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Default Love Marriage Ya Arranged Marriage 30th October 2012 Written Update

Video Update Love Marriage Ya Arranged Marriage 30th October 2012 Video Watch Online

Episode starts from the last scene where Mansi is telling Shivani Iím not leaving you in this condition but Shivani smartly says you should go Sandhaya bhabhi is here to take care of me . Sandhaya wants to save herself from this situation and says now Shivani is fine so I should go but Buaji stops her from going to the club. Sahil insists on staying but she doesnít let him stay. Mansi leaves. Sandhaya is thinking something is wrong in that club or else there wouldnít be a club sandwich . Anoop and Mansi are in a car and Mansi asks for forgiveness that she hid the about tennis. Anoop says I donít know whether I should forgive you or get a treat from you of gajar ka halwa. He tells her youíre my wife, you donít have to hide anything from me.

Anoop asks her what she likes to play in tennis forehand backhand. She says first one. He then asks her in what combination she likes it so directs the question towards him asking what do you like. Anoop keeps asking her stuff about tennis. mansi is nervous but is saved by a phone call. She thinks she should tell the truth.

In Shivaniís room, everybody is standing around Shivaniís bed and she says Sandhaya bhabhi is doing all the work alone I should go and help her. raj laxmi tells her to sit down. Sandhaya brings a doctor, Shivani is worried. Doctor tells everyone to go outside and checks her up. Raj Laxmi is thanking Sandhaya for bringing the doctor. Sandhaya is acting smart even Buaji asks her what she ate in the morning . Doctor comes out and everybody asks her what happened she tells them I already told Mansi and Iím telling you the same.

Shivani calls Sahil he asks her how she is, She tells him Iím expecting and he thinks sheís talking about his work He goes like Iím working na. Shivani then tells him I am pregnant. Heís shocked and happy. He tells her Iím coming back but she tells him theyíll meet in the evening.

Everybody comes and congratulates her. Raj Laxmi tells her Iím very happy. Shivani looks worried and Raj Laxmi asks her what happened arenít you happy. Shivani tells her donít worry Iím very happy. Buaji instructs Sandhaya to stay with Shivani and take care of her needs.

Sahil is running out of his office but Anoop stops him. Sahil tells him nobody can stop me today Iím going to be a father. Anoop congratulates him and asks him how heís feeling. Sahil tells him heís nervous. Anoop tells him with all the happiness there come responsibility to raise a child and fulfill his wishes .

2 kids are playing with Mansi but she keeps dropping her racket and they make fun of her and a guy comes from behind. Mansi asks him now even youíll tell me iím bad at playing tennis. He introduces himself as a Rehan the tennis coach. He tells him you only need confidence to play there is no technique and rule to play. She plays a shot and she is happy about it. He tells her to keep it up. She asks him to teach her how to play tennis

Episode Ends

Precap: Rehan calls Anoop and tells him that Mansi needed morning classes for tennis and 10 pm suits him. Anoop asks Mansi you said youíre a tennis champion right ?
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