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Default Hitler Didi *Last Episode* 2nd August 2013 Written Update

Video Update Hitler Didi 2nd August 2013 Video Watch Online 720p *HD*
-RATINGS 1.2-3.5


Scene 1
(A frustrated Munna enters SN)
Munna: I failed again in trying to win my clients trust as the prefer other individuals rather than me now my reputation is tarnished.
Sugandha : Its seems am not destined to hold my husbands ‘ wages.
(Indu sees this)
Indu : Don’t worry mammi everything will be alright!
Vanraj : Everything will not be alright, so prepare yourself to go to Jhanjar.
Indu : I have a new plan.

Scene 2
(Inder dreams about jhumpa and walks upon his Sari shop, he talks and kisses it in shutters. Indu follows him and sees his action and she remembers what Indira told her of how Inder loved his shop. )

Scene 3
(Kutumb sees the garland of money and she takes)
Indu : (Indu snatches the garland from her) Don’t take that because no one won it as yet.
Kutumb: I must win that because Inder doesn’t care about me anymore. Am old and I can’t earn.
Indu: You should help Nannu in reopening his material shop.
Kutumb: if I helped him before then Jhumpa couldnt have entered their lives. (Kutumb gives a thought to which Indu agrees)


Scene 4
Indu re-launches Inder ‘s sari-material shop.
Indu: Surprise Nanna!
(Inder is Overwhelmed seeing his shop again after a long time, he kisses Indu on her forehead and blesses her for realizing his dream again)
Indira: From where did you get money from?
Kutumb: it was Indu idea to open her dance class again. Vanraj helped us as the advance level teacher and she’s teaching the basic level. She took some advance and re-opened the shop.
Inder: I feel indebted to you Kutumb for this and always being a very good wife even if I was not loyal to you. please forgive me?
Kutumb: You shouldn’t ask for forgiveness as it is in the past.
Inder : I will try my best to win your trust again. you are my real life companion! wow! Indu you have proved to be a granddaughter in a million.
Kutumb: Yes, she is.
Indu : Don’t get emotional lets go at home for more surprise.

Scene 5
(They enter SN and sees all the sketches made by RK in the hall)
Indu : Ishaan has uploaded all your sketches on the internet for saling. (She gives him some money) All the sketches were bought expect for one.(Rk can’t believe it) Papa, you should follow your dream of becoming a cartoonist.
RK : I am very proud of my daughter who could recognize his all time dream. (Inder and Vanraj laughs)
Indu : Why are you laughing?
Inder: Rishi really depicted Munna well in the sketch as everywhere he’s with his bottle of liquor (Munna is embarrassed)
Indu : That is why a liquor store bought mama”s sketches.
Indira : (notice Munna ‘s) You must be proud!
Munna : Yes. (munna leaves and Indu shows them the picture which is not sold and it is of Rishi and his family with Chiku in Indira arm)
(Indira suddenly goes in labour pain)
Kutumb: it is time for her delivery.
After Some Time.
(Everyone is happy that Chiku is born )
Indu: He is soooooo cute.
Indira: We must go to Jhanjhar because Munna was unable to get a job.
Indu : munna will earn more because he is the new bartender. now we won’t leave cc.
Indira : I am very proud of you for realizing everyone ‘s dreams. I am proud to be your mom.
Munna : (To Chiku) Are you proud to have me as an uncle.? (He shows him a feeding baby ‘s bottle) when you visit ny bar I will serve you milk.
Indu: Everything is running smoothly in SN.
Indira : not yet am still jobless.
Indu : I have a job for you!
(Indu has taken the place of Indira she’s running the court of Hitler)
RK : till Hitler is present in CC no one else can rule.
Indira: Indu will rule SN and CC from now.
HD title track plays in the BG.
Kutumb: Who won the Garland of money. (Everyone tries to contest for the door)

Indu :fight as much as you want as all the notes are fake.(Indu rushes outside kisses the name board) we are going but if ever time give a chance we will be back again as the story is not complete and some dreams are still here to realise, (she throws a letter which she has written and this goes on the face of a guy(Same first scene of Indira and Rishi) the guy reads the letter and calls Indu as Hitler Didi, and in SN once again Indira Rishi and the whole family gather to give a sweet smile to everyone)

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