conversation and has come to know all about her past and left the house in a rage...Dr.K is shocked and worried,she asks Govind to check in the area and Govind requests her to let him know if she comes to the Rajadhyaksha house...Kalyani assures him and hangs up ... Pallavi cries a bit more and Aayi kinda gets a jist of the situation ...

Nandini is walking on a lonely road at night with a sad Kailash Kher song playing in the background ...She thinks of her journey with Prem so far ...but in reverse motion...She thinks of all the times that Prem stood up for her and supported her when she was being questioned ...She cries thinking of his love for her ...and when the song ends she thinks of Kalyani and her anger when she shared the letters with her...while she is engrossed thinking of the events she gets hit by a car and falls unconcious...

Precap: Nandini is home safe (at the Karmarkars)and Prem comes there ...He sweetly asks P and G's permission to take his wife Nandini out for dinner Embarrassed...just then Kalyani calls Prem and he tells her that he's at Nandini's house and is taking her out coz its her birthday...Kalyani is shocked and worried ...
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