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Default Housewife Hai... Sab Jaanti Hai 5th April 2013 Written Update

Video Update Housewife Hai... Sab Jaanti Hai 5th April 2013 Video Watch Online 720p *HD*

Part 1

Kanhaiya shows Sona a poster and Sona says that its perfect. The next day, Bindiya sees a long queque outside her parlour and everyone starts praising her and Bindiya is clueless. One of them points at a poster of Bindiya with Kareena Kapoor. Everyone says that how come bindiya had not informed that Bindiya had performed make up for Kareena Kapoor and even she is praising Bindiya now. All of them say that they will start doing make up with Bindiya from now and Bindiya is clueless on how this happened. Bindiya performes make up and receives a lot of payment for the day . Kanhaiya comes and sits in the parlour and says that looks like your happy. Saw how did the Kareena idea worked? Bindiya says so you did this? Kanhaiya says yes, publicity helps a lot and that is what i did. Bindiya is happy and Kanhaiya starts conving Bindiya about selling the house and leaves. Govardan is walking towards Suhnainaís room to talk about selling the house but Govardan gets scared upon reaching the room. Govardan tries to gain courage to enter the room and Bindiya stops him and brings him to their room. Bindiya asks Govardan not to speak to Suhnaina and Govardan asks why? Bindiya says that she now has the blessings of Kareena Kapoor and both Sona and Kanhaiya hears this and is happy that their plan is a success. Sona says Kareena Kapoor ki jai and Kanhaiya says its Sona ji ki jai! At Renuís office in the school, Renu is getting scolding regarding her work and renu leaves upset. Renu talks to herself that she wish if she could be a principal as she would not have to face these and Indira comes saying be one then. Indira updates that she is the schoolís trustee and she came for a visit. Indira also says that Renu is talented and she also wish to be a principal and she will help Renu. Renu asks me? Indira says that yes, you need to make Suhnaina agree to sell the house. Also keep your phone on always and you will get a principal pose soon and i will get the house.

Part 2

Indrani say that its time for Madonna to drink cold coffee and leaves. Sona and Kanhaiya are having ice cream saying that they will keep failing Indraniís plan. Sona says that she is scared as she know that Indrani Devi will not give up hope so soon. Iím sure she will plan something new again and Kanhaiya asks her not to worry. Suhnaina is in her room keeps recalling Udhamís words. In the night, Renu asks Manohar to go and speak to Suhnaina as Indrani had offered her a big pose. Manohar says how if mummy ji doesnít agree? Renu scolds Manohar to go which Sona hears and informs Kanhaiya. Kanhaiya says so this is Indraniís new plan. Sona asks Kanhaiya what will we do now and Kanhaiya gets an idea . Kanhaiya takes out a different simcard and Kanhaiya asks Sona to call Renu to acting as someone who is giving offer for Renu as instructed by Indrani. Also ask her to meet you tomorrow morning. Sona says i can do it but what will we do tomorrow? Kanhaiya says that Renu will go and meet that person. Sona says how will she meet when such school and person donít exist? Kanhaiya says that the person is you and Renu bhabhi will come and meet you. Sona says you watch so many movies donít you? Woudnít Renu bhabhi recognize me? Kanhaiya says certain things happens in real life. I will do the make up for you till even i canít recognize you. Happy being a school owner and faster call Renu. Sona calls to Renu and Renu says that she will come as she got the call. The next day, Renu enters the cabin and waits for the school owner to come and Sona enters with a different get up as an middle aged women. Sona is about to call Renu as Bhabhi and realized. Sona says that Indrani Devi had informed me and i am going to give you the Principal post but you need to work really hard. You need to work for at least 20 hours in a day. You will need to all the work and if anyone does any mistake, you will be held responsible. Our previous principal got heart attack due to stress and she is now in hospital. We didnít want to replace her but we have no choice now. So when will you be joining us? Renu is looking worried and Renu says that she canít accept this job and Sona says why? You are fit and Renu says no and leaves. Renu calls to Manohar and ask not to speak to Suhnaina. Renu receives another call from Indraniís real friend and Renu says that she donít need any principal job and cuts the call . Kanhaiya enters the room and praises Sona for her acting. Sona says the idea was yours and the acting was mine and Kanhaiya says i need to take a picture with you in this get up and snaps a picture . At home, Darshana sees some white color on Sonaís hair and looks suspicious. Sona looks into a photo frame and realize that she had not removed the color and Darshana comes to Sona.

Precap : Indrani is convincing Neelam to ask Suhnaina to sell the house while Kanhaiya is watching it from behind.
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