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Kehta Hai Dil Jee Le Zara 31st December 2013 Written Update
Video Update

The episode starts with Dhruv recalling Anway words that neither Saanchi or their Dad will support him. Saanchi calls him, Dhruv hesitates to pick the call. His inner self comes and asks him to pick the call and tell everything to Saanchi. Dhruv says, I will tell her. His inner self says, everything will be ruined once you tell her. What will happen to you. I know time will pass by and this matter will go to someone else’s hand. Then you can leave from here. Dhruv says, this is my truth and I will tell her. He thinks to call his Dad first and then talk to Saanchi. He thinks, his dad will support me. Prachi’s mum in law asks Prachi to support Saanchi as she came to know about Dhruv’s rich status. She says, you should start a new beginning with your sister. Sunil gives the phone to Prachi. Dhruv calls his mom and asks for Dad. She says, your dad is talking on phone. Dhruv’s Dad Yashwarden greets him and says, I am building a million dollar food processor. Dhruv says, I want to talk to you and it is urgent. Yashwarden says, flight is about to take off and asks him to come to the airport.

Prachi comes home. Nani gets happy and asks, did you fight with anyone at home. Prachi says, I came to meet you all here . She says, Sunil and my mom in law send me. She starts praising Saanchi and says she changed her luck. She says, Sunil asks her to congratulate Saanchi on his behalf as Dhruv belongs to a rich family. Aaji says, did they know about Dhruv’s family. Prachi says, everyone knows about them. Saanchi comes and greets Prachi. Prachi congratulates her and says you got a good guy like Dhruv. He is rich and also court case might be dissolved now. Saanchi asks, what does she mean? Prachi gets Sunil’s call and the talk is interrupted. Dhruv says, how can I not tell Saanchi for 15 hours. Dhruv thinks to tell her soon. Saanchi comes and asks, why you are avoiding me? Dhruv says, I am avoiding myself. Dhruv says, you are matured more than me and asks her to promise that she will always support him. Saanchi promises and asks him to tell.

Dhruv says, I am Dhruv Kumar Goel, Yashwarden Goel’s son, Owner of Prithvi enterprises who wants to snatch your land from your hands. Saanchi is shocked and slaps him hard. It was only Dhruv’s dream. Saanchi calls Dhruv and asks, where are you? She asks, is everything alright? Your Zohra and Jabeen is missing you. Dhruv says, I am at my home. Saanchi asks him to come and says even Prachi’s family have no objection to our alliance. Dhruv says, they have understood that I am from Goel’s family. Saanchi invites him over tea. Dhruv says, I will come. Saanchi tells Aaji that Dhruv will come. Prachi asks Saanchi, what Dhruv gifted you on the new year eve. She says, he might have given an expensive gift and goes to her room. Aaji comes to Dhruv’s home and asks, why you are silent. Dhruv says, Saanchi ji is my life’s biggest happiness. I am scared with the thought of losing her. Aaji asks, why you are scared? Dhruv says, I am afraid to do any mistake. Aaji make him understand to build a wall of trust between them. Dhruv smiles and hugs her.

Pradeep tells Anway that you are after this land from many days. He says, your brother has won in one plan as he won Saanchi. Anway says, We don’t even take breath without our Dad’s permission and says, Dhruv can’t bring Saanchi home. He says, Saanchi will cry for sure. Saanchi is surprised to know Prachi’s learning cooking. Prachi says, but you don’t have to work in kitchen after marriage as he belongs to Goel’s family. Saanchi says, Dhruv doesn’t belong to any Goel family. Dhruv comes and says hi….Prachi calls him jiju and says I was talking about Goel’s big status. Saanchi says, Dhruv is Dhruv Kumar. Prachi says, Dhruv is Yashwarden’s son. Prithvi enterprise’s owner son. Saanchi, Aaji and Nani are shocked. Dhruv stands as if he is guilty.

Saanchi cries and returns her ring saying you returned me the ring in the morning. You talks about trust and hided this big truth. You have played with our emotions.

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