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Default Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 2nd October 2012 Written Update

Video UpdateEk Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 2nd October 2012 Video Watch Online

Episode begins with Mona Aunty scolding the waiter and asking him to bring whatever more food that is in stock [the weighing scale says: to be continuedErmm] Just then Jeevika arrives and asks her if needs something, but Mona Aunty in fact tries to hide the sweets that she has been gobbling and tells Jeevika that was just trying to pass time.

Mona Aunty diverts the topic to Jeevika and asks her not to stress too much but Jeevika tells her that she has double the work since is related from both sides and this wedding has to be a blast! Mona Aunty says she is talking about the little life that is inside her womb and keeps her hand on Jeevika's stomach. Jeevika is taken aback once again while Vanshika overhears this from behind.

So Vanshika owns up and tells Mona that Jeevika actually had a miscarriage. Mona, instead of sympathizing begins taunting Jeevika that today's generation are only busy in their own world of fashion and dressing, hence forget about everything else! Manvi meanwhile is overhearing the conversation. Vanshika supports Jeevika and says that it wasn't actually her fault... But Mona Aunty is adamant and asks Vanshika not to take the side of such a careless daughter in law! Vanshika once again says something but Mona Aunty asks her to shut up and leaves.

Mona Aunty goes to the side with another lady and gives her the latest gossip that a big misfortune has occurred in the Vadhera family since their elder daughter in law got a miscarriage! Vanshika leaves and Jeevika feels horribly sad and Manvi too feels sorry for her Di and mad at Mona. [Same here you cheap woman! Angry]

Next scene Dabbu and Shlok are busy taking prashad from the priest when Manvi comes there. She scolds them for being greedy and vows to have the prashad only after punishing someone for their deeds. She points to Mona Aunty and tells Dabbu and Shlok about her plan. They start following Mona Aunty. Dabbu then intentionally drops a glass of juice on her. She gets freaked out and starts hitting Dabbu and calls him a waiter LOL Manvi stops the fight and clears that Dabbu is in fact their brother. They arrange a new saree for Mona Aunty, in which Dabbu and Shlok have added the itching powder.

Mona Aunty is happy with the saree, and think it looks really expensive. After she is ready she feels itchy, but ignores it. She meets Manvi and gang, and Manvi compliments her beauty and style. Mona Aunty says that back in the day she used to do a few ads. They asks her if they were about khujli (itching)? ROFL Mona walks away as she continuously itches herself. Jeevika stops her to inquire but Mona tells her that she will never return back to this house of mosquitoes and leaves!

Jeevika is tensed, she hears Manvi, Dabbu and Shlok giggling but as soon as she turns to look at them, they begin walking away. She calls out to Manvi and asks her what she did to Mona Aunty? Manvi denies at first but then admits that yes! She added the itching powder to that saree because that lady insulted her Di, and she cannot tolerate anyone saying her to her Di! In fact, she can smash and kill the person that does. Clap [I'm thinking about Swamini Bua here O.o]

Dadaji calls out for everyone and invites all guests to come for Virat and Manvi's sangeet ceremony the day after tomorrow. Everyone claps.

Next day Beeji shows Manvi a ring. It's Manvi's father's ring. Beeji tells Manvi that she will gift this ring to Virat during the sangeet but she's afraid if Virat will like it or not. Manvi tells Beeji that Virat will indeed be honored to receive her father's ring! And so will she Embarrassed hence they need not worry. She hugs Beeji. Pinky Chachi says that she will get the ring polished but Badi Beeji says not her, since otherwise the ring will return after Manvi has two babies in her hands LOL

Manvi returns to her room only to see Jeevika and another 10 outfits there. She inquires for whom these heavy and shiny outfits have been brought? Jeevika asks Manvi to chose one since they have been selected by her and Swamini Bua for her sangeet. Manvi says they are too heavy and she has chosen a simple outfit for herself. Swamini Bua is standing outside, seeing and overhearing their conversation. She hears Jeevika telling Manvi to understand and learn about the choices of the Vadhera family because she is going to be the daughter in law and it's her duty to do so. Swamini Bua is really impressed and leaves while Manvi is unhappy.

Jeevika then gives Manvi a dupatta. Manvi asks whose it is? Jeevika says that it's their mother's. Manvi gets emotionally happy. Jeevika says that it was given to her by Beeji on her wedding and whenever she wore this dupatta, she felt some sort of peace like never before, and now she's gifting it to Mannu.

Manvi is glad that this dupatta was first worn by their mother, then by Jeevika and now she is blessed to wear it. After a few arguments, she agrees to wear one of the desinger outfits for her sangeet.

Later on in the day, Vadheras and Chaudhary's are seated in the hall, dicussing the sangeet preparations. Virat divides everyone's work and tells them to each give the list of which song they will perform on. Everyone gets excited. When everyone asks Virat what he will sing on since that's his talent, Virat says something special for Manvi and it's a surprise hence no one should tell Manvi about it. Just then Manvi comes and asks what they were talking about hiding from her?

Precap- Beeji scolds Dabbu asking him how Manvi will react if she finds out he lost her father's ring? Manvi hears that and gets shocked. Dabbu cries that Manvi will hang him upside down and kick him. All of them then realize that Manvi has heard everything and are scared.

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