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Default Jhansi Ki Rani - 19th July 2010 Written Update

Video Update

Jhansi Ki Rani - 19th July 2010 Video Update Watch Online

Written Update

Starts with LB and GR getting ready for SR and the rest of the clan doing havan and praying to god for a heirLOL. There Pradan Mantri is talking to his nephew abt what a huge mistake he has done and how he is going to repay the money. He is worried that GR would be angry if he gets to know abt this and that they will need to commit suicide. Just then a soldier comes and informs that a priest wants to meet him immediately. The priest comes in and tells that it will be an anarth if LB-GR milan happens tonightSleepy . There LB is brought to the room by Moti bai and followed by GR walking into the room. LB and GR romance starts (I like romance but this is too corny for meLOL) with the rest of the clan continuing with there pooja. Just then the Pradhan Mantri comes in and tells them to stop and asks tatya ji how could he do such a mistake and take a wrong muhurat for GR-LB milan (oh wow...GR-LB SR is a personal matter not a political matter that they need a round table conferenceConfusedSleepyLOL)

There Moropant and the rest of the clan are worried on how they will stop the SRSleepy and on the other hand GR-LB are romancing. GR sees that LB is uncomfortable and asks her whats wrong. She tells him that she is not sure and that they dont even understand each other well and that she is not ready for this milan (gosh the CV's are so stuck with Jodha AkbarOuch). There in the pooja room the drama continues and Tatya ji shows his papers and says that he was absolutely correct in deciding the muhurat and that Pradhan Mantri blamed him unnecessarily. Tatya ji is very angry and walks away saying he wants justice now and that he will go to GR for justice. Vahinis are very happy and confused that even god is helping themLOL

There GR calls a dasi and asks her to bring water, salt and oil. He then mixes all the three together and explains LB that he wants LB-GR to be like salt and water with Salt dissolving in water and not like oil in water. LB is so happy to see GR's knowledge in chemistryLOL. They suddenly hear some one ringing the bell for justice and it is Tatya ji ringing the bell. GR is ready to leave and LB wants to join him. Hearing this GR says just a few mins back he thought she was acting childishLOL but now when she thought someone might be in trouble she quickly become there queen. (this SR cant get any better nowLOL)

Every one is assembled in the court and GR-LB enter the court. GR asks who needs justice in the middle of the night. Pradhan Mantri announces that it is Tatya ji and that Taya ji has taken a muhurat which is very bad for LB-GR milan. Tatya ji then says he took the right muhurat, but the other pandit says Tatya ji took the right muhurat but it would have been right only if it was 2 years back. Tatya ji is stumped and looks at the calender and see that it is 2 year old calender (I can see someones scheming in all this....British or the 3 vahinisSleepy)

Precap: GR relieves Tatya ji of his duties because of his old age and LB is shocked

Todays episode was boring, stretchy, corny, hyper active, SR centric episode. (Just my POVWink)

Request to the CV's JKR story is not abt LB-GR SR and how they had to go through so many hurdles to celebrate there SRSleepy...but it was abt LB and her fight against the British (her bravery is the reason you have this show)....please get over with this SR and get back on the track.
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