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Default Parvarish: Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi 4th December 2012 Written Update

Video Update Parvarish: Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi 4th December 2012 Video Watch Online

The episode begins where it left off yesterday, the conversation of Naanu and Lucky. Lucky ji, scared, says that maybe Guddu wants Sweety to search a girl for him. Naanu says that have you heard of the shaayar Mirza Ghalib? He said even when you know the truth, what's the loss in being delusional? Lucky hangs up and his pune brings some snacks to him. He tells that the shop across the street has sent it for their opening. He tells the name is "Guddu Sweets" and Lucky puts away the plate.

Meanwhile, music teacher arrives and asks why did Pinky call him early. She said she wanted to do early riyaaz so that she gets a free day when she watches TV, reads book, etc. The teacher gets angry and scolds that she does everything except music. He had given her homework to memorize 4 alankaars, which Pinky fails to recall. He asks whether she is doing this all for time pass, if so he won't waste time on her. The kids see this and comment that mom is always telling us to do homework but she didn't do it herself.

Sweety is sitting in a restaurant and talks to Papaji, saying it's good that they made the plan before, otherwise both would have said different things to Lucky. She then tells him she is getting bored but can't go home. Papaji tells her he will come over.

Ginny is going to movie with the friends and asks Raashi in school whether she wants to go. She refuses, saying that she has to meet a teacher because she has to put an article in the school magazine. Ginny while going to the theater, sees Sweety as she is in the restaurant adjacent to the theater. She wonders what she is doing there.

A waiter comes to Sweety ji and says that since she has been sitting there for half an hour, she needs to order something. Sweety tells him to bring the cheapest coffee available. Lucky ji calls then. He says he was thinking about Sweety. He would buy her car, which one would she like? She says as soon as Guddu returns from washroom , I will ask and tell you .He knows very much about cars. Lucky taunts, why, is he a mechanic. She says no, he loves imported cars. Lucky ji tells, if you give me time, I cal also learn all that, I swear. Suddenly the waiter comes with the menu and asks whether she would like to eat something. Sweety laughs and say, I can't eat anymore. Waiter looks at her astonished. She makes a hand gesture asking him to go away. Then she says, okay then I will hang up. Then says loudly, hey Guddu, no it's nobody important on phone, ainvayi. Lucky ji thinks, now I am ainvayi?

Pinky asks the kids to help her in homework by asking questions. But all three make excuses and tries to shift the work on other kid. Pinky says, okay, thanks, I helped you all in homework, but nobody has time to help me today. Raavi was going to put oil in her hair, she says, mumma you do it and I will ask you questions. Pinky smiles. Sunny says, we will all help you, we don't like it when somebody scolds our mumma.

At the cafe, a guy on near table is watching all the activities of Sweety. He comes over and says, have one coffee with me too. Sweety replies, why, didn't your family give you money for coffee? He said, yeah they did and have taught me never to let a girl feel lonely. You have been sitting for 3 hours here, looks like somebody ditched you. She says, if you wanna have coffee with a girl, go have it with your sister. Then she stands up and starts shouting. I am a mother of two kids, I know how to deal with loafers like you. The guy is shocked. She continues, can't a woman sit idle for hours? It's my will, I will sit here for 1,2,3 hours. Do I need to give an explanation to you? The guy runs out embarrassed. Naanu comes and calms her down.

Ginny comes out after movie and sees Sweety still there. Sweety asks Naanu to go hide. Ginny comes and asks question like what are you doing for 3 hours here. Where is guddu? Sweety says that have I asked you why you went to the movies? Now, i am cool and you should be too. Am I your mother or are you mine? Ginny leaves. Then Naanu says, if you are worried about Ginny, how will you handle Lucky who will ask many more questions?

At home, Lucky ji is nostalgic. Rocky comes and Lucky says to rocky, I miss those days when i used to come home and Sweety ji came to ask Lucky ji you are home. Rocky jokes, "Maan bhi na, unhe dikhta hai aap aa gye fir bhi aakar poochti hai Lucky ji aap aa gye." He says he is loving the cool Sweety. Lucky ji shows him brochure for cars. Rocky suggests they buy SUV. Lucky says, you are suggesting for mom or yourself? Ginny come sand says, SUV won't suit a woman. Then Sweety returns, and asks what's up? Lucky ji tells him that he will buy her a car. Sweety shows a key and says no need now, Guddu has gifted me a car. Lucky ji looks at the key-ring shocked. The word "Love" is written on it in red letters.

Precap : Sweety ji is telling how great her lunch was. But Ginny comes and interrupts, no mom Guddy made you wait so long. If you would have waited any longer, it would be dinner time. Sweety is afraid that her lie will be caught.
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