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Default Parichay 1st October 2012 Written Update

Video UpdateParichay 1st October 2012 Video Watch Online

Scene 1:
Location: Dewan house
Siddhi is shown to be staring blankly and wondering that seeing richa and kunal together,there is no hope for her future with kunal.Now that richa is his wife and remembers th way he had dragged richa out,siddhi can no longer be kunal’s.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Kunal is reprimanding richa for talking so insane and that what she is talking of is practically impossible And hysterically insane and just marrying off like that is definitely not a joke.He also accuses her of taking advantage of his weakness for anand.She rebukes back saying that it was indeed him who took undue advantage of hr blind love and used her.She is still doing it for love,he used her for his self interest and his scare of losing anand to siddhi.She also ties to show him the logic that she loves both kunal and anand and given the present situation,they both need each other.Frustrated by her persisitent insistence he fires her up saying that he cant marry her because he doesnt love her.She is shocked to hear this.He confesses that he used her but nver wantd to hurt her and did all of it for anand.

Scene 3:
Location: Dewan House
Siddhi rememebrs her conversation with richa and deduces that there’s something that richa wants to tell but kunal doesnt want her to know.She determines to find out whats going on between rocha and kunal and what is it that she doesnt know and kunal doesnt want him to know.

Scene 4:
Location: Ganpati puja
Sulekha watches abhay’s wandering eyes and asks the lord to keep her son happy like this and help him move on wth his wife forgetting his life’s tragedy and starting a new life with siddhi.

Scene 5:
Location: On the road
Richa is talking angrily demanding that she had nursed and taken care of anand when he needed a mother.and how cn kunal cut him off like that from his family as she has given more time to his family than hers.Kunal demands to know if he ever called her or his family ever asked for her assitance.He also says that she never truly loved him but always had a desire to gain him and possession of kunal drove her mad to do insane things.Her passion for kunal became her obsession.If she had loved me,then she would have waited for the day,when they would be one rather than waiting for any weakness of his to sneak in for her to take advantage of.Therefore their consummation can never happen as he doesnt love her.

Scene 5:
Location: Ganpati puja and dewan house
Abhay is enquiring about siddhi’s health over phone.He interrupts siddhi in her thoughts where she decides that she has to meet richa and also says that she is being missed at the puja.Sulekha watchinghim from a distance is happily smiling.

Scene 6:
Location: On the road
Kunal clearly tells richa that she doesnt have any meaning in his life and all that he cares for is anand and neither richa nor siddhi.She also angrily walks off saying that if he doesnt care then she should also not bother and part ways but then she stops midway and instigates him by telling that siddhi came to her house.This gets her kunal’s attentiona nd he worriedly wants to know everything.She non chalantly goes on to tell him that she seemed worried about his kid and also was asking questions about kunal.She plants a false story in his head that she looked like she was going to file a case but why should she bother telling him this when he doesnt care.But now a worried kunal goes behind her saying that she couldnt do it as the nurse is witness to his son.Richa informs him that the nurse dies 3years back.Kunal gets all the more worried and she tells him that they indeed need each other’s help for the sake of anand only and gives himtwo days to take the hard descision of accepting her for the sake of kunal,if he wants her help and l;eaves.The screen freezes on kunal’s shocked face.

Precap: Kunal is shown romancing and cajoling upto siddhi asking her if she still feels jittery in his proximity.If he still gets her nervous by his touch and if he still has that unnerving effect on her with somebody’s hand on the doorknob wwho’s seeing all of this.
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