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Default Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) 25th October 2012 written update

Video Update Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 25th October 2012 Video Watch Online

The show begins with Khushi taking Arnav to silent place inside house, She says she wants to play staring game. Khushi stares Arnav's eyes, he too.
She then begins SINGLE WORD game... she then plans to hypnotize him with some funny techniques... AAPKO NEEND AARE HAI... by swining a ring on chain...
She starts asking questions... but it leads no where once again. After a while Arnav says he needs to sleep and goes to sleep carry Khushi in his arms.

Next morning Sheetal and Aarav comes home, NK welcomes her. They come inside and sit on sofa. Arnav comes and Sheetal says she wont stay much, she needs to go to Aarav's school for admission, It turns out its same school where Arnav studied. Khushi plans to tag along hoping to know about Aarav's father.

At school when Pricipal ask about Aarav's father Sheetal says he couldn't make it. Sheetal starts filling form, Khushi is eager to see what did she fill in STUDENT's FATHER column. He leans forward to see, Sheetal notices Khushi makes excuse. Sheetal stuck on FATHER's NAME row. Principal says Sheetal seems to have forgot to fill Father's name of STUDENT.
Arrav says he needs to go to toilet. Khushi has to leave to take the boy to toilet.
Meanwhile Sheetal says Aarav's father doesn't live them, she is single mother.
Outside Khushi tries to get out truth from boy but he doesn't say much, only his mother thinks he is like his own father - KHADOOS ...

After chitchat and toilet, Khushi tries to peep in the room what Sheetal is writing in paper. But she falls, Sheetal and Principal comes out and ask what happened. Aarav tells whereever Khushi goes accidents happens. Pricipal says Aarav is admitted. Khushi makes excuse and says she needs to get her bag inside room... and enters room.


After Khushi enters room, she sees file ... Pricipal takes file and hands to peon ...
She ask Khushi is anyhting wrong ? Khushi says she wanted to see how FORM LOOKS for future.
Arnav comes to school, as he completed his job soon. He meets Sheetal and Aarav... outside the room. He is busy talking with Aarav. Khushi sees them.. .and once again suspicion ... but confused how to find that out ...


At home Anjali says it was nice of Arnav to go to school to help for admission. But Arnav says Aarav was already admitted before i reached. Manorama is reading paper, she tells about news in a paper where 2 babies were born on same day in a hospital now 2 parents are confused which one is their baby. NK says now a days it easy to find out ... DNA TEST.
Khushi gets an idea all she need is hair sample of both Arnav and Aarav.

Episode ends


Khushi tries to pluck out hair of Arnav while he was sleeping. Arnav wakes up and asks what's matter ?

Cradit: salmnsoeee

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