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Default Honge Juda Na Hum 22nd November 2012 Written Update

Video Update Honge Juda Na Hum 22nd November 2012 Video Watch Online

Rohan and Muskaan are talking on the phone. They agree to call the song "Hongey Judaa Na Hum". Muskaan can't get that nagging feeling out of her head that they already know this song. Rohan also feels this that when he forgets the song she completes it and vice-versa but thinks it's too strange.

Tara interrupts their call and Muskaan hangs up. She lies to her that she got up to drink water. Tara apologises to Muskaan for being rude off-late and feels that her daughter has started hiding stuff from her. She wants to become her friend again and only wants her happiness. They share an emotional moment as Tara explains to her why Anirudh is the perfect man for her and why she wants her to meet his parents, it's a request not an order. With this, she leaves Muskaan to sleep (Tara is not exactly likeable in a lot of ways but no one can deny that she loves her daughter like nothing else in this worldHeart).

Next morning, Rohan is getting his gallery ready. Anu wishes him luck for his big day and he seems nervous. Anu offers her help and he asks her to pick up Muskaan and get her on time for the event. Anu gets angry at this because of the scene that happened when they disappeared. Rohan also gets upset st her for refusing to help him. Anu is left with no choice but to help him. This makes Rohan happy and he hugs her but she doesn't seem too happy.

Nidaai calls Muskaan for breakfast. Rishi asks Muskaan about her performance since his friends want to see but she informs him that she is not performing. Rishi is shocked. Just then, Anu comes to pick Muskaan up. Rishi tells Anu that Muskaan is not performing at the fest. Anu tries to convince Muskaan because this event means a lot to Rohan but Muskaan says she cannot hurt her best friend. Rishi asks her to talk to Anirudh, he is a sweet guy and will agree. Muskaan says she has promised Tara that she will not perform but Rishi is more practical and says they should first find out when Anirudh's parents are coming. Anu also likes the idea so Muskaan calls Anirudh up.

When Muskaan calls Anirudh up, he asks her if she's ready for this. She says she is. He also tells her that the flight is one hour late. Rishi and Anu say that she will be able to make it on time. Muskaan is apprehensive but agrees.

Rohan is busy getting the stage ready for the event. Anu gets Muskaan and is not very happy with the exchange of glances between Rohan and Muskaan. Anu tells Rohan to get Muskaan ready fast because she needs to be at Anirudh's in half an hour. Rohan cheesily praises Muskaan and she blushes. But there seems to be a little problem in organising the event a bit and Rohan is furious. He wants the event to happen at all cost. Muskaan realises that her performance will be delayed but Rohan assures her that nothing will happen. Anu also asks her not to take tension. To add to that, Anirudh calls and tells her that she has one hour after which they will go and pick his parents up. He asks her to be on time.

Muskaan is tensed because she needs to leave in half an hour. She decides to take her father's help. She calls and tells Avi about the problem in organising the fest and asks if he can use his contacts and get permission. Avi promises to try but seems a little tensed at knowing that Muskaan is with Rohan.

Muskaan tells Rohan that she is scared but he asks her to relax and assures her that nothing will happen. But Muskaan seems very nervous. Rohan asks her to practice and the moment she holds the guitar her nervousness will go. Anu tells Rohan that Anirudh has called Muskaan to his place in an hour. Upon knowing this, Rohan asks Muskaan to go and not waste her time here. He says he will take care of her absence. Muskaan doesn't want to leave Rohan like this. But Rohan tells her that he is her friend who is suppose to make her happy not burden her with expectations. He wants to see her happy and that is more important than any fest. Anu seems upset at Rohan's attempts to cheer Muskaan up.

Precap: Muskaan asks Anu if she loves Rohan a lot. Anu denies this and leaves from there. But Muskaan doesn't buy it.

Credit: -BlackBeauty-
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