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Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai, Ajab Ka Risk Hai Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai, Ajab Ka Risk Hai

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Default Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai, Ajab Ka Risk Hai 18th September 2013 Written Update

Video Update Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai, Ajab Ka Risk Hai [Maha Episode] 18th September 2013 Video Watch Online

The Episode starts with Rajveer arguing with Didi infront of everyone. He says Didi is against Simran. Didi says you think I m so wrong, why did you not take my name infront of the inspector. Rajveer says because you are a part of the family, I did not want anyone to laugh on us. Baldev says you are right Rajveer. Didi says where is your mind. Didi taunts him and says Rajveer is cheating us. Didi says he is the liar. Tau ji says I donít know who is lying and who is telling the truth, but I understood that when everyone were crying, these people were having fun. Tau ji scolds Rajveer for lying to him. He says I would have send you like a king for going on holidays.

Tau ji asks why you did this. He says I canít think that you would do this. Didi and Himmat laughs. Tau ji says I can;t forget this in my lifetime. Tau ji gets angry and leaves. Didi asks Rajveer are you angry, I felt that when you did a favor on me, I donít have the habit to take favor, so I returned it to you, that too today. Didi leaves.

Hoshiyar and Chanchal discuss about Simran. Hoshiyar is tensed. Chanchal says why did they do this, and who were they who tried to kidnap Simran. Hoshiyar scolds her and says how would I know about them. Hoshiyar says did Didi doubt on me, but how, then why did she not take my name, is she planning something else for me. jhumri says Didi is Simranís enemy. Baldev is silent. jhumri says Didi was better in jail. Baldev says I donít understand what she gets that she is after Simran. Tau ji talks to his wife about Simran and Rajveer. He says he is sad that Rajveer lied to him. Tai ji takes Rajveerís side and asks him to forgive him.

Tau ji says maybe you are saying right. He says I expected a lot from Rajveer. She says yes, and never trusted Himmat. Tau ji gets angry and asks her not to talk about Himmat. Tai ji says we have to talk about him. She says I m worried about Himmat, he is being with Didi and obeying her like she is his mum. She says she is not feeling it right. She says think again, if Himmat does something then we canít explain him.

Himmat is with Didi and says you did it right today. Tau jiís trust broke today. He praises Didi and says you were shocked when Rajveer took your name. Didi says keep your mind working, so you donít have to work like slaves. Himmat says I canít do what you did today. He says you have made Tau ji go against Rajveer. He asks what will you do knowing Simranís truth. Didi scolds him and says you donít have the status to know anything else. She asks him to leave. Himmat leaves. Himmat thinks this is the day to celebrate.

Rajveer is thinking about Tau jiís words. He gets sad. Simran comes and asks him not to worry. She says your lie is not so big. Rajveer says Tau ji got hurt because of my lie, and I m blaming myself for it. Simran says I can understand what you are going through. She says I know you did a big mistake, I m sorry. She says Didi is making some big plan, else she would have not accepted that she kidnapped us. Rajveer says let her know the truth, we are wrong that we are hiding it. Rajveer says I m going to tell everyone about our truth.

Simran asks Rajveer will you tel everything to Tau ji. Rajveer says you have to leave this house, before I tell the the truth. He says I m giving you two days, you have to leave this house forever and go from here. Simran is shocked. Rajveer looks on angrily. Simran cries and leaves from the room. Didi is chanting some mantras and laughing in her room. Simran talks to herself and says why is Didi doing this. She says she wanted to take Rajveerís good memories with her but now she is taking his anger with her. She cries and goes from Didiís room. Simran thinks what is she doing, she thinks she should not think anything now. Simran says I have the right to know what is Didi doing and why. Simran hears her chanting and hears that Didi is planning against not only her but also the complete Sangwaan family. She thinks of telling this to Rajveer. She thinks Rajveer wonít believe her as she is not having any proof. She thinks I have to bring this truth infront of Rajveer.

Daddu gets a heart attack and Simran calls everyone. Everyone are shocked seeing Daddu.
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