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Madhubala- Ek Ishq Ek Junoon Madhubala- Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

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Default Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 17th August 2012 Writtne Update

Video UpdateMadhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 17th August 2012 Video Watch Online

Part 1

A servant comes n knocks n finds Madhu asleep on the floor n informs someone has come to meet her..! Madhu comes n finds its Paddo! She comes running n hugs Paddo! Paddo tells her enouf tears ! Madhu says she wrote those tears in her own destiny n has to bear them!

Paddo reminds her of her own struggle against Ballu n says that coz of Madhu .. Paddo lost coz of her..! She rues that the destiny she ran away from has become her daughters destiny!! She says that her daughter is now locked in the golden cage which she broke n ran away from! She says Madhu wont bear torture and tells her to come with her right away! She assures that she will repay every penny to RK but wont let Madhu be ruined by the Jallad!

Paddo asks her to come with her but Madhu stays put! Madhu says that she is not afraid n reminds Paddo about her own status of a married woman ! Paddo says its different thing...! Madhu says its the same thing ..n that tho RK has made her life hell but coz of RK.. Shammo is breathing! Madhu accepts that she is responsible for all the mess in their lives and that since RK has fulfilled his promise.. she will fulfill her promise!

Paddo says.. she doesnt know what a big animal RK is.. n Madhu says.. Paddo has given her strength to fight animals from her womb! RK comes n is clapping hearing the duo! RK says... 'Wah Biwi.. ek scene se dil jeet liya'!! RK says.. he thot his MIL was Nirupa Roy .. but she turned out to be Lalita Pawar..! He asks where will she run off too.. like her stay in another mans home? Wink He praises ...his OLD Thinking Biwi LOL

RK tells that Madhu is the new servant of the house..not queen!

Part 2

RK says.. there is fixed time to meet servants... n says he will keep her here permanently .. ! RK chides servants for allowing Paddo in n Madhu fumes on RK Paddo walks away shattered! He warns that if this repeats all will go n stay in chawl!

Madhu recollects her mantra..!!

Part 3

RK is boxing in his room when Madhu walks in! Madhu asks RK what he wants n RK teases her...! Madhu tells him to torture her .. insult her but not her mom! RK tells her to ask him what is 'Maan / Samman / Apmaan/ Abhiman/ Swabhiman'!!

RK says.. Samman is what RK has on his sets.. n one fine day a girl comes n slaps him in front of all and all his gulams lauf..! He says..thats called Apmaan!

Madhu says.. he deserves it! RK punches the bag n moves away n it hits Madhu!Shocked She repeats he deserves it..! RK fumes on Madhu..n comes near her!

Precap -- RK closes in on Madhu ..Madhu is worried!

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Default Re: Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 17th August 2012 Writtne Update

Thank You Very Much
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