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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - Ek Baar Phir Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - Ek Baar Phir

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Default Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - Ek Baar Phir 10th October 2013 Written Update

Video Update Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - Ek Baar Phir 10th October 2013 Video Watch Online 720p *HD*

The Episode starts with Anjali seeing Kalindi in the function. She goes to Kalindi and says is everything fine at home. Kalindi says yes, all is well. Anjali says good but I was thinking how you manage the finance at home. Kalindi says we have to manage. Anjali taunts her and says Astha is also working now. She asks her to search for a groom for Astha, and they may take their help if they want. Kalindi says you donít know us, we manage our necessities well and be happy. Niranjan is talking to Atul. Anjali looks at them and leaves.

Shlok comes to Astha and she turns to see him. She goes closer to her and she moves backwards. She starts going and he holds her hands and stops her. He says I thought you canít be away from me, so I drawn you closer to me. Astha says I donít like this. He pulls her towards himself. Astha looks on.

Shlok stares at her while she wants to get away from him. He says you talk a lot, but you donít have the guts to speak what you want to. She says do you have guts. He says you know what it means. Astha says I want to say that you are trying hard and its waste, let me go. Shlok says you have to tell me. He says I know everything but want to listen from you. She says let me go. He says who is stopping you. She says leave me please. Shlok stops her again. She says I know even if I say, my heart will be broken and I will be hurt. I wonít be happy. She starts crying.

She says I donít want to dream that hurts, and if I say anything, that will mean that I dreamed. So I wonít say anything that would hurt my loved ones. Everyone see Astha and Shlok together and are shocked. Shlok sees them and leaves Astha. Astha cries and runs inside. Shlok looks at her. Kalindi and Atul bring Astha home. Atul asks Astha what was all that. Astha says please donít ask me anything, even I donít know wahts going on. Kalindi scold her. Kalindi says what will people think about you.

She says did you think what would have happened. Kalindi says Anjalill will taunt them now. She says you are giving the chance for people to say. Kalindi asks what is the matter. Astha says there is nothing to say. Atul asks Kalindi to trust Astha and donít believe what they have seen. He says if she is saying there is nothing, so we should believe her.

Astha thinks why did I go there, this would have not happened if I did not go. She sees the saree which Shlok gave her and gets angry. She sees the time and tales the saree. She writes something. The next morning, Shlok wakes up and someone knocks his door. The security guard comes with the parcel and says Astha has given him. Shlok sees the saree and thinks that he gave her the saree. He gets angry and throws it. He reads her letter that this saree was for the bahu of your house which I rn it being helpless, so I m returning it.

Shlok tears the letter. Kalindi asks Astha why is she not going to office. Someone comes and Astha checks the door. Mangesh comes and explains Astha that I know you left the job but you may get into legal trouble. He says give a one month period notice then leave the job. Astha says ok I will come. Anjali asks Niranjan that she wants Shlok to get married. Niranjan agrees. Anjali shows him some photos of the girls. Niranjan says you see them and take Sojalís advice. He says you know my choice as I chose you as my life partner.

Shlok is in his room and thinks about Asthaís words. Shlok says Astha has to come for the letterís reply. He ignites fire in his room and watches it. Anjali calls Sojal and shows the girlís photos to her. She says give this to Shlok. Kaka says why are you after Shlok. Anjali taunts him. Kaka jokes and Anjali is annoyed. Astha comes to office and everyone laughs seeing her. Astha sees a gift kept for her and she gets embarrassed infront of everyone. She reads Shlokís letter that Shlok has gifted her a saree. Everyone teases Astha and asks whats going on. Astha says nothing like you all are thinking.

Astha goes to Shlok and keeps the gift. He says knock the door and come. She knocks the door and gets in. She asks whats all this, I donít want any gift. He says I donít want it back. He says you know standard. She says I know, but I also know that artificial beauty is nothing, oneís nature shows how classy he is. Shlok shows her the saree and hands it over to her. He says this is for you. She says donít you understand I donít want this. She gives the old saree too and says you have to take any one saree. She says I donít want. He says I know you donít need but you have to take one. She starts leaving. Shlok stops her and holds her. He clothes tear and she tries to slap him. Shlok stops her.

Niranjan fixes Shlokís proposal somewhere and Shlok enters his house with Astha in his arms. Everyone are shocked.
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